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  • inanimate alice This story will take around 7 minutes to view.
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  • My name is Alice. I am 16 years old.
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  • We moved to Spain. My dad was fired from his teaching job because he wasnt teaching them to their standards. Also, he was constantly, always stressed- according to the principal anyway.
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  • So, he applied for a job as a translator in Spain. I dont know how he found that job, but he was the only one who applied for it, so he got the job.
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  • Packing was easy because we didnt have much. I brought my most prized possession - my new Ba-xi. Well, it is a slightly older model.
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  • I got it with the birthday money I had got from my friends and parents and some I saved up.
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  • Now we live here: Its a small, smelly, and cramped apartment. I guess its fine for now. Assuming that well get a new house soon.
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  • It is interesting and creepy watching the people being chased by the bull. Im so excited that I dont realize something important.
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  • Somehow, my parents get involved with running in the festival. I try to get to them but it is too dangerous. The bulls could easily catch up to me.
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  • I get out my Ba-xi and find Brad out ask him what to do. He encourages me to participate. Then I put my Ba-xi back into my pocket.
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  • I know I can trust him so I go in, trying to get to my parents. I trip and the bulls gain on me.
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  • I nearly get run over but luckily, I roll over, just in time. It was terrifying! I was almost killed!
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  • I blame Brad but he doesnt reply. I get my Ba-xi out of my pocket. Through my anger I delete him.
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  • Then I realize I dont know where I am. I need Brad but he is gone, in the trash bin.
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  • I try to draw Brad again but I have forgotten what he looks like and I have changed my drawing style. I look around. The place is strange, nothing like Ive remembered.
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  • All the hype has mucked up my brain.
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  • I look at my Ba-xi to use its map to find where I am and to how to go home. There is no internet connection.
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  • I panic.
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  • Without Brad I dont know what to do. I go to the locals to ask for directions. I realize I dont speak Spanish.
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  • I hadnt been paying attention in class back in England. Damn! What to do? I ask myself over and over again.
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  • An idea pops up! I call my parents. First I call my dad. Walking around in circles I wait for his reply. He doesnt answer. Luckily I can call my mum. She doesnt answer as well. I try several times but they still dont reply.
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  • I pull my hair in stress. It hurts but I dont know what to do.
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  • After a while I decide to try and draw a different character. It is the only thing I can do. This time it is a girl.
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  • Her name is Wendy.
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  • Shes really laid back, but with the help of her I manage to find a familiar place. Wendy helps me stay calm. My parents are waiting there!
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  • I am happy to find them. We hug and we cry. We decide to go out for dinner at an Italian restaurant to celebrate them finding me and for them surviving and not getting hurt in the bull running.
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  • I still miss my friends in England, but I am so happy to have found my parents. But even more happy to have a new digital friend Wendy.
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  • My life now is great, my mum Ming is happy doing her painting and making good money from selling some of them. But she keeps the best ones for us.
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  • My dad - John is making heaps of money in his new job.
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  • It has a tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool and sauna/steam room. - Just to name a few.
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  • Well now, me, I got into a school with boys!!! Obviously an international school.
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  • I really hope we stay here for good. Im still making friends and I find it easier to fit in here.
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  • The only downside is that my dad is always away for work. He was meant to be home last week. Probably away for work, though mum and I havent heard anything from him or his work
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  • Written and produced by Paris Poon and Will Keely, From an original idea by Will Keely. Brad and Wendy illustrations by Paris Poon. A ParisWill Company production. The ParisWill Company Ltd.