Industrial Development of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, c. 1865- 1965 3 III. Industrial Corridors Cedar...

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Transcript of Industrial Development of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, c. 1865- 1965 3 III. Industrial Corridors Cedar...

  • NPS Form 10-900-b RECEIVE SEP 1 4 2015 SEP 1 8 2015 United States Department of the Interior

    National Park Service by SHP Nat. Reg.ister of Histori~ Places

    . . . . . 0 National Park Serv1ce Natronal Regrster of Htstonc Places Multiple Property Documentation Form This form is used for documenting property groups relating to one or several historic contexts. See instructions in National Register Bulletin How to Complete the Multiple Property Documentation Form (formerly 16B). Complete each item by entering the requested information. Cr;v( ~.-

    New Submission X Amended Submission ----

    A. Name of Multiple Property Listing Industrial Development of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, c. 1865- 1965

    B. Associated Historic Contexts (Name each associated historic context, identifYing theme, geographical area, and chronological period for each.)

    Industrial Corridors in Cedar Rapids, 1865 - 1965

    C. Form Prepared by: name/title Marjorie Pearson, Ph.D., Senior Architectural Historian organization Summit Envirosolutions, Inc. street & number 1217 Bandana Boulevard North city or town St. Paul state MN zip code e-mail telephone 651-842-4206 date August 2015

    D. Certification

    (, 1./ S'o t '25'" I


    As the designated authority under theN ational Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, I hereby certify that this documentation form meets the National Register documentation standards and sets forth requirements for the listing of related properties consistent with the National Register criteria. This submission meets the procedural and professional requirements set forth in 36 CFR 60 and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation.

    Title Date

    State Historical Society of Iowa State or Federal Agency or Tribal government

    I hereby certifY that this multiple property documentation form has been approved by the National Register as a basis for evaluating related properties for listing in the National Register.

    Signature ofthe Keeper Date of Act" on

  • NPS Form 1 0-900-b OMB No. 1024-0018

    United States Department of the Interior

    National Park Service

    Industrial Development of Cedar Rapids, c. 186 5 - 1965

    N arne of Multiple Property Listing

    Table o£ Content for Written Narrative

    Create a Table of Contents and list the page nu mbers for each of these sections in the space b


    Iowa State

    Provide narrative explanations for each of thes e sections on continuation sheets. In the heade

    r of each section, cite the letter, page number, a nd name

    of the multiple property listing. Refer to How to Complete the Multiple Property Documenta

    tion Form for additional guidance.

    Page Numbers

    E. Statement of Historic Contexts

    (If more than one historic context is document ed, present them in sequential order.)

    I. Introduction 1

    II. Overview of the Settlement and Ongoin g Development of Cedar Rapids 3

    III. Industrial Corridors in Cedar Rapids, 18 65 - 1965 6

    a. East Bank of Cedar River 9

    b. West Bank of the Cedar River 14

    c. Railroad Corridors 16

    Fourth Street Railroad Corridor 19

    Chicago and North Western Railway Corridor 32

    Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad Corr idor 3 7

    d. Industrial Expansion After World War II 42

    e. Architects and Architectural Styles 45

    F. Associated Propel"ty Types (Provjd.e description, significance, and registra

    tion requirements.)

    Name of Property Type: Buildings, Stru hires, Sites, and Features Associated with the

    Development of Indushial Corridors in Cedar R apids, 1865 - 1965 48

    Description 48

    Significance 48

    Registration Requirements 48

    Areas of Significance 49

    Integrity Considerations 49

    Eligible Properties in Cedar Rapids 50

    G. Geographical Data 54

    H. Summary of Identification and Evaluation Methods 55

    (Discuss the methods used in developing the mul tiple prop.erty listing.)

    I. Major Bibliographical References 57

    (List major written works and primary location of additional documentation: State Historic P


    Office, other State agency, Federal agency, loc ai government, university, or other, specifying


    Paperwork Reduction Act Statement: This in formation is being collected for applications

    to the National Register of Historic Places to nominate

    properties for listing or determine eligibility fo r listing, to list propet:ttes, and to amend e

    xisting listings. Response to this request is required to obtain a

    benefit In accordance with the National Hls toric Preservation Act, as amended (16 U.S

    .C.460 et seq.).

    Estimated Burden Statement: Public rep orting burden for this form is estimated to av

    erage 250 hours per response including tim e for reviewing

    Instructions, gathering and maintaining data , and completing and reviewing the form. D

    irect comments regarding this burden estim ate or any aspect of

    this form to the Chief, Administrative Servic es Division, National Park Service, PO Box

    37127, Washington, DC 20013-7127; and the Office of

    Management and Budget, Pape,rwork Redu ctions Project (1 024-0018), Washington, D

    C 20503.

  • ,..

    NPS Form 1 0-900-a

    United States Department of the Interior

    National Park Service

    National Register of Historic Places

    Continuation Sheet

    Section number__£___ Page _1_

    E: Statement of Historic Contexts

    I. Introduction

    N/A Name of Property Linn, Iowa ---- - · County and State

    OMB No. 1024-0018

    Industrial Development of Cedar Rapids

    Name of multiple listing (if applicable)

    This Multiple Property Documentation Form amendment, Industrial Development of Cedar


    Iowa, 1865 - 1965, has been undertaken as part ial fulfillment of a Memorandum of Agreeme


    negotiated in compliance v.;ith Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. The p

    urpose of the

    agreement was to mitigate the demolition of t he Cedar Rapids Public Works Building (Lin


    peeder Corporation Building) damaged by flo oding in Cedar Rapids in 2008, funded by the


    Emergency Management Agency ~ ... MA). Th e Multiple Property Documentation Form am


    Commercial and Industrial Development ofDo wntown edar Rapids, Iowa, c. 1865-1965, is


    prepared concurrently with this report also a s partial ful-61 lment of a \oiemorandum of Agr


    This report amends and updates the National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property

    Documentation Form Commercial and Industr ial Development of edar Rapids, Iowa, c. 186

    5- c.

    1945, and its associated historic contexts, Cent ral Business District Development in edar Ra

    pids, 1889

    -1945, Industrial Corridors in Cedar Rapids, 1865 -1945, and Bohemian ommercial and S

    ocial Life

    in Cedar Rapid, 1875 - 1925 [MPD .. 1997]. 1 This amended MPDF is based on an updated


    level smvey of the area of existing or abando ned railroad corridms, industrialized portions

    of the

    downtown, riverfront industrial land and the r areas of major industrial land use within the

    ity of

    Cedar Rapids as evaluated in MPDF 1997. Th ese areas encompass resources associated wit

    h the

    Industrial Corridors in Cedar Rapids~ 1865 - 1 945 historic conteA..'t in MPDF 1997. It does not in


    areas around the main lines of the Cedar ap ids and Iowa City Railroad and the Chicago a

    nd , orth

    Western Railway (now Union Pacific) on the south edge ofthe city, developed since the 1

    50s.2 This

    report expands the time period of the previou sly i lentified historic contexts (see H. Summary of

    Identification and Evaluation Methods) . 1t fo l low the broad format of lvlPDF J 997. MPDF 1

    997 was

    based on a reconnaissance level arcilltectural and historical survey of the Central Business


    related commercial neighborhoods, the riverf ront corridors, and railroad corridors undertak

    en between

    1996 and 1997. 3 As the result ofthe reconnaissance smvey wo

    rk, 31 individual pro1 erties associated

    with industrial corridors were identified as m eeting individual eligibility criteria for the Na


    Register. No potential historic districts were i dentified. Two individual properties were list

    ed on the

    National Register prior to 1997. Subsequently , five individual properties within the bounda

    ries of the

    industrial corridors study area have been liste d on the National Register. Two additional pr

    operties have

    been included in the boundaries of the Bohem ian Commercial Historic District.


    1 Marlys A Svendsen, Commercial and Industrial Development of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, c. 1865

    - c. 1945, National Register

    of Historic Places Multiple Property Docum entation Form [MPDF] (Cedar Rapids: City

    of Cedar Rapids, 1997). This

    document has been accepted into the Nationa l Register and has been assigned National Re

    gister #6450015