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Teacher testimonials from around the globe on using Inanimate Alice in the classroom.

Transcript of Inanimate Alice: Teacher Testimonials

  • Teacher Testimonials
  • I have 38 year 5/6 students in my literacy group and they are so into Inanimate Alice. I decided to use it in my programme to try to engage the students that 'don't like reading' but they can't get enough of it now, both online and reading the text only version. Kathy Jessop Wakefield, New Zealand
  • Canada, especially this region, close to Toronto, is extremely multicultural, and this story has really been able to reach so many of our students It allows so much thought about media and the connections to reading, writing, media, and the geography curriculums are great. Jill Reiner Laurentian Senior Public, Ontario
  • 21st century schools must keep up with technology, engage students and create life-long learners. Inanimate Alice does it all. Donna Terra Grade 5 Teacher Morse Pond School Falmouth, MA
  • This is just a wonderful and innovative way to get students engaged and into reading and understanding multimedia elements and how they add to the beauty of the text. ..I have begun making smartboard lessons to go along wiith each episode... Jessica Miller Will Beckley Elementary School, Nevada
  • I just started the program with my 7th graders yesterday and they are hooked! Today they have all asked if we could work on it; not something you usually hear from 7th graders. Belinda Lowrie Harding Middle School, Lakewood, Ohio
  • Teachers and students alike love Inanimate Alice, and its especially good to use with our reluctant readers. Megan Hallenbeck. Gloversville Middle School, NY
  • I love the visual presentation and engaging activities that keep my Deaf students and reluctant readers so engrossed that they forget it is learning!! Jenny Williamson Henderson Mill Elementary School, GA
  • I have had such fun and success using Alice's story in the classroom, and I hope to encourage many others to get involved with it as well. Thank you for creating such a wonderfully innovative form of storytelling and for the education support materials that are so helpful! Tara Hixon Cashion Public Schools, OK
  • As a final activity, I have students write and produce their own episode 5. It is a perfect activity to complete our year. Students are very engaged while working on the activities. The grade level is 7th. Merrily Ellis Reading Specialist Mt. Angel Middle School , OR
  • I'm pretty passionate about the project, as I used it in a unit of teaching for the full registration process that graduate teachers have to go through. So, Inanimate Alice helped me get my full registration. Alison Bain 7D Learning Advisor Victoria, Australia