Info Session: UC Davis Summer Abroad, "Japanese Popular Culture in Tradition"

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This program examines how contemporary Japanese culture has developed from traditional culture. It explores Japanese 20th-century popular culture including film, animation, and comics. The program examines how a culture grows and shifts its focus. It includes field trips to contemporary and historical sites and activities such as Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony and flower arrangement. The program includes three major fieldtrips to Kyoto, the Ise Shrine and the Toyota auto factory and is designed so that students can taste the essence of Japan within a month. Those who participate should expect a strict Japanese living environment.

Transcript of Info Session: UC Davis Summer Abroad, "Japanese Popular Culture in Tradition"

  • 1. Japanese Popular Culture in Tradition Info

2. Basic Program Info Instructor: Miyo Uchida East Asian Languages and Cultures Course 1: Japanese 109 Japanese Popular Culture (5 units) AND Course 2: Japanese 198 Independent Studies (3 units) (P/NP grading only) Do Not forget! The program is not a Japanese sightseeing tour, but two academic courses! 3. Location Accommodation & Classroom will be at Aichi Seinen no Ie (The House for the Youth in Aichi) in the town of OkazakiOKAZAKI CASTLE TOWN 4. Important Dates Check-in: 6/21 (Sat) between 2- 7PM (special arrangement possible due to your flight)Orientation: 6/22 (Sun) 9:00AM1st Day of Class: 6/23 (M)Last Day of Class: 7/18 (F)Check-out: 7/20 (Sun) by 10:00AM 5. Program Schedule Morning CallMorning Gathering 7:00-7:20AM (occasionally)BreakfastM-F 8:00-8:30LunchM-F 12:00-12:30DinnerM-TH 5:00-6:006:30AMNote: there is no meal served on weekends.Batharound 9:00 for 1 hourQuiet Time10:00PM (gate closes)TYPICAL DAILY SCHEDULE WARNING!! VERY STRICT & TIGHT SCHEDULE 6. Class Schedule Lecture/DiscussionM-F 9:00-11:50Film/DiscussionM 1:00-3:50 & F 9:00-11:50Group StudiesW 1:00-3:00 (JPN198) 7. Field Trips Local School Visits: Aichi Agricultural College (12:50-4:10) * You are invited to participate in their club activities.Week 1: Okazaki City Tour Week 2: Kyoto Week 3: Ise Shrine & Ninja Miai Elementary School House (11:20-2) Week 4: Toyota Automobile Factory Tour Mikawa Junior High School (11:20-1:25) 8. Cultural Lessons Lesson 1: Wearing Yukata & Mannerism Lesson 2: Calligraphy Lesson 3: Noh Performance Lesson 4: Flower Arrangement Lesson 5: Tea Ceremony Lesson 6: Sumie Painting Lesson 7: Karate (no Yukata) Lesson 8: Karaoke-YOU MUST WEAR YUKATA FOR THE LESSONS- 9. Required Materials Textbooks 1) The Japanese Mind (edited by Roger J. Davies & Osamu Ikeno) 2) Manga! Manga! The world of Japanese Comics (Frederik L. Schodt) Course Reader Laptop (required) 10. Fees & Funding FUNDING Financial Aid Study Abroad Awards Scholarships More info onlineSee breakdown online Fees include: Lodging in shared room for the program dates Breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday - Thursday, and breakfast and lunch on Friday Group transportation for program activities and field trips Entrance and other fees for program activities Guest lectures, cultural activities & materials for activities Course reader Lonely Planet guidebook for Japan Travel health and accident insuranceFees do not include: UC Davis Study Abroad Award Deadline: March 6th! Airfare, airport transfers, books, & incidentals Personal travel during and outside of program dates Entertainment expenses including alcoholic beverages, and personal purchases Expenses for medical and other emergencies Medical expenses for special 11. Enrollment Start your enrollment online First completed, first reserved Limited space in programEnroll by March 6th to be eligible to apply for the UCD study abroad award.Enrollment Period: January 8 April 4, 2014 Enrollment Materials: 1 photo (2" x 2" color headshot) with your name, program, and 2014 written on the back. $300 non-refundable deposit (check or money order made out to "UC Regents") Enrollment Checklist Statement of Intent to Enroll Summer Abroad Contract Health Clearance Unofficial transcript (print from campus online system) Copy of your valid passport or receipt/proof that you have applied for 12. Lets learn & have fun in Japan for 4 weeks 13. Photos 14. Photos 15. Photos 16. Photos 17. Photos 18. Photos 19. Photos 20. Photos Teaching EnglishVisiting Elementary School 21. Photos 22. Photos Calligraphy lesson 23. PhotosTaking Karate Lesson 24. Photos 25. Photos 26. Photos 27. Photos 28. PhotosIkebana The art of flower arrangement 29. Photos 30. Photos 31. Photos 32. Photos 33. Photos 34. Photos 35. Photos 36. Photos 37. Photos 38. Photos 39. Photos