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Transcript of Improve UPS WorldShip with OzLINK

  • Optimize Pick, Pack, Ship with UPS WorldShip
  • Agenda Oz Development Overview Customer Case Studies eCommerce models UPS WorldShip extensions Demo Q&A 2
  • Todays Speakers Founded 2002 Privately held Over 10,000 joint UPS customers Integrating and automating order management Cloud platform to develop and manage application integration and extensions 3
  • OzLINK Custom: Recent Successes NetSuite ERP Batch shipping Combined pack slip/label Magento, QuickBooks +42% revenue growth Improved customers service & visibility $10.4K in annuals savings MAS 200 integration Combined pack slip/label Customer credit hold business rule
  • Opportunities in Pick/Pack/Ship
  • Growth Implications & the Warehouse Inventory Control Pick/Pack Label & Ship Expanding eCommerce Inventory visibility & allocation Supplier drop ship programs Order mix UPS services Residential Time in transit Customer visibility Broader Product Catalog Volume analysis Picking speed and accuracy Varying weights, box sizes International Multiple locations, 3PLs Item detail information Carrier options Commercial Invoice and export filing Customs, duties, & taxes Expanding Marketplaces Allotment across channels FBA, consignment Order accuracy and customer ratings Branded pack slips Selling through large retailers Shared visibility Box contents & accuracy Order size Advanced ship notices Compliant labels 6
  • OzLINK for UPS: A Solution for Every Customer Value OzLINK for UPS Custom Integration to any accounting/ERP OzLINK for UPS Pro Customer business rules $99.95 per month Pre-built integration QuickBooks, NetSuite 5 minutes to integrated WorldShip shipping OzLINK for UPS Plus $29.95 per month Excel batch processing Negotiated and list rates Batch shipping with WorldShip OzLINK for UPS $15.95 per month Rating (small package and freight) Address Validation Tracking Free Degree of Integration 7
  • OzLINK Integrates and Automates Order Management Order Management Application Integration eCommerce ERP/ Accounting Application integration eCommerce automation Warehouse extensions Shipping business rules 8
  • OzLINK Custom Integrated with Virtually Any Host CRM/ eCommerce ERP/ Accounting
  • OzLINK Extensions to UPS WorldShip eCommerce Automation Warehouse Extensions Shipping Business Rules Status and tracking updates Branded pack slips UPS service & options Order screening Customized e-mails Time in transit optimization Address validation Combo pack slip UPS label Batch tracking Order routing Packing validation International shipping Note: some capabilities are limited to certain ERP & eCommerce applications 10
  • Options for Integrating eCommerce Channel Centric Order Centric ERP 11
  • Magento, QuickBooks, & UPS WorldShip Orders Orders Costs & Tracking Tracking Royal Oak Peanuts produces a lot of volume through the holidays and, with our growth, OzLINK was critical in helping us keep up the pace.
  • Integrating Groupon and UPS WorldShip Commerce Interface Batch file of orders UPS WorldShip
  • Pre-Ship Address Validation Order Entry Address correction fees Are $10 per error ERP Ready To Fulfill Review pending orders Approval Fulfillment Screens periodically & highlights ambiguous orders Correct and update 14
  • Combo Packing Slip and UPS Label Orders Pick/Pack & Label Ship Confirm
  • OzLINK Custom Facilitates Servicing Customer Channels Branded e-mails to improve customer service and repeat business Branded packing slips For drop ship customers or different brands
  • Time In Transit Optimization Cost Savings Service Upgrade Origin & Ship-To Origin & Ship-To 2 Day Delivery Required Delivery Date Real time time in transit check Real time time in transit check UPS Ground 2nd Day Air Can Save $100s per day UPS Ground 2nd Day Air Avoid customer penalties & chargebacks 17
  • OzLINK Custom Handles Advanced Business Rules Shipment Details Weight, dims Value Commodity Delivery date Origin/Dest Address Consignee Loyalty programs Drop ship Preferred service Residential Urban area PO Box International OzLINK Automate Business Rules Service Ground Next Day Air Mail Innovations Freight etc Shipping Options Return Service Saturday Delivery Intl Commodity etc Package Options Delivery confirmation Flexible parcel ins. Declared value etc.
  • OzLINK Demo Solution Demo 19
  • OzLINK Demo Q &A 20
  • OzLINK for UPS: Helpful Tools Download the free OzLink for UPS free trial Oz Development is now a proud UPS Strategic Alliance partner Keep up to date with both industry and OzLINK product news 508-366-1969
  • OzLINK for UPS: Product Demos Rating Rating Batch Rating Address Validation Shipping Tracking Street Level Batch Shipping Tracking Batch Validate QuickBooks NetSuite MAS 90/200 Batch Tracking