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Transcript of Index ˘ˇ ˆ - دانشگاه علوم پزشکی...

  • Index

    .Gentamicin-attenuated Leishmania infantum: Aclinicopathological study in dogs

    Hamid Daneshvar , Mohammad M.Molaei ,Reza Malekpourafshar , Hosein Kamiabi ,

    Richard Burchmore , Paul Hagan , R.StephenPhillips

    Veterinary immunologyand immunopathology

    129(1-2) , 28-35 , may2009


    .MTA pulpotomy of human permanent molars withirreversible pulpitis

    Mahammad Jafar Eghbal , Saeed Asgary , RezaAli Baglue , Masoud Parirokh , Jamileh


    Australian endodonticjournal

    April 2009 , 35(1) : 4-8//pubmed

    .Adrenalectomy potentiates the antinociceptive effects ofcalcium channel blockers

    Dolatshahi-Somehsofla M, Esmaeili-Mahani S,Motamedi F, Haeri A, Ahmadiani A

    Pharmacology ,biochemistry and behavior

    April 2009 , 92(2) : 327-334//


    .Inhibitory Effect of Ginger Extract on Candida albicansZahra Atai, Manijeh Atapour and MaryamMohseniAmerican J. of Applied

    Sciences6(6): 1067-1069, 2009


    .Effect of orally administered propylthiouracil in pregnantand lactating rats on isolated aorta contractility of theiradult male offspring.

    Mohammad khaksari , morteza shafiee ,asgharghasemi , saleh zahedi aslMedical scienc monitor

    April 2009 , 15(4) : 123-127


    .Acute morphine administration reduces cell-mediatedimmunity and induces reactivation of latent herpes simplexvirus type 1 in BALB/c mice.

    Shafi mojadadi, abbas Jamali , BehzadKhansarinejad , Hoorieh soleimanjahi , taravatbamdad

    Cellular & molecularimmunology

    6(2) : 111-116 . April ,2009


    .Preimplantation genetic screening outcomes are associatedwith culture conditions

    c.e.beyer , t.osianlis , K.Boekel , E.Osborne , L .Rombauts , J.Catt , V.Kralevski , BS.Aali ,

    L.GrasHuman reproduction

    Vol : 24 , no : 5 , pp:1212-1220 , may 2009


    .The relationship of presence or absence of

    palmaris longus and fifth flexor digitorum superficialiswith carpal tunnel syndrome

    A.Saied , S.KaramoozianEuropean journal ofneurology

    May 2009 , 16(5) : 619-623//


    .Research collaboration in Tehran university of medicalsciences: two decades after integration

    Majdzadeh Reza , Nedjat Saharnaz , GholamiJaleh , Nedjat Sima , Maleki Katayoun , Qorbani

    Mostafa , Shokoohi Mostafa , AshoorkhaniMahnaz

    Health research policy andsystems

    April 2009 , vol 7:1-8//pubmed

    .Common foot examination features of 247 Iranian patientswith diabetesA.Alavi ,. M.Sanjari , A.Haghdoost , RG.Sibbald

    International woundjournal

    April 2009 , 6(2) : 117-122


    .Endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene polymorphisms arenot associated with recurrent aphthous stomatitis

    Jumana A. Karasneh, Reza Baszrafshani, MartinThornhill, William E.R. Ollierarchives of oral biology

    June 54(6) :(2009):583587


  • //

  • .Correlation between clinical and histopathologic diagnosesof oral lichen planus based on modified WHO diagnosticcriteria

    Maryam Rad , Maryam Hashemipoor ,Abdolazim Mojtahedi , Mohammad reza Zarei ,Goli Chamani , Shahla Kakoei , Nima Izadi ,

    Oral surgery,oralmedicine,oral pathology,oral radiology andendodontology

    107(6) : 796-800 , june2009


    .Onychomycosis due to fusarium spp. In patient withsquamous cell carcinoma : a case report from kerman, iran

    SA.ayatollahi moosavi , I.Esfandiarpour ,S.Salari , H.Shokri

    Journal de mycologicmedicale

    June 2009 , 19 : 146-149//0288

    .Changes in mortality following HIV and Aids and

    estimation of the number of people living with diagnosedHIV/AIDS in autralia, 1981-2003

    Fatemeh Nakhaee , Deborah Black , HandanWand , Ann Mcdonald , Matthew LawSexual health

    June 2009 , 6(2) : 129-134//pubmed

    .Proinflammatory cytokines in response to insulin-inducedhypoglycemic stress in healthy subjects

    Laleh Razavi Nematollahi , Abbas EghbalKitabchi , Frankie B.stentz , jim y.wan , bagher

    A.Larijani , mohammad mohajer tehrani ,mohammad hossein gozashti , kobra omidfar ,

    eghbal taheri

    Metabolism Clinical andExperimental

    58 , 2009 , 443-448//

    .Bilateral simultaneous femoral neck fractures ina childA.Saied , Alireza Jalili

    European journal oforthop surgerytraumatology

    July 2009 , 19(5): 349-351//scopus

    .Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Bam-Survived StudentsWho Immigrated to Kerman, Four Months after theEarthquake

    Nooshin Parvaresh , Ali BahramnejadArchives of IranianMedicine

    Vol : 12 , no : 3 , May2009 , pp: 244-249//


    .Psychometric properties of the Persian version of thePittsburgh Sleep Quality Index addendum for PTSD


    Farrahi Jeiran , Nakhaee Nouzar, SheibaniVahid, Garrusi Behshid, Amirkafi AhmadSleep and breathing

    August 2009 , 13(3) : 259-262


    .Antibody response to pneumococcal capsularpolysaccharide vaccination in patients with chronic kidneydisease

    Mahmoodi M, Aghamohammadi A, Rezaei N,Lessan-Pezeshki M, Pourmand G, MohagheghiMA, Abdollahzade S, Mousavi-Jarrahi A.

    Eur cytokine netwJune 2009 , 20(2) : 69-74


    .Diclofenac inhibits proliferation but not NGF-induceddifferentiation of PC12 cells

    Rajabalian saeed , shamsi meimandi manzumeh ,badinloo marziyehPak j pharm sci

    22(3) : 259-262 ,2009, july//pubmed

    .Effect of trifluoperazine on carrageenan-induced acuteinflammation in intact and adrenalectomized rats

    Mehdi Mahmoodi , Mohammad Khaksari hadad, Ali Shamsi zadeh , Afrooz Azarang , RezaAbbasi rayeni

    International journal ofphysiology ,


    1(2) : 150-153 , 2009//

    .Outcomes of augmented relaxing incisions forpostpenetrating keratoplasty astigmatism in keratoconus

    Mohamad Ali Javadi ,Sepehr Feizi , ShahinYazdani , Ali Sharifi , Hamid SajjadiCornea

    April 2009 , 28(3) : 280-284


    .Effect of phosphate buffer saline on coronal leakage ofmineral trioxide aggregate

    Parirokh Masoud, Askarifard Sara, MansouriShahla, Haghdoost AA, Raoof Maryam,

    Journal of oral scienceJune 2009 , 51(2) : 187-191pubmed

  • Torabinejad Mahmoud//

    .Related factors to disparity of diabetes care in IranMirzazadeh Ali , Hamid Reza Baradaran , Ali AHaghdoost , Pooria SalariMed Sci MonitMay 2009 , 15(5) :32-34


    .Evaluation of the wash resistance of three types of

    manufactured insecticidal nets in comparison toconventionally treated nets

    Kayedi MH, Lines JD, Haghdoost AAActa TropicaAugust 2009 , 111(2) :1`92-196



    Comparative effects of calcium channel blockers,autonomic nervous system blockers, and free radicalscavengers on diazinon-induced hyposecretion of insulinfrom isolated islets of Langerhans in rats

    Pourkhalili N, Pournourmohammadi S, RahimiF, Vosough-Ghanbari S, Baeeri M, OstadSN,Abdollahi M.

    Arh hig rada toksikolJun 2009 , 60(2) : 157-164



    .Quantitative analysis of KTP laser photodynamicbleaching of tetracycline-discolored teeth.M.kuzekanani , Laurence j. walsh

    Photomedicine and lasersurgery

    Jun 2009 , 27(3) : 521-525//1.23

    .Bioassay screening of the essential oil and various extractsfrom 4 spices medicinal plants.

    fariba sharififar , Mohammad hassan Moshafi ,Gholamreza dehghan nudehe, Alieh Ameri ,Fahimeh Alishahi , Amin Pourhemati

    Pakiastan journal ofpharm sciences

    July 2009 , 22(3) : 317-322//


    .Effect of Slow Release Pentoxifylline and Captopril onDelayed Pulmonary Complications of Mustard Gas inAnimal Models

    Abbas Pardakhti , Seyed Ali Alavi , NooshinMirkheshti , Peyman Eshaghi , Leili SafaeianTanaffos

    Winter 2009 . 8(1) : 41-49//

    .The efficiency of electrocoagulation process usingaluminum electrodes in removal of hardness from waterM.malakootian , N.Yousefi

    Iran. J. environ. Health.Sci. eng

    6(2) : 131-136 , 2009//isi

    .Efficacy of killed whole-parasite vaccines in theprevention of leishmaniasis: a meta-analysis

    Sassan Noazin , Ali Khamesipour , LawrenceH.Moulton , Marcel Tanner , Kiumarss Nasseri ,

    Farrokh Modabber , Iraj Sharifi , EltshirAG.Khalil , Ivan Dario Velez Bernal , Carlos

    M.F.Antunes , Peter G.Smith

    vaccineJuly 2009 , 27(35) : 4747-



    .Epidemiological Aspects of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer inKerman Province, South Eastern Iran

    G Chamani , MR Zarei , M Rad , MHashemipoor , AA Haghdoost

    Iranian journal of publichealth

    2009 , 38(2) : 90-97//ISI

    .Vality and reliability of a Persian version of thechildhood trauma questionnaireBehshid Garrusi , Nouzar NakhaeePsychological reports

    April 2009 , 104(2) : 509-516


    .Swedish nurses' experiences of caring for dying people: aholistic approach

    Iranmanesh S, Hggstrm T, Axelsson K,Svenstedt S.Holistic nursing practice

    July-augest 2009 , 23(4) :243-252


  • .A caring relationship with people who have cancerIranmanesh S, Axelsson K, Svenstedt S,Hggstrm T.Journal of advanced


    June 2009 , 65(6) : 1300-1308


    .Comparison of Five Simple Methods for DNA Extraction

    from Echinococcus granulosus Protoscoleces for PCR-Amplification of Ribosomal DNA

    M Sharbatkhori ! EB Kia ! M Fasihi Harandi !

    N Jalalizand ! F Zahabiun ! H MirhendiIrania journal of

    parasitology2009 , 4(2) : 54-60


    .Determination of the Toxicity Effect of Sorbitan EstersSurfactants Group on Biological Membrane

    G.Dehghan noudeh , P.Khazaeli , S.Mirzaei ,F.Sharififar , S.Nasrollahosaiani

    Journal of biologicalsciences

    2009 , 9(5) : 423-430//isi

    .Ghrelin and leptin levels in relation to puberty andreproductive function of patients with beta thalassemia

    Gholamreza Moshtaghi-kashani , FakhrolmulokrazaviHormones

    July September 8(3) :205-211 , 2009//


    .Effects of gibberellic acid on primary terpenoids and deltatetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis sativa at flowering stage

    Hakimeh Mansouri , Zahra Asrar , MitraMehrabani

    Journal of integrativeplant biology

    June 2009 , 51(6) : 553-561//


    .Effect of methanolic extract of Hyoscymus nigerL. on the seizure induced by picritoxin in mice

    Heidari mahmood reza , Heidari Mohammad ,Emani Golnaz , Sepehri Gholamreza

    Pakistan journal ofpharmaceutical sciences

    22(3) : 308-312 , July2009


    .Screening three strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa :prediction of biosurfactant-producer strain

    G.Dehghan noudeh , Mohammad hassanMoshafi , Effat Behravan , Saeed Torkzadeh ,Masoud Ahmadi Afzali

    American journal ofapplied sciences

    6(8): 1453-1457 , 2009//scopus

    .Religious involvement and cigarette smoking amongIranian university students

    Nouzar Nakhaee , Kouros Divsalar , NadjmeJadidi

    International journal ofpsychiatry in medicine

    39(2) : 189-198 , 2009//0.733

    .Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity and ductusvenosus velocity in the investigation of nonimmunehydrops

    Sedigheh Borna , Fatemeh Mirzaie , SedighehHanhthoush-zadeh , Soghra Khazardoost ,

    Fatemeh Rahimi-sharbaf

    J Clin UltrasoundSeptember 2009 , 37(7) :



    .Mid-trimester amniotic fluid C-reactive protein, ferritinand lactate dehydrogenase concentrations and subsequent

    risk of spontaneous preterm labour

    Sedigheh Borna , Fatemeh Mirzaie , AlirezaAbdollahi

    Australian and newZealand journal of

    obstetrics andgynaecology

    Augest 2009 , 49(4) : 400-403//


    .Thyroid function in mothers who gavebirth to neonates with transientcongenital hypothyroidism

    Gholamreza asadi karam , Hamid Hakimi ,Mohsen Rezaeian , Abdollah Gafarzadeh ,Hamidreza Rashidinejad , Mohammad Khaksari

    Pakistan journal ofmedical sciences

    July September , 2009 ,25(4) : 568-572//


    .Rare variant of lycanthropy and ecstasyMansoureh nasirian , Nabi banazadeh ,AlikharadmandAddiction and health

    1(1) : 53-57 , summer2009

  • //

  • .Epidemiologic study on drug abuse among first andsecond grade high school students in Kerman

    Nouzar Nakhaee ,Hasan Ziaaddini ,AliKarimzadehAddiction and Health

    Vol 1, No1,pp:31-37,summer 2009


    .Frequency of anabolic steroids abuse inbodybuilder athletes in Kerman city

    Gholamreza Sepehri, Majid Mousavi fard ,Ehsan SepehriAddiction and Health

    Vol 1,No 1 ,summer 2009,pp25-30


    .Exploit the developed countries experiences ofprimary school education to prevent drugaddiction and implications for Iran

    Alikharadmand, Eshrat zamani , nassim HedayatiAddiction and HealthVol 1,No 1 ,summer 2009


    .Prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the Islamic Republic ofIran: systematic review and meta-analysis

    AA Haghdoost ,Rezazadeh kermani .M , SadeghiRad .B, Baradaran .H.R ,

    Eastern mediteraneanHealth Journal

    15(3) : 591-599 , May-June 2009


    .Genetic categorization of echinococcus granulosus fromhumans and herbivorous hosts in iran using an integrated

    mutation scanning-phylogenetic approach

    Mitra sharbatkhori , Hossein Mirhendi , AaronR.Jex , Aradhana Pangasa , Bronwyn E.

    Campbell , Eshrat B.Kia , Mohammad rezaEshraghian , Majid F.Harandi , Robin B.Gasser

    ElectrophoresisAug 2009 ,30(15):2648-2655



    The Efficacy of Pimecrolimus 1% Cream Combined withMicrodermabrasion in the Treatment of Nonsegmental

    Childhood Vitiligo: A Randomized PlaceboControlledStudy

    Saeedeh Farajzadeh, Zahra Daraei, IrajEsfandiarpour, Seyed Hamed HosseiniPediatric Dermatology

    May-june 2009 ,26(3) :286-291


    ."Effect of periodontal diseases on plasma level of ldl hdland total cholesterol in rats

    Hamidreza Rashidinejad ,Houman Mehrizi,Amin Arsalan , Mohamad Reza Rahmani ,JafarAhmadi

    Iranian Heart JournalSpring 2009; 10(1): 48-51


    .Experience of living donor liver transplantation in iran: asingle-center report

    Nikeghbalian S, Nejatollahi SM, Salahi H,Bahador A, Dehghani SM, Kazemi K, DehghaniM, Kakaei F, Ghaffaripour S, Sattari H, Gholami

    S, Anvari E, Malek-Hosseini SA


    2009 Sep;41(7):2868-71//


    .Pediatric liver transplantation in Iran: a 9-year experienceBahador A, Salahi H, Nikeghbalian S, Dehghani

    SM, Dehghani M, Kakaei F, Kazemi K, RajaeiE, Gholami S, Malek-Hosseini SA


    2009 Sep;41(7):2864-7%/$/


    .Effects of surgical technique on postoperative renalfunction after orthotopic liver transplant

    Nikeghbalian S, Dehghani M, Salahi H, BahadorA, Kazemi K, Kakaei F, Rajaei E, Gholami S,

    Malek-Hosseini SAExp Clin Transplant

    2009 Mar;7(1):25-7//

  • .Liver transplantation for homozygous familialhypercholesterolemia: two case reports

    Kakaei F, Nikeghbalian S, Kazemi K, Salahi H,Bahador A, Dehghani SM, Dehghani M,

    Nejatollahi SM, Shamsaeefar A, Khosravi MB,Malek-Hosseini SA


    2009 Sep;41(7):2939-41//


    .Endogenous Aspergillus endophthalmitis occurring afterliver transplantation: a case report

    Hashemi SB, Shishegar M, Nikeghbalian S,Salahi H, Bahador A, Kazemi K, Dehghani M,

    Kakaei F, Gholami S, Janghorban P, Malek-Hosseini SA.


    2009 Sep;41(7):2933-5//


    .Non-marginal donor C-loop ulcers as a cause ofgastrointestinal bleeding after pancreas transplantation:three case reports.

    Nikeghbalian S, Bahador A, Salahi H, Kakaei F,Kazemi K, Dehghani M, Ghaffaripour S, Malek-

    Hosseini SA.


    2009 Sep;41(7):2930-2//


    .Transperitoneal laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy: 2years' experience

    Nikeghbalian S, Kazemi K, Salehipour M,Roozbeh J, Sagheb MM, Kakaei F, Dehghani M,Shamsaeefar A, Ghaffaripour S, Banihashemi SJ,

    Malek-Hosseini SA


    2009 Sep;41(7):2729-30.//



    Synthesis and in vitro anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of2-(substituted benzylthio)-5-(5-nitro-2- furyl)-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole derivatives


    Mohsen VOSOOGHI3, Farideh SIAVOSHI4,Abbas SHAFIEE3, Alireza FOROUMADI2

    Turk J Chem33(4) , 2009 , 471 478


    .Immunomodulatory activity of aqueous extract of Achilleawilhelmsii C. Koch in mice

    fariba sharififar , shirin pournourmohammadi ,Moslem Arabnejad

    Indian journal ofexperimental biology

    Vol: 47 , no: 8 , pp: 668-671 , August 2009


    .Oral health status of dialysis patients based on their renaldialysis history in Kerman, Iran.

    Goli Chamani , Mohammad reza Zarei ,Mehrdadradvar, Farin Rashid farokhi ,Fateme Razaz pourOral Health Prev Dent.


    .Inhibitory effect of methanol extract of Rosa damascenaMill. flowers on alpha-glucosidase activity andpostprandial hyperglycemia in normal and diabetic rats.

    Gholamhoseinian A, Fallah H, Sharififar F.Phytomedicine.

    2009 Oct;16(10):935-41




    Leishmania major H-line attenuated under pressure ofgentamicin, induces a Th1 response which protects

    susceptible BALB/c mice against infection with virulent L.major.

    Daneshvar H, Burchmore R, HaganP, Phillips RS.Parasitology

    2009 Sep;136(11):1243-50.



    .A first case of tinea imbricate from iranSA.ayatollahi moosavi ,samara Salari Sardoii,Sadollah ShamsadiniJundishapur Journal of

    mycologic2009; 2(2) :71-74


  • .Dental health state utility values associated with tooth lossin two contrasting cultures.

    Nassani MZ, Locker D, ElmesallatiAA, Devlin H, Mohammadi TM,Hajizamani A, Kay EJ.J Oral Rehabil

    2009 Aug;36(8):601-9.//


    .The Prevalence of Obesity in Iran in Recent Decade; aSystematic Review and Meta-Analysis Study

    A Mirzazadeh, B Sadeghirad1, AA Haghdoost, FBahreini1, M Rezazadeh KermaniIranian J Publ Health

    Vol. 38, No.3, 2009


    .Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Production isRegulated by Gene Polymorphisms

    Mohammadi M, Bazrafshani MR, Day PJ, OllierWEIran J Immunol

    2009 Sep; 6(3):119-29


    .The interaction between physical activity and fasting onthe serum lipid profile during Ramadan.

    Haghdoost AA, Poorranjbar M.Singapore Med J

    2009 Sep;50(9):897-901//pubmed


    Potential of Human Umbilical Cord Matrix and RabbitBone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Repairof Surgically Incised Rabbit External Anal Sphincter

    Aghaee-afshar, Mahmoud , Rezazadehkermani,Mohammad , Asadi, Alireza , Malekpour-afshar,Reza , Shahesmaeili, Armita , Nematollahi-mahani, Seyed Noureddin ,

    Diseases of the Colon &Rectum

    52(10):1753-1761,October 2009


    .Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and analgesicactivity of a novel rigid 3, 4-dihydroxy chalconein mice

    .Heidari MR, Foroumadi A, AmirabadiA, Samzadeh-Kermani A, AzimzadehBS, Eskandarizadeh A.

    Ann N Y Acad Sci.

    2009 Aug;1171:399-406


    .Study of antiseizure effects of Matricaria recutitaextract in mice

    .Heidari MR, Dadollahi Z, MehrabaniM, Mehrabi H, Pourzadeh-Hosseini M,Behravan E, Etemad L.

    Ann N Y Acad Sci.2009 Aug;1171:300-4



    Study of the anti-inflammatory and analgesiceffects of novel rigid benzofuran-3, 4-dihydroxychalcone by formalin, hot-plate and carrageenantests in mice

    Heidaria MR, Foroumadi A,Noroozi H, Samzadeh-Kermani A,Azimzadeh BSPak J Pharm Sci.

    2009 Oct;22(4):395-401//pubmed

    .atopic dermatitis and type 1 diabetes mellitus in Iranianchildren

    Elham Ahmadi, Zahra Rahnama , AliRikhtegaran Tehrani

    American Journal ofImmonology

    5(3) ,98-100 ,2009//




    Hemolysin production, salt tolerance, antibacterialresistance, andprevalence of extended spectrum -lactamases in Proteusbacilli isolated from clinical and environmental sources

    Shahla Mansouri1, Farehnaz Pahlavanzadeh2Jundishapur Journal ofMicrobiology(2009); 2(3): 97-104


  • .

    Conjugational transfer and survival of plasmidencoding silver and

    antibiotic resistance genes of Acinetobacterbaumannii BL54, E. coli

    K12 J53.2 transconjugants and pseudomonastransformants in different

    soil microcosms

    Mohammad Reza Shakibaie, PershantDhakephalker, Balu Parnab Kapadnisand Balu Ananda Chopade

    journal of bacteriologyresearch

    October 2009; 1(7)


    .Predictive value of mid-trimester amniotic fluid high-sensitive C-reactive protein, ferritin, and lactate

    dehydrogenase for fetal growth restriction.Mirzaei F,Abdollahi A,Borna SIndian J Pathol Microbiol

    2009 Oct-Dec;52(4):498-500


    .Adnexal Masses and Pregnancy: A 10-Year Experience

    Shirin Niroumanesh, Fatemeh MirzaeiIranian Journal ofPathology(2009)4 (4), 182 185



    .The effect of peripheral administration of growth hormoneon AD-like cognitive deficiency in NBM-lesioned rats

    Doulah AH, Rohani AH, Khaksari Haddad M,Motamedi F, Farbood Y, Badavi M, Malek M,Sarkaki A

    Neurosci Lett2009 Nov 27;466(1):47-51. Epub 2009 Sep 17//


    .Cleaning and shaping curved root canals: Mtwo vsProTaper instruments, a lab comparisonKuzekanani M, Walsh LJ, Yousefi MAIndian J Dent Res

    2009 Jul-Sep;20(3):268-70//pubmed

    .Immunophenotypic pattern and cytokine profiles of drytype cutaneous leishmaniasis.

    Meymandi S, Dabiri S, Shamsi-Meymandi M,Nikpour H, Kharazmi AArch Iran Med.

    2009 ; Jul;12(4):371-6//pubmed

    Cytotoxicity evaluation of Persica mouthwash on culturedhuman and mouse cell lines in the presence and absence offetal calf serum.

    Rajabalian S, Mohammadi M, Mozaffari B.Indian J Dent Res.2009 Apr-Jun;20(2):169-73



    Adverse impact of international NGOs during and after theBam earthquake: health system's consumers' points of viewSeyedin SH, Aflatoonian MR, Ryan J

    Am J Disaster Med.2009 May-Jun;4(3):173-9


    emm Gene Polymorphism among Streptococcus pyogenesIsolated fromThroat Culture

    Zahra Eslami Nejad*, Mohammad AhmadiNejad, Hamid Mollaii, and Nikoo Nik Nafs

    Acta Medica Iranica ;2009;47(3) : 165-169//scopus

  • Diagnostic Endoscopy in Children of Two Months to 15Years of Age

    Seddiqe Amini-Ranjbar and Mohammad-Hossein Torabinejad

    American Journal ofApplied Sciences

    6(10): 1812-1814, 2009//scopus

    Percutaneous Drainage of a Late-onset Giant PosttraumaticUrinoma

    Ali Asghar Ketabchi, Mahsa Ketabchi, MohsenBarkamUrology journal

    2009 Summer;6(3):214-6//pubmed

    Hematocolpos as a Cause of Urinary OverflowIncontinence in a Young Girl: A Case ReportA.A. Ketabchi , Sh. Naroei , M. Ahmadinejad

    Iranian Journal ofRadiology

    2009;6(2) : 97-99//


    Emergence of cutaneous leishmaniasis due to Leishmaniamajor in a new focus of central Iran.Emami MM, Yazdi M, Nilforoushzadeh M

    Trans R Soc Trop MedHyg.

    2009,Dec;103(12):1257-62. Epub 2009 Jun 3


    efficacy of olyset long -lasting bednets to controltransmission of cutaneous lishmaniasis in iranEmami MM, Yazdi M, Guillet .P

    Eastern mediterranianHealth journal

    V.15 ,N.5 ;2009//

    Index medcus/medline

    Effects of video information on anxity stress anddepression of patints undergoing coronary angiography

    Nahid Jamshidi , Abbas Abbaszadeh ,MajidNajafi kalyani

    Pakistan Journal ofMedical Sciences

    2009 ,V.25 ,N.6;901-905


    Index medcus, Embase

    Why Do Some Teens Turn to Drugs? A Focus GroupStudy of Drug Users' ExperiencesNouzar Nakhaee; Nadjme JadidiJournal of AddictionsNursing

    Volume 20, Issue 4December 2009 , pages203 - 208


    Effect of two storage solutions on surface topography oftwo root-end fillings.Asgary S, Eghbal MJ, Parirokh M, Ghoddusi J

    Aust Endod J.2009 Dec;35(3):147-52//pubmed

    Malignant Mucosal Melanoma of the Head and NeckDiagnosed in an Iranian Population over an 11-Year Period

    Maryam Assadat Hashemi Pour, M. Rad, M.R.Zarei and G. Chamani

    American Journal ofApplied Sciences

    6(8): 1467-1472, 2009//scopus

    Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of 4-(2-phenoxyphenyl)semicarbazones

    shAbbas Shafiee, Ardeshir Rineh,Abbas Kebriaeezadeh, Alireza Foroumadi, ,

    Medicinal ChemistryResearch

    Volume 18, Number 9 /December, 2009


  • Vahid Sheibani ,Mohammad Reza Afarine

  • Mineral trioxide aggregate :a comprehensive literaturereview-part i: chemical, and antibacterial properties

    Parirokh Masoud, Torabinejad MahmoudJOEJ ENDODONT

    January 2010; V.36 ,N.1 :



    Sensorimotor cortex aspiration: a model for studyingWallerian degeneration-induced glial reactivity along theentire length of a single CNS axonal pathway

    Basiri M, Doucette RBrain Res Bull.2010 Jan 15;81(1):43-52


    Association of Maternal Serum C- Reactive Protein Levelswith Severity of Preeclampsia

    Mirzaie Fatemeh ! Rahimi-Shorbaf Fatemeh !Kazeronie Amir Hossian


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    The ERCC1/XPF endonuclease is required for completionof homologous recombination at DNA replication forksstalled by inter-strand cross-links

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