Industrial internet of things

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IIOT - Rise of the machines Eran Shlomo, IPP tech lead, Haifa [email protected] ©

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IIOT - Rise of the machines Eran Shlomo, IPP tech lead, [email protected]

About me Haifa IoT Ignition lab and IPP(Intel ingenuity partnership program) tech lead. Intel Perceptual computing.Compute, cloud and embedded expert.Maker and EntrepreneurFocus on Data science and Machine learning in recent years

AgendaWhat is the 4th industrial revolution BackgroundIIoT Impact on old indicators: Cost, Quality and TTM IIoT Impact on new products and business models.

Smart Home Industry 4.0 RetailAutonomous cars Robotics MedicalFinTechCognitive computing 5G Wearables


What is the 4th industrial revolution ?

The past 20 years

Network @ home

Network @ your palm

BIG Data

Data Science

Network @ Things

BIG Data2

AI Era

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IIoT is around Cyber-physical systems

IIoT Why(besides the cool buzz) ?IIoT is the leading IoT segment, revenue driven. Every business will go heavily on tech or lose

The TTM factorFaster iterations

Market research tools

New funding models

Live upgrades

Easy prototyping


The cost factorPredictive maintenance

Real time monitoring

Machine labor

Smart supply chain

Throughput optimization

New transportation models

The quality factor

Smart inspection

Fast feedback

Sense tech

Product ID

warranty and protection


New technologies New product opportunities for every business

Remote work



Autonomous machines

Ux Disruption

AI Workers

New business models New value opportunities all around

Data == +$$$

Data == -$$

Blue collar jobs redefined

DAO Distributed org



How will (not) adopting IIoT will feel ?TimeNo adoptionAdoption

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