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India condiments market stood at $ 638.96 million in 2018 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 13%, to reach $ 1340.5 million by 2024.

Transcript of India Condiments Market Size, Share, growth & Forecast 2024




    2014 – 2024

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    Scope of Report Product of Interest (POI): Condiments

    Review Period

    2014 – 2017

    Base Year


    Estimated Year


    Forecast Period

    2020 – 2024

    Year Range

    India condiments market is expected to grow at a formidable rate during the forecast period. Anticipated growth in the market can be attributed to increasing cross-cultural interaction, inclination towards consumption of western food & cuisines and growing number of modern retail outlets offering attractive prices and convenience advantages to the customers. Moreover, increased focus on R&D activities in food industry has brought various developments and innovations in food quality and offerings such as sugar-free and gluten free condiments, which is stimulating the trend of healthy living among consumers. This factor is expected to provide ample opportunities to the condiments market in India until 2024.


    Market Segmentation


    • Sauce & Ketchup

    • Pickle

    • Mayonnaise & Dressing

    • Others


    • Hypermarket/Supermarket

    • Convenience Store

    • Traditional stores

    • Online Channels

    • East

    • West

    • North

    • South


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    S. No. Contents Page No.

    1. Product Overview

    2. Research Methodology

    3. Analyst View

    4. Voice of Customer

    5. India Condiments Market Outlook

    5.1. Market Size & Forecast

    5.1.1. By Value & Volume

    5.2. Market Share & Forecast

    5.2.1. By Product Type (Sauce & Ketchup, Pickle, Mayonnaise & Dressing, Others (Spreads, Dips, etc.)

    5.2.2. By Distribution Channel (Hypermarket/Supermarket, Convenience Store, Traditional stores, Online Channels)

    5.2.3. By Region (East, West, North, South)

    5.2.4. By Company (2018)

    5.3. Market Attractiveness Index

    6. India Sauce & Ketchup Market Outlook

    6.1. Market Size & Forecast

    6.1.1. By Value & Volume

    6.2. Market Share & Forecast

    6.2.1. By Distribution Channel

    6.3. Price Analysis

    Table of Contents

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    S. No. Contents Page No.

    7. India Pickle Market Outlook

    7.1. Market Size & Forecast

    7.1.1. By Value & Volume

    7.2. Market Share & Forecast

    7.2.1. By Distribution Channel

    7.3. Price Analysis

    8. India Mayonnaise & Dressing Market Outlook

    8.1. Market Size & Forecast

    8.1.1. By Value & Volume

    8.2. Market Share & Forecast

    8.2.1. By Distribution Channel

    8.3. Price Analysis

    9. Import & Export Analysis

    10. Market Dynamics

    10.1. Drivers

    10.2. Challenges

    11. Market Trends & Developments

    12. Policy & Regulatory Landscape

    13. India Economic Profile

    14. Competitive Landscape

    15. Strategic Recommendations

    16. About Us & Disclaimer

    Table of Contents


  • 6

    Research Methodology

    ✓ Identifying Key Opinion


    ✓ Questionnaire Design

    ✓ In-depth Interviews

    Data Collection

    Developing List of Respondents

    Formulating Questionnaire

    Market Profiling

    Data Validation

    Data Analysis

    In-depth secondary research was conducted to

    determine top players in India condiments market,

    overall market size and segmental market size.

    In order to conduct industry experts’

    interviews, TechSci formulated a detailed

    discussion guide.

    List of industry players and industry

    specialists was developed.

    TechSci conducted interviews with

    industry experts and industry players for data collection and


    Data obtained as a result of primary

    and secondary research was

    validated through rigorous


    The data was scrutinized using MS-Excel, statistical

    tools and internal proprietary database to obtain qualitative and

    quantitative insights about India condiments market.



    Data Filter

    & Analysis Research &



    Insights Business


    Primary Research Desk Research Company Analysis

    ✓ Recent Developments

    ✓ Market Changing


    ✓ Government Policies

    ✓ Conclusion

    ✓ Market Participants

    ✓ Key Strengths

    ✓ LinkedIn ✓ TechSci Internal


    ✓ Factiva ✓ Hoovers

    Paid Sources

    ✓ Company Websites ✓ Company Annual

    Reports ✓ White Paper Study ✓ Financial Reports ✓ Investor

    Presentations ✓ Regulatory Body ✓ Associations, etc.

    Secondary Research

    Primary Research

  • 7

    Research Methodology

    Baseline Methodology

    Our dedicated team of industry experts has monitored and analyzed various aspects of India condiments market. The team has analyzed the outlook of

    various segments of this market, while considering the major influencing factors such as increasing cross-cultural interaction, inclination towards

    consumption of western food & cuisines and growing number of modern retail outlets offering attractive prices and convenience advantages to the

    customers. The study includes market forecasting, which would enable our clients to take better decisions while planning their strategy to achieve

    sustainability in India condiments market.

    Methodology Followed for Calculation of Market Size:

    • Market Size by Value & Volume: Market size, in terms of value & volume, for the year 2018 was calculated based on information collected

    through exhaustive secondary research and primary surveys with various key opinion leaders/stakeholders, such as condiments companies, channel

    partners, major end users, industry experts, and other industry participants.

    • The team interviewed 40–50 condiments companies, 180–200 major end users, and 15–20 Industry experts and other value chain stakeholders in

    India condiments market to obtain the overall market size from 2014 to 2018, which was validated by using Delphi technique. Taking standard

    deviation into consideration, the market size was averaged out, to arrive at the market size data during 2014-2018.

  • 8

    Research Methodology

    • Respondents were asked about the current and future market growth rates, market shares by product type, by distribution channel, by region and

    by company. Removing the outlier responses, the geometric mean of growth estimates and provider wise revenue shares generated across various

    segments were considered, to arrive at the final revenue shares. Revenue shares generated across various segments were further triangulated from

    other stakeholders.

    Methodology Followed for Calculation of Market Shares:

    Market shares by product type, by distribution channel, by region and by company were calculated based on the responses received through primary

    surveys with industry experts, in which the respondents were asked about the market shares or revenue generated from various segments. The final

    shares were calculated by taking the geometric mean of the responses gathered from key opinion leaders after eliminating the outliers.

    Methodology Followed for Forecasting:

    • TechSci Research performed periodical checks on data collected through the surveys with logic checks and analyzed the survey results in

    SPSS/Tableau Software.

    • Data triangulation techniques were applied to fill the gaps and to present a more meaningful picture of the market. To forecast India condiments

    market, TechSci Research used various forecast techniques such as:

    ✓ Moving Average

    ✓ Time Series Analysis

    ✓ Regression Analysis

    ✓ Econometric and Judgmental Analysis

  • 9

    Research Methodology

    TechSci Research used its own forecast tool, which is based on the growth of various allied industries in respective regions. TechSci Research also used

    the impact analysis during short, medium and long-term period to estimate and analyze market demand scenario. It should be noted that the figures

    compiled are only for the organized market including market share data.

    Partial List of Companies Interviewed Key Secondary Sources

    ▪ Nestle India Limited

    ▪ Field Fresh Foods Private Limited (Del Monte)

    ▪ Hindustan Unilever Limited

    ▪ Cremica Food Industries Limited

    ▪ Dr. Oetker India Pvt. Ltd

    ▪ World Bank

    ▪ TechSci Research Proprietary Database & Knowledge


    ▪ Company Annual Reports

    ▪ Industry Magazines

    ▪ Industry Reports

    ▪ News Dailies

    ▪ Credible Paid Databases

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