[INFOGRAPHIC] Understanding the Value of Mobile-First WordPress Theme

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  1. 1. UNDERSTANDING THE VALUE OF THEMEFrom now on,developers will focus on creating wordpress themes for mobile devices first,in order to create the best possibleuser-orlen ted bro wsing experience. -%Percentage of users browsing from mobile devices: / -ART HONESTBAND -RTTABLETFrequent use of various mobile devices led to an increase in creating mobile - friendly wordpress themes. IMPORTANCE OF RESPONSIVEDESIGNResponsive design is a convenient way to enable users access internet content eiciently from any mobile device. Better SEOGoogle ranks mobile - friendly websites higher. Better Performance0in . ME is the perfect cho @Memora - Personal d""'a' Touch ameIf you choose . ME as an extension,it is more likelyGoogle ranks mobile - friendly websites higher. portfo about yoursel --that usebrs _'i adding . ME after remem er 't' your own name. References: Impsmartinsights. com/ mobile-marketing/ mobIle-marketing-analytics/ mobile-marketi ngstatistics/http: //wWw. pewinternetorg/2015/04/01/ussmartphoneusein2015/ IIttpr/ /www. codeinwp. com/ blog/ how-toputtogetheramobi| e-rstperformanceori entated-wordpress-theme-part-1/ http: //www. codeinwp. com/ blog/ how-to-put-together-a-mobile-rst-performanc e-orientated-wordpress-theme-part-2/lnfographlc by www. domaln. me