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Individualized Graduation Plan for Registration/Graduation. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL STUDENTS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Individualized Graduation Plan for Registration/Graduation


During this school year, all CHS students will complete certain parts of their Gacollege411 accounts and portfolios. ALL students are required to work on their portfolios prior to registration in February and ALL Seniors must complete many components of their portfolios prior to Spring Break.

Students, if you have access to a computer here at school or at home, please begin working on your Gacollege411 account and portfolio. Today, you will be provided with step-by-step instructions on getting started with Gacollege411.

www.gacollege411.orgTrojan ConnectionNovember 2011GAcollege411 Homepage

Many of you may already have an account with GAcollege411; however, because you are all now required to have an account, we will be creating unified accounts for you.

Once you have been given your username and password, you may sign-in to GAcollege411 by clicking Sign In at the top right corner of the homepage.

After signing in successfully, you will IMMEDIATELY be prompted to change your password.


EX: 03/11/99Click Here to Sign In !Note: For those of you who already have an account(s), your new account will be merged with the old account. No information will be lost; however YOU MUST SIGN IN WITH THE SCHOOL GENERATED ACCOUNT

GAcollege411 HomepageAfter you have signed in and updated your password, it is time for you to start on your portfolio.

If you are not prompted to enter any additional information, click on the tab at the top right titled Your Portfolio.

Next, click on Your Profile to enter some important information about yourself.

3Your Portfolio and ProfileThere is an infinite amount of information you can include in your profile; however, there is some information that is REQUIRED in order for you to successfully complete the designated GAcollege411 tasks.

In order to enter the necessary information, you must click on The Basics

It is important to have this area completed accurately; however, the 2 MOST IMPORTANT AREAS are selecting I am a High School Student and at the bottom you must associate with Carrollton High School!

Also, you can associate with many schools; however, Carrollton High School must be your PRIMARY association. This is necessary in order for you to access the correct course offerings, etc.

Carrollton High School association made hereCareer PlanningOnce you have entered the necessary information into your Profile, you are ready to begin exploring GAcollege411 and completing some of the required activities.

First, you are going to participate in the Career Planning section of GAcollege411.

Career Planning can help you

Learn About YourselfIncludes assessments that can help you with career guidance.Explore CareersProvides you with tools you can use to research possible careers.Get a JobProvides you with tools that can be used in a job search.VoicesIncludes blogs about career planning from your peers.

Your 1st required activity is to complete one of the six Career Assessments listed under the Learn About Yourself section:

Navigate through Gacollege411 using the tabs at the top of the page.

First , you need to click on the Career Planning tab.

Next, select Learn About Yourself and then select to complete any one of the six assessments you see listed

Career Planning

There is a brief description of each assessment and the potential time that it will you to complete each assessment. Choose which assessment is best for you based on your needs and/or what you would like to learn about yourself!Career Cluster SurveyThe Career Cluster Survey matches your interests and personal qualities to various Career Clusters. This will help you more effectively explore future career options.

The goal of the Career Cluster Survey is to identify your top career cluster of interest with the highest ranked cluster featured.

Its interesting to see the rankings of your career clusters.

Assessments like these are key to successful career planning.

Career Cluster Survey

The Career Cluster Survey is one of the six assessments that is provided to you.

It involves a survey of activities and interests that you might enjoy. Your results are based on these activities and interests.

Results from the Career Cluster Survey will look like this.

Your top cluster will appear at the top of the page and then you can see how your interests match up in the other clusters below.

If you are interested in matching up your top career cluster with a specific career, click on the red Career Finder link found in the left toolbar.

When you get ready to complete your plan of study, you will notice that your results from the Career Cluster Survey appear as a suggestion.

This assessment is one of our favorites!Career KeyThe Career Key measures the strength of your career interests in various areas.

Your results are based on six different personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional

Within the results, your personality type and top interests are revealed from the scales to the right and the top two personality types listed

After you review these results, you can select to view careers that correspond with your Career Key interests. To do so, click on the blue button that says View Careers

Career Assessment-Interest ProfilerThe Interest Profiler displays tasks and allows you to select from the following options: Like, Dislike, or Not Sure for each task

Like the Career Key, you will see your top interests or your top personality types.

It may take you a bit longer to complete this career assessment; however, it will be well worth your time to participate and review the results.

Exploring CareersIn addition to the Career Assessments, you can also explore various careers.

Careers can be searched for by:NameCharacteristicsCareer Clusters of Program Concentrations

Click on the Career Planning TabSelect Explore CareersSearch for a career by typing in a career name, characteristic, etc. OR use the tools provided for you at the bottom of the page to search by clusters and/or program concentrations.

High School Planning

Click Here for High School Planning Resources and ActivitiesThrough the High School Planning Tab, you can explore various resources that will help you plan your future.

Your Plan of StudyCreate a graduation plan based on your schools requirements.

Planning TimelineStay on track for graduation

High School Test PrepTest Prep for required tests

VoicesAsk questions about high school experiencesPlan of Study: Individualized Graduation Plan While there are many aspects of the High School Planning section that can benefit your future, the Individualized Graduation Plan/ Plan of Study is one that is required and necessary for your success as a Carrollton High School student.

Start by clicking on the High School Planning tab (directions shown on the previous slide)

Next, click on Your Plan of Study

With your plan of study, you can:Follow and approved course plan using a Career Cluster or PathwayKeep track of your course progressCompare your progress with Carrollton High Schools graduation requirements.

The Individualized Graduation Plan is a requirement for registration and graduation. You will submit a copy to your parents and then it will be approved by your counselor.

Plan of Study: Individualized Graduation Plan

To begin your Individualize Graduation Plan, click on Create your Course Plan

Next, you will notice that the results from your Career Assessment appear in the suggestion box.

Because the career in the suggestion box is based on your interests and preferred activities, we recommend that you base your Plan of Study on this career; however, if you disagree with the suggestion and wish to choose another career, you may select from the career clusters listed at the bottom of the page.

Plan of Study: Individualized Graduation Plan

After you have selected the suggested career or the cluster of your choice, you need to select a Career Pathway. These pathways will be located at the bottom, left of the page.

Once the pathway is selected, click on Program of Study #1

Next, you will be taken to a page that allows you to review your intended plan of study. This plan is tailored to include Carrollton High School courses.

Also from this page, you can review various careers, programs, etc. that are included in the pathway.

Once you have reviewed the information, select Use This Recommended Plan as My Plan of Study

Plan of Study: Individualized Graduation Plan

Once you have selected to use the plan for your Plan of Study, click continue to being filling out your plan.

You can enter a great deal of information into your Individualized Graduation Plan; however, it is of upmost importance that you fill out the plan with any past, present, and future high school courses.

For each course, click inside the box and select either planned, enrolled, or completed. This will be updated each year, so complete the plan accordingly.


Plan of Study: Individualized Graduation Plan After you have completed selecting the course status for each and every course, you must submit your plan for approval.

The plan must be submitted to your counselor. To do this, click Submit for Approva