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Individualized teaching evaluation sheet for dimki [Advance version]

Hardik HARDIK 919998950055 dimki


How to Read itWhen you receive the test report, check the steps as follows in order to know more clearly about your potential. 1. Name or code number- Firstly, check whether the name and code number of this report is yours or not. 2. Potential personality traits and Congenital personality traits 3. Brain a.It is divided into two parts, so please look up the diagram in the manner of A/a and B/b in pairs, for the left hemisphere and right hemisphere could supplement each other, so you could simply catch the the function of the brain distribution; the percentage refers to that of your brain functional areas distribution, totally up to 100%. b.The differential distribution percentage between left and right hemisphere within 5% should be normal, special attention should be given to the influence of one-side brain to another upon potential if the difference is more than 5%; RC refers to the activity value of layers of cerebral cortex of brain functional areas.with a normal range value of 10-14, the value more than which indicating cerebral cortex of the brain functional areas more activity. c.The value X indicates a range between 0 and 100, refers to the intelligent plasticity is extremely high and the person tested could clearly understand his or her direction based on the report and strengthen ,and therefore is able to bring potential its full play. 4. Strong potential- Based on RC, your high-frequency capability of cerebral activity will be listed for you one by one, and therefore you self could master accurately your forte, and reveal the potential to the maximum. 5. Inactive potential- Based on RC, your lower-frequency capability of cerebral cortex activity will be given with a notice, and therefore you self could pay more attention to it to develop and optimize the said capability. 6. Open potential- The potential, percentage value of which being indicated as X, refers to deep potential, also refers to free potential that makes you know how many potentials do you have; value range is between 0 and 100, the more you activate, the more you could bring it to play, with more cognitive plasticity that even though you havent been aware of, for Gods sake never neglect it. (Not everyone has X-type open potential). 7. Analyzing based on your forte/inactive potential/open potential- Based upon the capability of each potential, proper suggestions will be offered according to the text analysis and enable the tested to arrange objective programming; the most explicit text description given by this test will give you an accurate self-analysis, remind you to elevate the strong potential and strengthen the inactive potential. 8. Learning methods- Feasible learning methods can be offered for you to realize high proficiency learning,and improve student learning,avoid fruitless endeavors, as well as develop confidence and interests at the same time. 9. If any question, please inform the consultant or search on line and leave message. The innate potential, only be continuously stimulated and learned, could be formed as acquired wisdom. Adhering to this idea, we intend to make you stimulate overall potential and create the future!! Congratulations for you to receive this report, through which you will know yourself and orientate your direction!! The test result can only serve as a reference for the individual but not a final result; whats the most important is to make great efforts and keep learning. You were born with gifted potential and great learning potential, however, when these potentials are actively developed, can you change them to practical and actual capability! authorized by maxtq groups. 2 / 26

Left BrainOrganization , Management (Thumb - W)

Right BrainCreativity , Thinking (Thumb - L)

8.78 % RC : 26.12Logics , Inference (index - W)

7.48 % RC : 22.263D Imagination (index - DL)

9.28 % RC : 27.61Operation (finger - L)

9.17 % RC : 27.27Arts , Rhythm (finger - PE)

6.73 % RC : 20.02Language , Memory (ring - W)

13.68 % RC : 40.70Music , Emotion (ring - PE)

15.15 % RC : 45.06Reading , Observatory (little finger - L)

13.66 % RC : 40.63Recognition , Picture (little finger L)

8.65 % RC : 25.73L-TRC : 144.54

Right hand

Left hand

7.41 % RC : 22.04R-TRC : 152.9

The cerebral diagram demonstrates the comparison and analysis upon self capability as follows: * A refers to the area need to be developed * 6%-8.99% indicates that this area is within average standard * 9% or above indicates that this area belongs to strong potential * The value X indicates the potential plasticity is between 0 and 100, if being fully enlightened, the potential can be brought to the maximum play * Average value of RC is approximately 10 L-TRC+ R-TRC=TRC (Total Ridge Count): Refers to total amount of cerebral ridge, bubble and the number of fine crack, which indicates the number of neuronal cells; if being cultivated and instructed based on the strong wisdom potential, it is helpful to the network of neuronal cells, wisdom development and weak wisdom potential auxiliary The average value is 100-168, bearing no direct relation with the wisdom and achievement in future; it is only serves as a reference for individual but not the final result; whats the most important is to make great efforts and keep learning. The 100 or below indicates that there is still free space to enforce and development, with the tendency to simplicity The value 168 or above indicates there is still large space to development without any wasting, which is more essential for the one under the age of 16; please catch the opportunity of learning at all times.

Code of finger prints Whorl : W Loop : L Radial Loop : RL Double Loop : DL Peacocks eye : PE

Radial Peacocks eye : RPE Accidental : A Simple Arch : SA Tented : TA authorized by maxtq groups. 3 / 26

Functional difference between left and right hemispheres:Left hemisphere - Rationality Emphasize on sequential analysis Relevant to language symbols Centralize in the body Memorize in language (verbal code) Right hemisphere - Sensibility Emphasize on integral function Relevant to visual space Focus on the object

Memorize in sound, image and space (non-verbal code)

When you came into the world you are with the potential to be Men of genius. You are capable of enomous learning potential. But only develop the potential actively can change potential to practical ability.

Attention :Although dimki has advantage in ArtsRhythm,there is still room to improve in Operation, Therefore this unbalancing affects fully utilization of ArtsRhythm, Please pay attention to strengthen the area of physically feeling, operation, understand and distinguishing of control authorized by maxtq groups. 4 / 26

The proportion of potential chart50 45.06 40.70 40 40.63

30 26.12


25.73 22.26 20.02

27.27 22.04














The proportion of left and right brains map


Right Brain Left Brain48.59% authorized by maxtq groups. 5 / 26

The spread of code of potentialWisdom related analysisScale Sequence

Language, and memory: distinguish sounds, memory, 15.15 % learning and understanding of languageA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored


X.High plasticity

Arts, and rhythm: feeling of body, rhythm of body movement, feeling of color and shapes and the appreciation of artA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

13.68 %


X.High plasticity

Music and emotion: hearing, feeling and distinguishing of ear to sound, music and the feeling of emotionA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

13.66 %


X.High plasticity

Logics and inference: calculation, analysis, distinguish concepts and understandingA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

9.28 %


X.High plasticity

3D Imagination : thinking, planning, imagination and association of spaceA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

9.17 %


X.High plasticity

Organization and management: arrange, distinguish and choose the right thing, aggressive, introspection, handling and management

8.78 %

6 authorized by maxtq groups. 6 / 26

A.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99%

B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

X.High plasticity

Reading and observatory: distinguish visions, observatory, and reading, distinguish distance and speedA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

8.65 %


X.High plasticity

Creativity and thinking : communication, target response, creativity, curiosity and leadershipA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

7.48 %


X.High plasticity

Recognition and picture: visual feeling, association and recognition to human, matter and objectsA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

7.41 %


X.High plasticity

Operation: physically feeling, operation, understand and distinguishing of controlA.Optima is above 15% C.Standard: 6 ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9%D.Underexplored

6.73 %