Industrial Energy Management System: The Smart Way | An Aranca Infographic

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Global expenditure on industrial energy management systems (IEMS) and services including software components is expected to increase to USD22.4bn in 2020. Learn more about global revenue, vendors, drivers & challenges of IEMS market.

Transcript of Industrial Energy Management System: The Smart Way | An Aranca Infographic

  • 1. What is Industrial EnergyManagement Systems (IEMS) ?A Promising Future! It is a combination of computer - ' ' ' ' ' ~ Global expenditure on IEMS and services, hardware and advanced _ .including softwaresoftware applications,which .helps the industrial facilities Components '5 expected to increase to USD22.4to minimize energy use and _ _ _ waste while still meeting the b''n m 2920 from USD11.3 billion in 2013.demands of production.IEMS Global Revenue,2013 2020 (in USD Billion) 16.7 15.013.4 12.2 -11.4 I I I2013 2014F 2015F 2016F 2017F 2018F 2019F 202OF4- -------iIEMS Revenue By Region,2013 & 2020 (In USD Billion) Mioiiiie EastAsia Pacific {lbLatin America 2013 3 2020 cAGR(2o13-2020)Asia-Pacific and the Middle East are witnessingindustrial development. More commercial andindustrial firms are being established in these regions,providing a great potentialfor energy management system. In North America and Europe,industrial and manufacturing companies use nearly one-third of the total energy consumed. In such developed regions,many high energy-intensive companies have already adopted IEMS.Therefore,the market is expected to witness modest growth until 2020.IEMS VendorsGlobally,the IEMS vendor The 'Cea59 F"eXVlandscape ls hlghly fragmented of energy-related projects wouldWllh multlple offerlngsl ranglng benefit full service providersfrom simple energy monitoring and energy engineeringdashboards to complex Consulting andenergy management service companies. 5"g; .-"ii*li. '.*i'. 'r--tlilf SIEMENSRockwell Automationsoftware with a high degree of analytics. HoneywellOther VendorsKer muolouuetMany small energy management PATH-F.INDERECOV. iIi. i|i.CISCO TEIrDiaiL'ir7Wurlri_iI Iii/ TIlll, S VI/ i.lli. WI. Il. ENERNOCelstercompanies would find it difficult to penetrate the market or gain market share compared to themore experienced players andSmaller emerging players with innovative technologies and niche expertise have been able to make a mark throughvalue innovation. Ofiiiielitsuliilinnslong-time participants.- ' AMERICAN ELECTRIC %W6'3 EnergyDrivers & ChallengesIn the IEMS MarketDrlvers Challenges The most difficult clientsto serve in the energy management and energy efficiency space are small businesses such as independent retailers.This segment is directly served by many utilities firms that offer various direct install products.Thus,they do not need consultants to design more customized energy efficiency projects. Energy management and energy efficiency are becoming more attractive to commercial and industrial firms as many existing and potential clients are attempting to find ways of cutting energy costs to improve margins and profitability. Source:Energy Manager Todo}/ , Climate Change Business JournalArancas ViewsOn an average,30% of the total energy utilized by industrial houses is wasted due to negligence or poor energy management system.Companies do not adopt IEMS due to high installation cost and no return on investment.Further,these companies do not recognize energy savings as profits.To crack the market and make companies install IEMS,the system manufacturers should present a compelling case to corporate decision makers with due financial analyses on cost saving and profitability. Although technology is advancing rapidly,the end user may not be adapting as quickly.Many potential buyers of IEMS understand the importance of implementing these systems.However,due to resource constraints,they prefer using basic technology and applications.To meet the requirements of this segment effectively,the IEMS manufacturers should introduce various direct install and prescriptive programs,particularly for small businesses such as independent retailers. Compi/ ed by . ' Dorsh Lathio2014 Aranca. A||Rights Reserved. www. aranca. com lfyou wish to reproduce or use this infographic in any format,please email us at syndicate@aranca. comgegarancaResearch Analyze Communicate