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Transcript of Import Magic - Getting Fresh Leads into Act!

* * * ALWAYS backup your database BEFORE attempting database-altering functions! * * *

Import Magic: Getting New Leads into Act!

Todd ViauLori FeldmanWelcome to this advanced presentation on Swiftpage Strategies on Web Forms and Landing Pages (Swiftpage is also known as Sage e-Marketing).

Im Lori Feldman, President of Aviva LLC and The Database Diva. which was recently named the Top Swiftpage Reseller in the world. We help transform websites into list-building tools that generate leads and convert prospects to paying clients.

As we announced several weeks ago, Swiftpage is buying ACT from Sage Software and the transaction will close at the end of this month. We are very excited about the future of both products as a result, and we created these Clinics to help you get more out of your Swiftpage subscription. This year we are holding 1 Advanced Clinic per month and next months topic will be on following up on your e-marketing with Swiftpage Call Lists.

OK, heres how it works:

Todays presentation is being recorded. You will automatically receive a copy plus our list of resources well be talking about.

On your screen you should see the meeting panel, which has a place for you to enter your questions. Ill be monitoring questions as we go and well save time for Q&A at the end.

We want to keep this session to 60 minutes, as promised. So at the end, Ill let you know when our times up, and well officially end the meeting. However, if you still have questions, well stay on a bit longer, and that will be part of the recording if you need to jump off.

OK, let me introduce Todd who will be presenting our Swiftpage TUT in just a bit

12/11/2013Advanced SPE StrategiesAgendaGet the Cheat Sheet Here: LeadsExcel FilesOutlook/Gmail Address BookAccounting RecordsAct! Database to Act! DatabaseLinkedInNew Leads from Digital SourcesImport Guidelines

* * * ALWAYS backup your database BEFORE attempting database-altering functions! * * *Mention steps for doing a backup3Website Leads into ACTNext webinar on Lead Capture is Monday, Dec. 15 to learn how to set up a form on your website.

But heres how to get the leads into Act once theyre submitted4

Showing how to set up a group for leads and see leads in a customized column view7Importing Excel files (.XLS, .XLSX, .TXT, .CSV)DEMO8Outlook Address BookDEMO9Gmail ContactsDEMO10Accounting RecordsNEXT SLIDE for SCREENSHOTS11

Act! Add-On for QuickBooks:ACT Database to ACT DatabaseDEMO15LinkedIn ContactsNEXT SLIDE16 New Digital LeadsDEMO18General Import Guidelines NEXT SCREEN19

Think through the duplicate issue you may be creating with importing

Set the duplicate checking accordingly: Tools > Preferences > Admin > Duplicate Checking

Duplicate records must be identical or ACT wont match them

For best results, use the Duplicate Remover Wizard Expert Act! Add-On

Vary the match criteria in Tools > Preferences > Duplicate Checking to find more possible duplicates

Decide how to handle dupes: Dont import, Merge or Override with new data

Blank Company or Contact records may show as duplicate records

For more complex duplicate elimination, you may need ACT add-on software

If you realize youve totally screwed up an import, Lookup Create Data = Today, then delete the lookup and start over.

If your mistake is beyond hope, restore a previous back up

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