Important Steps To Build Windows Phone Apps

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Transcript of Important Steps To Build Windows Phone Apps

  1. 1. Important Steps To Build Windows Phone Apps
  2. 2. Planning
  3. 3. Planning Planning is the most important thing when we are going to do something which is new for us. If we are going to develop an application for mobile phone, then it is must that you proper planning for development.
  4. 4. Design
  5. 5. Design Know your customers requirements for mobile phone applications. Build an application according their requirements. To design a good application you must focus on customer experience.
  6. 6. Development
  7. 7. Development As important to design an application for the mobile phone is; so as mobile application development part is! It is coding part of building an application for mobile application.
  8. 8. Test
  9. 9. Test Testing of an application is the most important part of mobile application development. Once the development part of application completed, you must do testing of an application immediately. Otherwise, it will be a big flop of an application.
  10. 10. Promote
  11. 11. Promote Once testing of an application completed and testing is ok then it is the time for promotion of an application. And the most important place of promoting an application is 'social media'. The news on social media blows like water from the sea to shore.
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