iNeedTreez Cannabis Startup Pitch Deck

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Quintin Adamis | Chris Conrad | Brian Kruse | Yen Fu | Rainer Dechet iNeedTreez The Simplest Way To Advertise & Discover Cannabis Businesses

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Transcript of iNeedTreez Cannabis Startup Pitch Deck

  • Quintin Adamis | Chris Conrad | Brian Kruse | Yen Fu | Rainer Dechet iNeedTreezThe Simplest Way To Advertise & Discover Cannabis Businesses
  • The iNeedTreez Proposition Start Advertising in minutes. Simple Pricing starting at $40/mo w/ packages to increase your SEO eCommerce Buy, Sell, Pay & Collect Payments (once banking regulations solidify) The simplest way to advertise & discover cannabis businesses Adaptable to multiple devices Huge Market opportunity in cannabis ecom/payments High future valuation & ROI potential even w/ later stage investment Defensible business and strong execution strategy Solid business model w/ high revenue generating potential Experienced Management w/ inspiring advisory board
  • ManagementTeam Key Advisors A Combination of Expertise and extended Networks w/ skin in the game Brian Kruse Yen Fu Rainer Dechet exPaypal DatabaseUSA Attorney Dispensary owner TechStars Mentor Payments Expertise IP Attorney Seasoned Investor Mentor Finance guy Startup Composer Quintin Adamis CEO UX Design Startup Mentor Eccentric (crazy) Team Chris Conrad CMO MBA Student Sales Management DJ Marcell ScarlettVictor Cazacu Snr iOS Dev UX Design Bitcoin Counsel Startup Advisor Snr Software Dev Truly Fullstack exESPN exNBC Universal
  • The Market The Cannabis Industrys growth is outpacing Smartphones The Opportunity Currently $10B US-Market LESS THAN 10% ITS ACTUAL SIZE Other platforms limit company types to dispensaries and delivery services Most small biz cant advertise on conventional platforms other options are expensive! Positioning First Mover Scalable & Cross Platform Low Costs addresses customer need
  • The Product Consumer Desires Vendor Desires The Technology An easy-to-adopt platform that satises customers and vendors -Where to discover new products -Pay Easily Online -Share product pics socially -Where to discover companies -To Advertise their cannabiz -Collect Payments Easily Online -No card info stored on devices -Multi-device availability -Discover businesses via recommendations -Encrypted data sent via Wi or 4G to backend servers
  • ValueTo Customer The Simplest & Most Compelling Way To Advertise & Discover Canna-businesses ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Benets Costs Ease of Use Saves money & time Accessible across multiple devices Reach New Customers in a Targeted Niche Free to search Paid Advertising subscriptions starting at $50/mo to t your businesses needs Discover what you need in just a few clicks Existing Advertising Requires training and/or hiring a consultant to be effective Enterprise models start at $300-1000/mo PPC = $per click TV is Mega$$ & Minimal airtime Broader reach Familiar to corporates iNeed Treez
  • Customer Acquisition Through wide exposure, iNeedTreez targets anyone interested in cannabis Target Customers Selling Points Advertisement User Acquisition -Small businesses, individual workers, individuals selling goods -Market: Any company w/ products and/or services -iNeedTreez Costs: Gaining customer awareness + scaling + backend dev -Social Media + LinkedIn & online advertising -Industry mags/blogs w/ max exposure/min cost -Any cannabiz can use it -More usability -Less Fees -Adaptable across multiple devices -highly targeted database leads -Social lead generation -PPC campaigns
  • Competitors & Defensibility We can, it cant It can, we cant WeedMaps More usability, Less fees, Inclusive of the entire range of cannabis businesses Leafly We help you discover new companies, not just strains and not limited to dispensaries be an encyclopedia that defines plant strains linked to dispensary menus. Raise $50M through its holding company THCfinder Advised by exPaypal, Barclays /Techstars mentors and finance pros Provide Reviews, blog and view definitions of strains Give coupons, a 420 clock, perform acquisitions ($30M revenue), advertise in Times Square Its established presence and niche market give iNeedTreez a competitive edge
  • Financial Model/Projections 0 100 200 300 400 2014 2015 2016 2017 Subscriptions Payments iNeedTreez will be a lucrative investment even w/ conservative projections Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 # of Paid Subscriptions 5k 20k 60k 150k # of Accounts 25k 100k 300k 1M Sales of Paid Subscriptions $5.2M $20.8M $60M $150M Payments Processing 0 0 $100M $200M Develop strategic partnerships with Cannabis businesses Begin marketing of Payments system Develop celebrity endorsements further Financing Round Series A Series B *All projections account for monthly churn*
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Partnerships Present Future Cannabis Oil Producers & Growers Hydroponics Manufacturers
  • Why Invest Now High Potential for GrowthNeed For Investment Additional resources needed to maintain rst mover advantage Competitive pressures increasing as legalization moves forward Expected spend in advertising, user acquisition and secure API development Potential for growth will allow new investors to see an outsized return Customer adoption will scale up exponentially The key to success will be locking in loyal customer base and partnerships early
  • Financial Assumptions Growth Assumptions Valuation Assumptions Sources TechCrunch, Pehub, Dealbook, Crunchbase, VentureBeat -Valued at 1M Pre-money valuation -Valuation will increase after rst $100k monthly revenue -Expected to process 5,000 paid accounts in the rst year -Around 1200 businesses for 4 different search categories -over 200,000 Sales Leads provided from top databases -Payments/ecommerce wont begin in the rst year
  • Concerns & Responses Credits Card processing wont be coming anytime soon Theres too much money involved. Banking has started and cc processing will follow Competitors will leverage ability to provide the service at lower prices And slash revenue by 60%? Besides that, iNeedTreez has a different Target Audience. Your competitors have more user base and traction already from the past 2-3 years! Are you sure? Check AngelList accounts of us all and then.. have a look at Twitter ;) No dening industry standard Flexibility of the industry promotes innovation, iNeedTreez wants to be that standard