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2. Once a stand alone dot... 3. It no longer stands alone... 4. Technology creeps in 5. And the world moves on 6. Now days its all about the new kid on the block 7. 8. Downloading C.D V.S. 9. Real groovy reaches deep into its bag of tricks 10. And comes back with some great ideas... 11. Dont Forget! 12. Real groovys older generation 13. 14. And its diverse range of customer culture 15. The customer is Real Groovys No#1 priority, so why not build on it? 16. Customer loyalty schemes 17. Internet shopping 18. A large variety of music titles 19. And of course its second hand market 20. Before you go chasing the big market... 21. Look after the smaller things first

  • The happy customer

22. So what should Real Groovy do? 23. Morph to the future