Indicators of a Healthy PLE

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This is a set of slides presented by 'Serendipity' at the recent Apple Distinguished Educator 2009 Summer Institute at Full Sail University at Orlando, Florida.

Transcript of Indicators of a Healthy PLE

  • 1. ADE Summer Institute 2009 Full Sail University

2. Serendipity Team Members:Helen MowersJerome BurgLarry AndersonPaviter SinghRoss AbelsOnline Links:Tim Coleman Woodward Distinguished EducatorSummer Institute 2009 Full Sail University 3. What are indicators of ahealthy learningenvironment? Distinguished Educator Summer Institute 2009 Full Sail University 4. Content Context Community 5. Beginning Building Sustaining 6. Content Context CommunityContent 7. Content Context CommunityContext 8. Content Context CommunityCommunity 9. Content Context CommunityKeep in minds 10. Content Context Community 11. ComponentBeginningBuilding Sustaining Dierentiation is lead by teacher Dierentiation is shared between Dierentiation is student-led Resources are provided in a varietystudent and teacher Constructibleof formats (maps) Resources are interactive (Google Students create their own resources Use of current print or non printMaps) which are also interactive and shared static resources published by others Use of dynamic resources createdonlineContent Accepts given informationby others Use of dynamic resources created by Within a given domain Evaluates the accuracy of studentsinformation across multiple Contributes to the debate on the domains accuracy of information Interdisciplinary and real-world Taking into consideration the needs, interests and learning styles of students Setting up the infrastructure to Taking into consideration theneeds, interests and teachingstyles of teachers Taking into consideration the Taking into consideration the need andinterests of the local, regional, nationalcommunity Setting up the infrastructure to allowComplaint email - leverage on the existing physical environmentneeds and interests of parents Setting up the infrastructure for aand enable frequent and exiblemobility between the physical and Enabling personal learning in thevirtual learning environmentvirtual environments (access at anyContextclassroom during lesson time Enabling personal learning outsideplace) Teacher scafolded personal learningof the classroom within the school Enabling personal learning outside ofwith a high level of student Teacher facilitated personalthe school (access at anytime, all of the engagement learning with students deciding ontime) Taking into consideration thehow they want to learn Student initiated personal learningappropriate standards Taking into consideration the with teachers serving as content guidesappropriate standards Taking into consideration the appropriate standards Network consists of others that live/ Network consists of both local and Network consists of local, regional/ work with youregional/national participantsnational, international participants PLE members have similar interests/ PLE members have similar Members have very diverse interests/viewpoints/professions/interests/viewpoints/professions/ viewpoints/professions/backgrounds backgroundsbackgrounds, but some divergent Network uctuates as owner becomes Community Network is face-to-face only, or built thinkers may begin to be addedcomfortable with joining/leaving around the use of 1-2 tools Network is face-to-face and built various networks Network is smaller in size around multiple tools Network involves multiple face-to-face Network is larger of members in discussions and more than 2 tools 12. Challenge Based Learning Leave this slideTeam Project Assessmentin your preso - we will use it for the How does your solution improve the reection time.opportunity for personalized learning? Is it feasible? Is it scalable? How does it leverage the use of moderntechnologies? How does it demonstrate understanding ofpersonalized learning? How does it engage students in deep content? Distinguished Educator Summer Institute 2009 Full Sail University 13. ADE Summer Institute 2009 Full Sail University