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Transcript of INDL†G 12 DYNAMICS AX - CGI IT .Become a dynamic retailer with Microsoft Dynamics AX for...

  • CGI Group Inc. 2015

    Paw Steffensen, CGI


    Become a dynamic retailer with Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail


  • 76% of consumers research products before they buy

    91% of unhappy customers will never return

    67% are influenced by social media

    51% of showroomers are ordering online

    75% of global workforce will be millennials by 2025

    20% of store-based multi-channel retailers sales will happen online


  • Information is everywhere. Customer expectations are increasing. How can you


  • Connected retail solutions empower people throughout the shopping experience.


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  • Deliver more personalised services to customers


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  • It begins with a vision

  • Retail HUB

  • Retail Journey and Roadmap

    Q2 2010 Q1 2011 Q1 2012 Q4 2012 Q4 2014

    Q2 2015 Preview

    Q3 2015 Q2 2014

  • Microsoft Dynamics for Retail

  • Dynamics for Retail and Commerce Solution Omni-channel Retail and Commerce : Store solutions, e-Commerce, Social and Mobile Commerce

  • Provide feedback Discover product Visit store Assisted sales Find store & install app Purchase product

    Empowered Retail How can advanced analytics, connected

    consumer digital experiences, and client

    engagement technologies be brought together

    in a coherent and compelling vision for modern


    Lets explore a scenario

    FEBRUARY 2015

  • Call to Action


  • Providing opportunities to support Retailers Omni Channel journey

    How can Microsoft and CGI support digital modernisation?

    Microsoft can support You with industry knowledge CGU can support You with Retail solutions

    Microsoft as a Partner to Retailers


    Reference Customers



    Strategy insight ERP/CRM

    Modern POS


    Retail IOT and Devices

    Partner Solutions

    Independent SW vendors


    Machine Learning

    Core platforms 3rd Party solutions

    Microsoft as a Retailer

  • Pandora and Microsoft Dynamics: Delivering gifts of love and lasting meaning

    Memento really isnt a big enough word to describe a piece of jewelry that will let someone

    know that shes loved forever. Ensuring that future is what we do at Pandora, and Microsoft

    Dynamics AX and CRM helps us do it right. It helps us know what our customers want and


    Laurie McDonald, Vice President of Sales, Pandora

    Objectives Pandora is a jewelry

    manufacturer and retailer

    with the goal of making

    luxury jewelry accessible to

    all women of all income


    Tactics Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM is

    Pandoras internal one-stop

    shop for information about its

    accounts. Dynamics AX and

    CRM is integrated into both

    Pandoras ERP system and its

    Microsoft Azure Retailer


    Results Pandoras Consumer Affairs,

    Customer Service, Marketing,

    Sales and Visual

    Merchandizing teams all have

    access to the system and they

    can all share information. And

    franchisees can access the

    system via the portal.