[Inacon] UMTS Signaling and Protocol Analysis

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[Inacon] UMTS Signaling and Protocol Analysis

Transcript of [Inacon] UMTS Signaling and Protocol Analysis

  • CoverTable of ContentsA Comprehensive Inside View on UMTS The UMTS Network ArchitectureThe UMTS Protocol Stack with Rel. 99The Physical Resource on the Uu-Interface (FDD)An Overview of Channels in UMTSLogical, Transport and Physical Channels & the QosDetails of Logical ChannelsDetails of Transport ChannelsCCTrCH and Transport Format Combinations (UE-side/FDD)Details of Physical Channels

    Signaling & Protocol Analysis in UTRANMedium Access Control (MAC)Mapping of Logical, Transport and Physical Channles (FDD)MAC-PDU Formats on Logical Channels (FDD/UE-side)The Different RNTI'sThe MAC-ArchitectureTraffic Volume Measurements and Radio Bearer ControlThe Random Access ProcedureRadio Link Control (RLC)RLC-PDU TypesOverflow Protection RLC-SDU DiscardRadio Resource Control (RRC)Signaling Radio BearersThe Different RRC StatesEncoding of RRC MessagesRRC Message Types

    Important UMTS Scenarios & Call TracingExplanations of the Used Message DescriptionsCommon ScenariosCircuit Switched ScenariosHandover ScenariosUTRAN Mobility Management ProceduresPacket Switched ScenariosCall Tracing in UTRAN

    Enclosures for the Practical ExercisesSolutions for the Practical ExercisesReferencesList of AcronymsIndex