Incredible Edible Todmorden discussion at Sustainability Forum Lambeth nov 10

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Transcript of Incredible Edible Todmorden discussion at Sustainability Forum Lambeth nov 10

  1. 1. If You Eat Youre In
  2. 2. We Dont Start With Nothing! Public and Private Land Verges, Parks, Canal Corridors, Back Yards. Market halls Health Centres Care Homes Schools Council Buildings Canal banks A Rainbow of Community Talents
  3. 3. Accidental Gardens
  4. 4. Todmorden Community College
  5. 5. Healing Horticulture
  6. 6. Nursery School
  7. 7. Its a Fair Cob, growing at the Police Station
  8. 8. Fire Station
  9. 9. Church Veg
  10. 10. Graveyard beds Arthurs kids shot
  11. 11. Bee Credible
  12. 12. Every egg matters
  13. 13. Health Centre Frnt health centre
  14. 14. Apothecary Garden
  15. 15. Ferney Lee Care Home
  16. 16. Family Plot at School
  17. 17. Harvest Festival
  18. 18. Lost Arts, Chutney making
  19. 19. Cooking in the Street
  20. 20. Local Food Festival Market Stalls
  21. 21. Vegetable Tourism
  22. 22. Incredible Edible Todmorden Our Four Big Asks Build schools for the future that have the living edible world at their heart. Transform health buildings with edible plants and trees as an integral part of the design. Release public land for food growing. Encourage all social landlords to allocate space for growing food.
  23. 23. Incredible Edible Lambeth(north) Our ask is the same - Schools Joanna Primary School Gardening club in Archbishops Park - shared land use Walnut Tree Walk Primary Cycling Gardener one day a week -each class have a raised bed and part of yearly food growing planner. Wheat growing with Brockwell Bake Ethelred Nursery and Childrens Centre Teacher with Forest School training. Worms are the schools pets .Wormery is now 4 years old Lilian Baylis Technology School Green Champion is now leading food growing
  24. 24. Incredible Edible Lambeth (north) Health buildings, public land and social landlords with space for growing food. Lambeth Walk GP surgery - Food planting workshop inside surgery with peppers, chillies but needs a place for 8,000 patients to help lead a healthier life - access to good value food apart from Tesco and make contact with nature North lambeth 67% live above ground floor with no access to outdoor growingnor composting. Princes Ward 5,000 households of which 2,000 are council owned GP active support for Beautify the Beaufoy
  25. 25. Many thanks Ann Bodkin The Onion Shed