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June 2016 Newsletter for website.pubKenton County Fair: July 1117, 2016 
4H Record Books are due before 5 p.m. on July 1 Prizes awarded via drawing if record books are turned in prior to June 17 and June 24 deadlines. 
Item Checkin:  July 10  Item Pickup:  July 17 
  Ky. State Fair: Aug. 1828, 2016
  4H Summer Adventures & Summer Classes begin June 1st — (Registra on required.)
4 - H C A M P O R I E N TAT I O N
There will be one more camper-parent orientation where you will receive more information about what to expect at 4-H Camp and meet the leaders who will be attending camp. All parents and campers must attend one orientation. The last orientation is Monday, June 20, at the Durr Annex, Dixie Highway, at 6:30 p.m. Call Denise with any questions about 4-H Camp at 356-3155. Class sign-up will be on June 20th and is on a first come basis.
Cooperative Extension Service Kenton County 10990 Marshall Road Covington, KY 41015 (859) 356-3155 Fax: (859) 356-0363
Congratulations to all Kenton County 4-H’ers who were winners at the April 30th Multi-County Communication Event held at Crossroads Elementary in Campbell County. They are now eligible to represent Kenton County at the State Communication Contest on July 9, 2016.
Elizabeth Martin—14 Year Old Speech
Allan Millward—Presentation Software Senior
Dominic Vennemann & Austin Bailey—Team Demo
Again this year, Record Books and cover  sheets are available on the website at as well  as the Kenton County Extension Office  lobby.  Junior books are salmon colored,  senior books are ivory.  The cover sheets  are green and you only need to fill out one  cover sheet. Materials printed with a 2016  in the heading are the most current  version.  Please review the Record Book   Requirements listed below: 
Record Book Requirements In  order  to  enter  projects  at  the  Kenton  County Fair, you must meet  the  following  record book  requirements:   
1)  You must submit the correct record  book for  each project. (This includes  shows/ac vi es.)     
2) All record books must be logged in by a secretary, agent or record book    
commi ee volunteer before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 1, 2016. As always, record books will be accepted during office hours in the weeks prior to the deadline.   
3) Your record book must score 7 or  more points.   
4) You must include a project  achievement story.  Reminder:  the  stories must be the child’s original  work.    5) Record books are on the website  at:
Please address any ques ons or concerns  to Mary Averbeck.                                                                                                                       
Record Book Workshop An instruc onal session is planned  for anyone needing assistance in 
comple ng record books.    
June 24, 2016; 1:00 3:00 pm Durr Annex, Dixie Highway 
(KMart Plaza) 
A junior and senior champion will be selected for each
record book category.
4-H Record Books Due
before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 1, 2016 It’s time again to get started on your record books! 4-H project work has a greater impact on skills and learning when culminated with a record book. You must fill out one record book to enter the categories listed under each bold heading. All record books are due at the Durr Extension Center, Taylor Mill Road, or Durr Annex, Dixie Highway, before 5:00 pm on July 1.
Market Animals Hog Lamb Steer
Foods Breads Country Ham General Foods Food preservation Trends/Traditions Foods
Science Electric Energy Entomology Forestry Geology Honey Weather Wood Science
Companion Animals Cat Dog Horse Poultry Rabbit
Production Animals Dairy Cattle Goat Production Beef Production Sheep Production Swine
Arts/Miscellaneous Arts & Crafts Cake Decorating Communication & Leadership Fine Arts Miscellaneous Photography Trends/Traditions
Gardening Crops Flowers Horticulture/Plant Science Large Vegetables Tobacco Vegetables
Home Economics Sewing Consumer & Financial Ed. Needlework Crochet Embroidery Knitting Lacework - Tatting Needlepoint Quilting Home Environment Trends & Traditions Sewing County Only Sewing
Early Bird Record Book Entry Prize Announcement
2016 Record Books are due Friday,  July 1.  There will be an “earlyearly”  bird drawing for books submi ed by  5:00 PM on June 17 and an “early”  bird drawing for books submi ed by  June 24.  One  cket per Record  Book.  Mul ple prizes will be  awarded including 4H tshirts and  other fun 4H items. 
Spring Showcase a HUGE Success
For over 100 years, 4H has promoted  “Learning by Doing.”  Youth skills like  sewing, dessert making, planning,  leadership, communica on and  teamwork were all evident in this  event.  Congratula ons to all  par cipants.   
Burns, Michaela Dukes, Simon Fuerst,  Bradley Huelsman, Chelsea Lowe,  Jayden Lowe, Caitlin Ro , Logan  Whitehead, Rebecca Williams, and  Abigail Williams.  Rachel Millward and  Allan Millward were the emcees for  the evening.   
In the spotlight were the  sewing  par cipants.  They modeled their  garments or nonclothing items.  Those  par cipa ng from Kenton County  were:  Josie Baine,  Isabella Eubank, Ann Marie Fuerst,  Terrin Granstaff, Lydia Hinman, Celeste  Roberts Phoebe Roberts, Mary Wall,  Madeline Hinman, Kirin Granstaff,  Madison Genslinger, Jessy Zimmer,  Aurdry Hinman, Hannah McDaniel,  Samantha Osborne, Jacqueline Fiore,  Amanda Osborne, and Lura Bentley.     
Special thanks to:
Sharon Forton of The Syndicate, Ernie Redmond for the music, the Byrd family for coordina ng the
raffle, and our photographer, Joe Fuerst.
The tenth annual Kenton County    4H  Spring Showcase was held at The  Newport Syndicate on May 26, 2016.   Nearly 170 people enjoyed a wonderful  meal and witnessed the many talents of  several of our Kenton County 4H’ers.   
Kendall Burns, Mackenzie Burns,  Danielle Byrd, Michaela Dukes, Emma  Eskridge, Allan Millward, Rachel  Millward, Mackenzie Myers and Tabitha  Thomson did an excellent job as the  planning commi ee.       
The Dessert Commi ee: Mackenzie  Burns, Danielle Byrd, Annemarie Fuerst,  Simon Fuerst, Susan Fuerst, Allan  Millward, Rachel Millward, Mackenzie  Myers, Alexis Rapp, Caitlin Ro  and Katy  Fuerst did a fantas c job.  We  appreciate their  me and dedica on.  4H’ers greeted guests, waited and  bused tables. Servers were: Kendall 
uring project registration, projects are grouped into categories. After judging is completed, club leaders are then encouraged to make a display of their 4-H’ers projects and of the club as a whole. These can be set up from noon to 5 p.m. on Monday, July 11, 2016. Contact Trevia Cooke for a space for your club at The best club display is awarded a plaque at the Recognition Banquet in recognition of their hard work. This year's theme is “The Four Seasons of 4-H”.
Week of July 11-16 4-H Council will be having a Fund-Raising Auction at the Kenton County Fair. The success of this endeavor depends on YOU!
Items are needed for the auction. We are asking each 4-H Club to donate a themed basket to be auctioned. Also, if any individual or business would like to donate items, 4-H volunteers will assemble additional baskets.
Please call the extension office if you need a list of possible items that can be donated.
2016 4-H/FFA Tractor Contest July 21; 9:00 a.m. Pendleton Co. Fairgrounds
Verbal Preregistra on will be required by July 5. 
Call Diane to be placed on no fica on list. 
Classroom Instruc on and Quiz are mandatory for Contest Par cipa on
  10:00 a.m.  Contest       
Other Informa on:
1.  All drivers must wear boots or laceup shoes and long pants. 
2.  Lawn & large tractor drivers must have previous driving  experience. 
3.  Drivers must be able to reach all pedals and engage all safe ty equipment. 
4.  Drivers must have enough body mass to engage and        depress all levers and safety equipment. 
5.  Unsafe drivers determined by judges, county extension  agents and voca onal agriculture teacher(s) will be excused  from contest. 
If your club would like to have a display area in the 4H Building at the Kenton County fair this year please contact Trevia Cooke
immediately at: Thanks!
Recognition of all our 4-H members’ accomplishments is an important aspect of the 4-H Recognition Banquet. 4-H’ers who have received a county, area, district, state or national 4-H award are asked to submit items for which he/she would like to be recognized. Please submit written (e-mail is fine) your name, the name of the 4-H event, and the award received. Lists are used by the Banquet Committee to provide recognition. All lists are due by Thursday, September 1st at 4:30 p.m., to the Durr Extension Office.
Example List:
Sally Doe *2016 State Communications; 12 yr old speech, blue. *2016 District III 4-H Horse Show—Showmanship II, blue and champion
4 - H R E C O G N I T I O N P O I N T S L O G S Y S T E M
S e p t e m b e r 1 , 2 0 1 6 D e a d l i n e
The Kenton County 4-H Recognition Points Log is a system for each 4-H’er to record everything they have done throughout the program year. A designated number of points is awarded for a variety of activities. These logs are used to determine the outstanding boy and girl award that is presented each year at the 4-H Recognition Banquet. They are also helpful when applying for 4-H Honors. The 4-H Recognition Points Logs are available at the Extension Office in the foyer next to the record books.
Recognition Points Logs for the 2015-2016 year will cover from September 1, 2015, through August 31, 2016, All Recognition Points Logs are due to the Extension Office by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 1st, 2016
Cloverbuds will not meet during the  summer.  Program will start again in   September 2016.  If you would like  to be on the Cloverbuds  mailing list  please contact Denise Donahue at: or by calling:  (859) 3563155. 
Shooting Sports Club
If you have ques ons or concerns please  contact Denise Donahue. 
Requires Arts/Miscellaneous Record Book.
There is a limit of one entry per class. (Each number is a class.) Entries must meet the following guidelines. These categories are subject to change each year. Due to the large number of added classes, “other” was dropped in 2014. 4M1 Collec on of ItemsLabeled and list the collec on parts on  a piece of paper or index card. Tell what makes this collec on  special.  4M2 ModelsModels can be snapped together or glued  together. They may be made of wood or plas c.  4M3 Popsicle S ck Cra Any one item made mostly of cra   s cks. The item can be natural, made of colored s cks or  painted.  4M4 Recycled Cra Any item made of recycled materials.  4M5 Plas c Cra Any item made from plas c.  4M6 JewelryAny handcra ed earrings, necklace, bracelet or  set.  4M7 Metal Cra Any item made of metal.  4M8 Save Our EnvironmentPoster, report or display depic ng  an environmental theme.  4M9 Duct TapeAny item made primarily with duct tape, like a  personalized item.  4M10 Babysi ng, PosterShow any child care or safety  p  related to babysi ng.  4M11 Model Rockets  4M12 Holiday Cra Any item with a holiday theme.  4M13 Scrapbook or JournalA scrapbook should be on acidfree,  ligninfree paper with photo safe adhesives. White glue and  scotch tape are not acceptable.  4M 14 Container Artrepurpose a recycled container into a piece  of art.  Jar art, plas c container, old shoe box, etc.  4M15 Bo le Cap Art  4M16 Old Picture Frame Artrepurpose an old picture frame by  using items like shells, old broken jewelry, flowers, etc.  4M17 Zendoodling or Zentangles Art  4M18 Item made with bu ons  4M19 Item made with drinking straws  4M20 Yard ornament made with repurposed item(s)    4M21 Folk Art, may include  n punch, candles or handmade  heritage toys.  4M22 Nature Cra , any item made of natural materials, except  wreaths  4M23 Bead Cra Any item constructed of beads. 
Our county fair projects will be aligned with the State Fair projects. Please consult the State Fair web site at h p:// for the 2016 4H Youth Development projects and specific requirements. You may also consult the Kenton County 4H website at for eligible 4H projects and a brief descrip on of project requirements. In addi on, Kenton County has the below categories which are “county only” that cannot be exhibited at the State Fair.
Kenton County Fair 2016 County Only Categories For Ages 9-18:
The following categories will be judged at the Kenton County Fair but are not eligible to advance to the Kentucky State Fair.
4M24 Paper Cra This can include making paper, marbleizing  paper, or origami.  4M25 Ribbon Cra Any item made predominantly with ribbon.  4M26 Print MakingThis can include any type of prin ng sponge,  block, etc.  4M27 Handcra ed SoapThree bars or three pieces of decora ve  soap that have been hand poured or molded. Soap must be  wrapped in seethrough material.  4M28 Small EnginesPoster, report/display related to small  engines.  4M29 Decorated Tee ShirtAny of the following techniques may be  used:   e dye, paint, appliqué, beading.  4M30 Simple cloth item with no machine s tchingExample:   Kno ed fleece blanket  4M31 Fashion Accessoryrepurpose and embellish any old  accessory or jewelry piece   4M32 Mosaicrepurpose old item with  le and/or glass to create  new item  4M33 Accessorize Stuffed Animaluse lace/fabric/jewelry to make  old stuffed animal come to life  4M34 Shadow Boxuse old box to create diorama from your  favorite movie or book  4M35 Poster8 1/2" X 11" card stock paper (see catalog for theme)  
4H PIGGY BANK (county only) Requires 4H Arts/Miscellaneous Record Book. There is a limit of one entry per class.   Jr. 4H Piggy Bank                         Sr. 4H Piggy Bank    
4H Sewing (Kenton County Only) **The following classes have been added to this division in 2012, but are Kenton County only classes. 4H Home Economics record book required.
4Se14 Machine S tched and Stuffed ItemAny 3D item which  contains fiberfil.  4Se15 Machine S tched Bag without FastenersA tote bag lacking  bu ons, zippers, Velcro or drawstring.  4Se16 Machine s tched bag with at least one fastener, such as  drawstring, bu on, zipper or Velcro.  4Se17 Machine S tched Holiday ItemAny item created on a  sewing machine with a holiday theme.  4Se18 Machine Quilted ItemAny item pieced or quilted by  machine.  4Se19 Hands tched ItemAny item constructed with hand  s tching.  4Se20 Machine AppliqueAny item with an applique s tched by  machine.  4Se21 Pillowcase, Machine sewn  4Se22 Other Sewing 
Division 6042 - Kentucky 4-H Trends & Traditions *see general rules applying to all 4-H exhibitors and general rules applying to 4-H exhibits listed previously in the State Catalog.
UPCYCLING PROJECT Upcycling is taking something that you are throwing away and making into  something that maintains or improves the quality of the materials.   Examples:  There are coin purses made from sweaters, earrings cut out of  vinyl records and an old travel case made into a clock.  The designs will be  judged on quality, use and crea vity.  Entries are limited to one entry per  class per county.   
1050 Junior Upcycling Project  1051 Senior Upcycling Project     
4H CAKE & CUPCAKE DECORATING Cake Decora ng 1. 4Her may complete either Food or Arts/Misc Record Book for  project. 2. Entry consists of a decorated (Styrofoam) cake. 3. Styrofoam MUST be the base for the decora ng.  Real cakes will NOT  be accepted. 4. Judging is based on decora on only not taste.  5. Exhibit is not limited to a color or design. 6. Refrigera on will NOT be provided. 7. Exhibit must be limited in size to not taller than 24" and no more  than 1/2 sheet board. 8. Cakes may be returned based on the condi on at the end of the fair 9. 4H iden fica on cards must be a ached to bo om right hand  corner of sheet board. 1060 Junior 4H Cake Decora ng (Cake must include the 4H      Clover either in design or decora on)  1061 Senior 4H Cake Decora ng (Cake must include the 4H      Clover either in design or decora on)  1062 Junior General Cake Decora ng  1063 Senior General Cake Decora ng   
Cupcake Decora ng 1.  4Her may complete either Food or Arts/Misc Record Book for this  project.  2.  Entry consists of a decorated (Styrofoam) cake.  3.  Styrofoam MUST be the base for the decora ng.  Real cakes will NOT  be accepted.  4.  Judging is based on decora on only not taste.  5.  Exhibit is not limited to a color or design.  6.  Refrigera on will NOT be provided.  7.  Exhibit must be limited to two cupcakes.  8.  Cakes may be returned based on the condi on at the end of the fair.  9.  4H iden fica on cards must be a ached to bo om right hand  corner of sheet board.    1070 Junior 4H Cup Cake Decora ng  1071 Senior 4H Cup Cake Decora ng  1072 Junior 4H Cup Cake Decora ng  1073 Senior 4H Cup Cake Decora ng 
All projects other than 4H Cake and Cupcake Decora ng Require 4H Arts/Miscellaneous Record book.
4H Cake and Cupcake Decora ng require Food or Arts/ Miscellaneous Record Book
A county is limited to one entry per class.  A member may enter  up to 3 classes within the 4H Trends Divison.  (This means: a  member’s name could appear in the same level up to 3  mes  on the county’s Clover Division invoice sheet.) 
All items must have been made since last State Fair.  See General Rules applying to all 4H exhibitors and general 
rules applying to all 4H exhibits other than livestock.  Each exhibit must be properly labeled.  Place ID tag (4LO11SO) 
in the most visible place on the exhibit, preferably on the lower  righthand corner.  Labels may be securely taped, a ached with  a rubber band through a hole in the corner or safety pinned  (fabric items).  To insure that all parts of the exhibit make it  back to the county, "hide" a small label (with a minimum of the  county name) on EVERY part that might  become separated  from others.  These should not be visible to the public when  displayed. 
All photography classes with one photograph must be mounted  on 10"X16" MAT BOARDavailable via order entry (no poster  board or foam core board accepted).  Single photographs are  limited to up to a maximum size of 8"X12". 
Each picture must be mounted securely.  Rubber cement or dry  moun ng  ssue is recommended.  Do not use photo moun ng  corners. 
All entries must follow the specifica ons and rules listed in their  class in order to be named champion. 
Junior division includes ages 913; Senior division includes ages  1418. 
CLOVER PHOTOGRAPHY 1.  Exhibit is limited to a single photograph.  2.  Subject of photograph must include 4leaf clover.  (Photographs 
of 3leaf clovers will NOT be accepted.)  3.  4leaf clover may be real or created.  4.  Photograph may be color or black and white.  5.  Follow all moun ng rules described in the Cloverville Photo. div.  6.  Maximum photograph size 8"X12"  7. The 4H iden fica on tag should be located in the bo om right 
hand corner. 1010 Junior Clover Photograph  1011 Senior Clover Photograph 
RECORDING HISTORY 1.  Judging criteria will be based on implementa on of the 4H 
theme, 4H historical content, poster design (le ering,  a rac veness, how well it conveys the message), as well as the  effec veness of the poster to promote 4H. 
2.  Exhibit must be completed on a standard full size foam core  board. 
3.  Posters may not include items or embellishments that make the  poster 3dimensional. 
4.  Any  use of the 4H Clover must adhere to the standards and  guidelines of the registered 4H clover 
5.  Any color foam core board is acceptable. 
1040 Junior Historical 4H Poster  1041 Senior Historical 4H Poster   
Exhibition Classes for 2016
1. Tomato-any variety, plate of 3 large or 6 cherry 2. Cucumber-plate of 3 3. Beans-plate of 12 4. Corn-any variety, plate of 3 5. Vegetable Plant-grown in container 6. Flowers-1 bloom, any variety in small bottle with water 7. Sunflower-1 head, does not need to be mature 8. Houseplant or Hanging Basket 9. Forestry-5 leaves; pressed, mounted, and labeled with common name, where found, and date found 10. Jewelry- necklace or bracelet 11. Geology-10 rocks or fossils; mounted and labeled with name of rock 12. Wood Science-any wood item sanded 13. Photography-2 photos, any subject, mounted on 8 X 10 mounting or poster board 14. Foods-plate of 5 cookies, any type 15. Knitting/Crocheting/Needlepoint/Cross-stitch Crewel-1 item  
16. T-shirts-decorated 17. Weaving-1 item 18. Leather Craft-1 item 19. Folk Art-1 painted item 20. Nature Craft-1 item 21. Ceramics-1 piece, stained or glazed 22. Drawing-pen, pencil, crayon, markers, chalk, charcoal 23. Painting-watercolor, oil, acrylic 24. Home Environment-any 1 item made for the home 25. Model-1 item, age appropriate 26. Popsicle Stick Craft-1 item 27. Holiday Craft-1 decoration, any materials 28. Recycled Craft-1 item 29. Electric-1 item 30. Papercraft-1 item 31. Miscellaneous-1 item that does not fit into any other class (no vegetables, no flowers, no animals)
For Youth Under the Age of 9
C O U N T Y F A I R 4 - H M E M B E R P A S S E S A v a i l a b l e a t E x t e n s i o n O f f i c e
Each year the fair board allows us to distribute discount passes for entrance into the Kenton County Fair to 4-H members for $2.00 each. There is a limit of 6 passes per enrolled 4-H’er. These passes do not include rides and are for 4-H youth only and not siblings or parents. They will be available beginning Monday, June 20, 2016, at the Durr Extension Office on Taylor Mill Road between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, until Thursday, July 14. They will also be available Sunday, July 10, at the 4-H Registration Booth at the Kenton County Fairgrounds. Checks or correct change are requested.
G O T T A P R O J E C T W I T H F L A I R ?
B r i n g i t t o t h e F a i r !
Do you have questions about entering your 4-H Projects in the Kenton County Fair? Call the extension office for your copy of “Gotta Project With Flair? Bring it to the Fair!” or stop in and pick one up.
C O U N T Y F A I R E X H I B I T S F a i r C h e c k - i n i s J u l y 1 0
Be working on those exhibits for the Kenton County Fair! The 4-H Building will be open on Sunday, July 10th from 1-3 p.m. to enter your exhibits. Make sure you have your tags and exhibitor number. Kenton County Fair registration/exhibitor numbers will be available Monday, June 13. Call the Extension Office at 356-3155 to get yours.
Upcoming Livestock Events:
If you would like to visit the web site ( it will also give dates and events, go to Programs, then click Show & Fair Promotion.
The following are June livestock events: June 4: Harrodsburg District Dairy Show; Mercer County Fairgrounds, Harrodsburg
June 4: Top of Kentucky District Lamb Show, Pendleton County Fairgrounds, Falmouth
June 4: Rough River District Swine Show, Breckinridge County Fairgrounds, Hardinsburg
June 6: Central Kentucky District Goat Show, Boyle County Fairgrounds, Danville
June 8: West Kentucky District Swine Show, Muhlenberg Co. Agricultural Center, Powderly
June 9: Two Rivers District Goat Show; Muhlenberg County; Powderly
June 10: Central Kentucky District Swine Show; Bourbon County Fairgrounds, Paris
June 11: Kentucky Junior Breeding/Market Goat Show, Mercer County Fairgrounds, Harrodsburg
June 13-14: Kentucky Junior Livestock Expo East; Derrickson Ag Complex, Morehead
June 18: Central Kentucky District Youth Beef Show; Clark County Fairgrounds, Winchester
June 24-25: Western Rivers Kentucky Jr Livestock Expo; William Bill Cherry Ag/Expo Center; Murray
Livestock Sale Buyer Information Delivered
This is a reminder that entries for State Fair are due July 10th—this is a  Sunday so plan to sign and send by an earlier date. Remember to get your  paperwork signed early.  Please feel free to request or make copies at the  Kenton County Extension Office to get your paperwork finished.  No late entries will be accepted in the 4H Youth Livestock or Novice Shows.   Remember to request exhibitor’s  ckets.  You must have a  cket each  me  you enter the State Fairgrounds.  Late entries are not accepted by the State  Fair.  Your entry must be postmarked by July 9.  Remember the post office  closes earlier on Saturday.   
State Fair entry forms and species rules for State Fair livestock shows were  provided on Farm visits and can be mailed  to 4H members who request them.  All  forms must be signed by an Extension  Agent.  Please make arrangements to  complete your form so it can be signed  early.  Please call 3563155, if Diane can  provide addi onal assistance. 
State Fair Livestock Entry Deadline
Buyer informa on has been  delivered to par cipa ng 4H  members.  Please make every 
effort to contact your  assigned buyers and  encourage them to  par cipate.  All buyer 
informa on must be returned  to the Kenton County 
Extension Office by June 20th.   If you find a new buyer who  was not on your list please  contact Diane and ask if 
anyone else was assigned that  buyer. 
Entry Deadline July 9
KENTON COUNTY 4-H CALENDAR June 1 Livestock Breeding Animal Forms Due Kenton County Extension Office; 4:00 p.m.
June 1-3 Geology Day Camp; 10 a.m.—2 p.m.; Durr Center, Marshall Road (Registration Required)
June 3-5 District 3 Horse Show; Lakeside Arena
June 4 District Lamb Show; 8:00 a.m.; Pendleton County
June 5-10 Saddle Up 4-H Horse Camp; (Registration Required)
June 7 Choice Salsa; 10 a.m.—12 (noon); Durr Center, Marshall Road (Registration Required)
June 7 Moist Specialty Cake; 12:30-2:30 p.m.; Durr Center Marshall Road (Registration Required)
June 7 Fair Board Meeting; 7:30 p.m.; Durr Center, Marshall Road
June 7-9 Photography Class; 1:00-3:00 p.m.; Durr Annex, Dixie Highway (Registration Required)
June 10 District Hog Show; 8:00 a.m.; Bourbon County
June 11 4-H Homecoming; E. S. Good Barn; Lexington (Registration Required)
June 13 Cloverbud Fair Projects; 1:00-3:00 p.m.; Durr Annex, Dixie Highway (Registration Required)
June 14-16 Birds, Bugs, Bees; 10 a.m.—12 (noon); Durr Center, Marshall Road (Registration Required)
June 16 Purrfect Buddies; 6:00 p.m.; Durr Center, Marshall Road
June 17 Poultry Club; 4:30 p.m.; Durr Center, Marshall Road
June 21 Landscape Painting; 10 a.m.—12 (noon); Durr Center, Marshall Road (Registration Required)
June 21-22 State Livestock Judging; Richmond
June 21-23 Quilt Camp; 10 a.m.—3 p.m.; Durr Annex, Dixie Highway (Registration Required)
June 22 Decoupage: Then & Now; 10 a.m.—12 (noon); Durr Center, Marshall Road (Registration Required)
June 23 Jewelry Making; 10 a.m.—12 (noon); Durr Center, Marshall Road (Registration Required)
June 24 Record Book Writing Workshop; 1:00-3:00 p.m.; Durr Annex, Dixie Highway (Registration Required)
June 28-30 Pillowcase Project; 10 a.m.—2:00 p.m.; Durr Annex, Dixie Highway (Registration Required)
K E N T U C K Y S T A T E F A I R :
A u g u s t 1 8 2 8 , 2 0 1 6
With the state fair only three months away, youth wishing to par cipate in     one of the contests or events should  begin thinking about poten al          projects and coordina ng their par cipa on  with our  Kenton County 4H  Agents. Contest informa on is available on the state 4H Website at  h p:// or through the Kenton County Extension  Office.  A ending  Cloverville during the Kentucky State Fair is a great chance to 
learn about the many opportuni es  available in 4H.  For more informa on about    4H programs,  Cloverville or 4H’s par cipa on in the  Kentucky State Fair, contact the Kenton County Coopera ve  Extension Service at (859)3563155 or you can also visit
June 8 • State Horse Judging
June 9 & 10 • State 4-H Horse Contests/Holiday Inn North, Lexington
July 3-9 • State 4-H Horse Show at Kentucky Fair & Expo Center
Diane Kelley Denise Donahue Mary S. Averbeck Lori Clark Celia Bergman Kenton County Extension Assistants for 4-H Youth Development
Mary Cannon
Kenton County