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Transcript of In this Issue - Clover ... 9-Daelon Wackerman 10-Allie Fulcher 13-Ron Bailey 13-Abbey Earich 12-Jeff...


    *Tuesday Night Bible *Tuesday Night Bible *Tuesday Night Bible *Tuesday Night Bible


    *Family Worship*Family Worship*Family Worship*Family Worship

    *Young Adult News *Young Adult News *Young Adult News *Young Adult News Canoe Trip Canoe Trip Canoe Trip Canoe Trip

    *Who’s Who Corner*Who’s Who Corner*Who’s Who Corner*Who’s Who Corner

    *Recipe of the Month*Recipe of the Month*Recipe of the Month*Recipe of the Month

    *August Birthdays*August Birthdays*August Birthdays*August Birthdays

    A Church Sharing ONE Love With Everybody, “Jesus Christ”

    In this Issue:

    334334334334----A N Elm StreetA N Elm StreetA N Elm StreetA N Elm Street Farmersville, Ohio 45325Farmersville, Ohio 45325Farmersville, Ohio 45325Farmersville, Ohio 45325


    Dustin VorhisDustin VorhisDustin VorhisDustin Vorhis--------PastorPastorPastorPastor Tom VorhisTom VorhisTom VorhisTom Vorhis--------PastorPastorPastorPastor


    Alvie Sandlin 45Alvie Sandlin 45Alvie Sandlin 45Alvie Sandlin 456666----4459 4459 4459 4459 Fred Norris 687Fred Norris 687Fred Norris 687Fred Norris 687----1075107510751075

    Chad Vorhis 557Chad Vorhis 557Chad Vorhis 557Chad Vorhis 557----0234 0234 0234 0234

    SERVICE TIMESSERVICE TIMESSERVICE TIMESSERVICE TIMES Sunday School 10:00AMSunday School 10:00AMSunday School 10:00AMSunday School 10:00AM Sunday Service 11:00AMSunday Service 11:00AMSunday Service 11:00AMSunday Service 11:00AM

    Evening WorEvening WorEvening WorEvening Worship ship ship ship 6:00PM6:00PM6:00PM6:00PM

    Wednesday Night Wednesday Night Wednesday Night Wednesday Night 7:00PM7:00PM7:00PM7:00PM


    desire to impact the world with the good news about Jesus

    Christ, our ministries are many, and multiplying. There is truly something here for everyone.

    From the youngest to the oldest we are striving to provide

    opportunities for growth and service. If you are interested in

    more specific information concerning programs offered,

    or opportunities available, contact the church office.


    Church Membership Means Membership Means Membership Means Membership Means Something, Something, Something, Something, as such, all of our

    members are expected to intentionally seek opportunities to use their God given gifts and talents for His glory, towards

    the growth of His kingdom, and for the good of this local body of

    believers. Members are expected to normally attend

    regularly scheduled services, to strive toward spiritual growth

    and maturity, to give financially as they are able, and to exhibit

    Christian conduct and character both inside and outside of the

    church. If you are interested in becoming a member of

    Farmersville First Baptist Church, please schedule a time to meet with one of the pastors

    to discuss the matter more fully.

    Keep ALL our kids and grandchildren in your prayers as they start

    BACK TO SCHOOL... Dear Heavenly Father, watch over all our

    kids as they start the 2012-13 school year. Open their eyes, ears and hearts to be

    obedient to the job that they have before them, which is to learn. Help them to be true witnesses and flickering Christian lights for you! Keep them safe, healthy

    and happy as they go on their way throughout each day. Be with all our

    teachers as they prepare for the awesome job of teaching that they have before

    them. Give them the strength, support, patience and wisdom that they need to

    perform their jobs!


    To Strengthen the Saved To Worship the Savior

    OUR MESSAGE:OUR MESSAGE:OUR MESSAGE:OUR MESSAGE: “For God so loved the world that he gave His only

    begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    John 3:16John 3:16John 3:16John 3:16

    AUGUST 2012

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    The Food Pantry is opened for business on August 14th and

    August 28th this month.

    Be in prayer for those who need it and for those who share their

    love for others by serving others and working at the Food Pantry. See Cheryl Mikesell if you would like to be a part of this ministry or would like to

    donate towards it. NEWSLETTER INFORMATION

    The newsletter comes out every month now here at Farmersville

    First Baptist Church and we want to fill it with all the good news and

    information going on at our church. It does not happen without all of you. If you are a ministry leader,

    your news is important to the rest of us. Keep us informed about what you are doing and what you have planned in the future. Update us

    when your projects are finished so we can hear about the goals you

    reached and the people you helped. Give us dates and times of plans you have in the future so that

    we can get the word out. All information should be given to

    Cheri Thacker at lease one week to ten days prior to the first of the month. The easiest way is

    through email to

    Those of you that want to receive the newsletter, you can do so in

    several different ways: *make sure Cheri has your email address and it

    will be sent directly to your email address each month, *let Cheri

    know that you would like a printed copy each month, *or find extra copies on the information table each month. Please see Cheri

    Thacker if you have new ideas or any questions about the



    Family Worship will be held on August 19th during the

    11:00am service.

    Pass the word and come worship God with our whole

    church family. See Stephanie Vorhis for more



    6:30 PM every Tuesday in FFBC fellowship hall. Everyone Welcome!

    Please bring your Bible, note

    paper, pen or pencil. Be willing to share your

    thoughts, opinions, questions throughout this study so that

    we may all learn together. MOST OF ALL: Be willing to learn, understand, apply, and

    do the “Word.” Your Bible Study Leader:

    Alvie Sandlin

    "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

    Dear Church Family...

    Thank you so much for all the prayers, cards, calls, food and encouraging words for my family and I. Special

    thanks to Alvie, Dustin and Tom for the anointing, it gave

    me much comfort. We appreciate the ongoing

    encouragement you all have given us as it makes difficult

    times easier. Please continue your prayers for our


    Love In Him...

    Chris, Tammy and Christine Kaylor

    Are you sitting on the fence and don’t know where you belong?? There are so many ways that you can help here at F.F.B.C. Maybe

    you are an excellent cook and love hospitality? Maybe you love kids and would like to do something in that area? Maybe you love to sing,

    love computer work or have another talent that no one knows

    about?? Don’t be afraid to plug in. We ALWAYS need help!

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    Canoeing - Row, row, row your boat....Come canoeing with us down the Little Miami River on Saturday,

    August 18th.

    Cost: $29 per canoe (plus $5 for an upgrade to fiberglass, highly recommended. Money collected

    beforehand by Elise or at Morgan’s

    Date: Saturday, August 18th at 11am

    Location: Morgan’s Outdoor Adventures at Ft. Ancient

    5701 St Rt 350 Orgonia, Ohio 45054


    Details: *plan on about 1 1/2-3 hours on water

    *pack a lunch and plan to make a pit stop at the campgrounds

    *canoes have 2 bench seats and will hold 3 adults or 2

    adults and 3 kids

    *children age 3 and up and dogs on leashes are permitted in canoes and kayaks

    *Tubing - Someone asked about this. Morgan's DOES

    offer tubing. However, they told me that the tubes travel a lot slower that canoes and kayaks, and you won't be able

    to keep up with the rest of the group. If you're still interested feel free to call Morgan's for more details

    * Chad said he highly recommends the fiberglass canoes because they glide much easier through shallow waters.

    On a fun note, we ARE allowed to bring squirt guns, frisbees, balls, etc, so we may develop a group game to

    play along the way!

    If you are planning to attend, please sign up in the church foyer or email me by Wednesday, August 15th. I will

    need to know how many canoes or kayaks you will need so that Morgan's is ready for us when we arrive. In order

    to get our tax exempt qualification and discount as a church, we will be making 1 payment to Morgan's for