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  1. 1. It is the festival of lights. Symbolized victory over evil. Lamps are lit for hope for mankind, newbeginning and positive qualities one shouldhave. It was celebrated when Lord Rama returnedfrom his 14 years Vanvaas.
  2. 2. Makar Sankranti (kite FeStival) Mid-Winter Hindu festival Festival is celebrated by taking dips in theGanges River. Dip is said to purify the self. Celebrated for 3 days and is more of a culturalfestival.
  3. 3. HOli Celebrated on the day after the full moon inearly M arch Festival to celebrate good harvest Spring festival Also called the F estival of Colors Day one = bonfire is lit at night Day two = people go around and throwcolored powder and water at each other E with a feasts at a friends house in the ndevening
  4. 4. rakSHa BanDHan Raksha = protection Bandhan = lasting bond celebrates the relationship between brothersand sisters Thread-tying ceremony (rakhi) sister recognizes the bond between them brother vows to look after her Feed each other sweets
  5. 5. GaneSHGaneSH CHatUrtHi CHatUrtHi Annual festival in honor of Ganesh Elephant headed deity Remover of obstacles celebrated for ten days Day 1 = idol placed on platform and decorated F ten days Ganesh is worshipped or Ends when the idol of Ganesh is immersed intothe most convenient body of water M popular in Most umbai
  6. 6. tHank YOURitika JainXD30