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  • 1. Trailer FILM

2. To make our product, I knew that it was important that we establish whatthe normal forms and conventions of media products were. I realised thatthere were some media conventions that were important, and had to beused in our trailer."Repetition and recognition leads to expectation and anticipation "(GBurton 2000)The use of dramatic diegetic music at the start of the trailer is somethingthat shows the forms and conventions of real media products. Just like in thetrailer Adulthood it is very common for the beginning of a trailer to usediegetic music. This grips the viewers. It was important to use this aspect ofmedia products, as we wanted to make sure our target audience werecaptivated by our trailer.When we looked at similar trailers, a majority of the sound was diegetic.However there were some non-diegetic sounds such as dialogue added, butvery rarely. We took this idea and used it when making the soundtrack forour trailer. 3. Another common aspect we saw in our example trailers were that there wasalways and aggressive scene. We presumed that this was also anothertechnique used to captivate and audience, and persuade them to watch thefilm. After seeing this common trend, we decided to add a disturbing scenethat would grip our target audience.There is usually a character that the audience is made to feel sorry for, or that is avictim. This is also a feature that we took from normal form and conventions of realmedia products. 4. Usually, there is a gripping scene in a trailer, with numerous fast cuts. This isusually the section of the trailer that in most remembered. This is somethingthat we used in the making of our trailer. And to end the trailer they wouldhave a cliff hanger, or something that makes you think. We tried to use thiselement in the creation of our trailer also.The genre of our trailer is British African. One of the many conventions thatwe used was location. Because our film was based on British Africans, wehad to chose a location that was stereotyped as a deprived area full of ethnicminorities. We found that Thamesmead was a perfect place to film as it hasbeen used in previous TV dramas and Films. 5. In regards to our film, it is unmistakeable that we used a lot of real mediaproducts that relate to our film. The location of our film is the same as thelocation of many films that are associated with 0ur genre. We filmed inThamesmead in the same flats that they film the TV drama series Misfits. 6. LightingRegarding to our film, it isunmistakeable that we used a lot ofreal media products that relate toour film. The location of our film isthe same as the location of manyfilms that are associated with 0urgenre. We filmed in Thamesmead inthe same flats that they film the TVdrama series Misfits. This settingwas very suited to our film.There is also something that is verycommon in these films which is thelighting, the lighting that is seen onthese films is very dark and greyand occasionally the use sepialight. 7. The way that shots are taken and the way the camera is positioned oncertain characters is also something that we used that other films had usedbefore. This scene of SKET shows the girls and we get to see them and howtheir character is. There is a wall dividing them, similar to the way in the filmSKET they are divided into different scenes. 8. From the TV drama my murder we used very familiar scenes as they wereboth very similar in what message they were conveying. There were verysimilar shots in which we chose to incorporate into our film. The way inwhich characters are dressed and their setting is also very similar. A silmilarshot in our film is this.In the film my murder the characters have an establishing shot that conveysthey personality, what we did is we put our main character at the front toshow the hierarchy in importance. 9. In the opening of the drama series My Murder there is an opening of the filmthat says based on a true story, we decided to use this in our film. This allowsviewers to already understand what kind of film this is. The audience would knowstraight away and know that our film was to be taken seriously. Many people willdrawn to the trailer because of the fact that it says based on a true story. 10. The location shot is something that is very vital to the film, it shows the rural settingand where our trailer is based. In the television drama my murder they use anestablishing shot that shows the film whereabouts. We tried to make our setting asfamiliar as possible, what we did was go in the night, so that we could get the lights.This is a real piece that we incorporated into our film. 11. We challenged conventions of usualBritish African dramas by having an all female casting crew. The usual stereotype would be a group of gang males, but we thought thatchallenging this convention wouldmake our trailer more unique.