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Peter Martin, President of Cactus Sky presented to the 2012 Digital Dealer Conference this standing room ONLY workshop.It is AWESOME

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  • 1. Increase your Internet Dept.Closing Ratio by 5%in 90 days. Peter web doc Martin President Cactus Sky Communications, Inc. 941-756-1932 954-205-7716 cell

2. Who Should Handle the LeadsIn our experiencewe recommend thatthe inbound leadsbe handled by adedicated BDC. 3. The Reverse TO Once the prospect has arrived at the dealership they should be directed to the manager who will introduce himself and then TO to a sales person 4. Managers Must Participate We have seen and increase in closing ratios ashigh as 60% when a manager is involved in thesales process. The reverse TO, instead of waiting till the deal isunwinding to bring him in, start the process withthe manager. 5. How to Respond to Leads Step One: Turn off your Spam Filters Turn off your spam filters 6. Auto Responders -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Thank you for requesting Information from Volvo of Union Turn them off. To Whom It May Concern: A bad idea Impersonal Thank you for requesting Information from Volvo Union. Your request has been forwarded to the appropriate personnel, and you should receive a reply to your request within four (4) hours of receiving this confirmation email during regular business hours (Mon - Thurs 9am- 9pm, Friday & Saturday 9am - 6pm). If you do not receive a reply please do 7. Respond Quickly If you respond in thefirst 5 minutes versus30 minutes you have100 times greaterlikelihood of reachingthe prospect. 8. Call vs. eMail You should call first There is a good chance they are still online Next send them an email Make it personal 9. Call Right Away When a lead comes in you should call that leadright away and start the conversation. You need to look at this as a race because yourcompetition may also have bought this lead. 10. After you have called Targetyour leads with relevant Email 11. Sample eMail TemplateDear Mark:Wed love the opportunity to makeWedyou a lifetime customer at Conley.Attached you will find a link to ourservice department where you cansign up for a FREE oil change!Please take a moment to visit us. 12. Benefits of HTML If your message is promotional or informative, but notone you would typically send via post on letterhead, werecommend designing it in HTML. HTML offers greater control over formatting, layout,color, fonts, graphics and branding. A visually pleasing design can affect your readers abilityto process and enjoy the information. HTML design also opens up a wealth of possibilities andinteractive functionality within each eMail. Allows you to track engagement. 13. Mobile Enabled 30% of people are checking their email on mobiledevices. It is important that your emails are mobile friendly. 14. Day 3 eMail On the 3rd day after a lead comes into the systemhave an automated email go out from the Dealeror General Manager This email should be thanking them for the theirinterest in the dealership and offering thempersonal assistance. 15. Do a self audit Go to your websiteand submit a requestfor a quote. Experience whatyour prospects do. Review the emailresponse time. 16. eMail is a ProcessAction AcceptanceComprehensionRecall IROAttention Builds AwarenessBuilds IntentionsBuilds Sales 17. Build a Relationship STOP Spamming them with Loud Sales offers. Develop a conversation. 18. RelevancyRelevant eMails equal: Better opens, reads, clicks & conversion rates Increased retention Increased ROI Enhanced deliverability Easier to spot deliverability issues Lower spam complaints 19. Avoid Spammy Content Avoid overaggressive language and spammy-looking content such as Very large fonts Using all caps Big red letters and excessive !!! Anything that looks unprofessional and couldbe confused with a true spam eMail 20. Sales eMail on a Preset ScheduleSpecificcontent e-Mails based on 1consumerNewProfilesYears 14Special: Valentines :Free LeasingDetail Offer 23A Sales CycleOffering 21. Dont over eMail We recommend twice a month. Beginning of the month for service Middle of the month for sales 22. How many leads are in your CRM?The Average Dealership has over 10,000 Leads in the Internet Department CRM Tool. Where do these leads come from: Lead providers Manufacturers Site Your own website 23. eMail Process 24. Promotecoupons 25. Lead Generation on your website 26. Sales & Service Combined eMails 27. Online Service Coupons 28. Increase web traffic One of the benefits of email marketing is that it willincrease traffic to your website Generate more exclusive leads. No 3rd party lead vendor costs. 29. What happens when you hit send?Best case, it is delivered into the inbox. 30. Worst CaseISPs and corporate SPAM filters all handle suspectedspam messages differently: Block it and return to sender with a message explaining theblock Block it and delete it without returning or notifying thesender (called black-holing) Route to the junk folder, often adding [SPAM] or similarnotice to the subject line (MOST COMMON) Return it to you with a request to remove the subscriber ifhe or she clicked the spam button via a feedback loop 31. AuthenticationVerifies senders identityAccreditationThird-party verification of senders good habitsCertificationTokenized proof of senders good reputation 32. Reputationis the key todeliverability. 33. Minimize spam complaintsAmerica Online, for example, currently recommendskeeping spam complaints below 10 per 1,000messages. 34. Managing ComplaintsComplaints are the #1 factor for deliverability You need to set up and manage Feedback loops Complaints are forwarded to senders abuse address for processing Remove/suppress complaining addresses immediately Analyze complaints for patterns Frequency issue? Relevancy issue? 35. Spam Complaints Complaints are the #1 cause of ISP blacklisting. Someone can complain or register your eMail asspam with the click of a mouse button. When enough people do the same thing withyour eMail, you will be blacklisted. 36. BEST PRACTICES 37. Subject Lines Spend time on your subject line firstimpressions mean the world to your recipient. Personalize the subject line. Import therecipients first name into the subject line whenpossible. Example subject line: Peter we have somespecials for you. 38. Keep your dealership Top of MindBuilding Personal Relationships Requires: Two-way business/customer interaction Time and content relevant communicationsEmail Marketing should be: Automated Professional Creative Contains relevant, timely content Drives traffic to website Tracks the response rates and clicks 39. Sample eMail Campaign eMailService/Sales MessagePersonalizedLinks to Sales/ServiceClick here 40. Huge opportunity for serviceMost internet leads have NEVER beenprospected for service. 41. Actual Service ResultsIn the first 2 months marketing to Internet leads-10000 Leads in the CRM-175 repair orders-Summary of first 3 on list- $385 RO existing customer who had notbeen in dealership in past year- $1400 RO New Customer- $400 RO New Customer 42. Consumers are holding onto cars longer eMail is a Relationship building tool that will: Convert service customers to New car buyers Convert finance Turn Downs into service customers Keep local prospects engaged with your dealership Satisfied Service Customers eventually BUY Cars. 43. Engage with ServiceLOST SALES:Use the ServiceDear Mark:Department to obtain Wed love the opportunity to make WedNew customers, evenyou a lifetime customer at Conley. Attached you will find a link to ourthough they did notservice department where you can sign up for a FREE oil change!purchase their vehicle Please take a moment to visit us.from your dealership. Click here 44. Monthly Coupons sent Automatically3$9.95OilOil E-mailChange5Change Coupons are RadiatorCost-effective and Flush Track able 16Tire RotationA Service Radiator FlushCycle OfferingFreeTireRotation 45. Follow up with people (leads) that have engaged with your emails Take the clickers and give them to your sales team or BDC to make follow up calls. If a person received an email and clicked to view your inventory they are a LEAD. 46. Best day and time for follow up callsBest day to call back prospects is Wednesday and ThursdayBest time to call is between 4 and 6 PM 47. If you remember that 33% of your online leadspurchase after 90 days and put a follow up planinto effect designed to build a relationship, youwill see a dramatic increase in your internetclosing ratio in 90 days. 48. For more information contact:Peter web doc Martin941.756.1932 office954.205.7716