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  • 1. Impact ofGlobalizationPresented by:Muhammad SalahuddinResearcherInstitute of Education & ResearchUniversity of

2. Impact of Globalization?Positives Impact Negatives Impacts 3. Positive Impact of globalization 4. IndustrialIncrease large number ofcustomers.Increase large number ofIndustryNew natural resourceIncreasing production &Income 5. FinancialGlobalization has openedthe way to procureexternal financingopportunities to theborrowers. Such as--> Outsourcing-> Twin job-> Part-time job 6. EconomicThe freedom of exchangeof goods and capitalsIncrease Banking sectorExport-Import Business Providing jobs in LEDCsand help developeconomy 7. High LivelihoodGDP IncreasePer Capita IncomeIncreaseUnemployment isReducedEducation has Increase 8. Open MarketNew marketMarket accessCompetitionNew productEarning Capital 9. Technology:ComputerLaptopInternetSubmarineWi-FiMobile 10. Global Culture:SharingInter cultural CompetitionInter cultural conferenceCultural diversity Promoted travels andtourism to understand eachother 11. Global Politics:United States has comeup with the supremepower in the era ofglobalizationThe recent decade thePeoples Republic ofChina has skilled withgreat economic growth.Democracy 12. Global EducationEducational TechnologyTeaching learning processCurriculumScholarshipInternational FinanceTeaching Aid 13. Media globalizationInformationPresent situationNews & entertainmentConsciousnessSuch as-BBC Sky NewsCNN TimesNDTVSinhuyaNew work times 14. Women EmpowermentConsciousnessSocial awarenessRules & RegulationWomen in Every sector 15. Global TransportAircraftShipElectric TrainBUSCar (BMW, TOYOTA) 16. New Rules & Regulation: the guidelines are laiddown for any kind of legal issues; internationalcriminal court andinternational justicemovements 17. Health & NutritionBest medicineBest TreatmentModern technologyNutritionInformation 18. Negative Impact of globalization 19. Loss of Local Culture:Global (Western) culturedominate the local cultureCreation of homogenousculture across the worldSpread of pop culture anderosion or loss of localcultureNegative influence ofyouthEnforced beliefs 20. Economic : discrimination unemployment Child labour Social crisis Income expending Unbridle Capita 21. Political:Attack on DemocraticInstable changeAttack on runningGovernment 22. Environment Pollution:Water pollutionAir pollutionSound pollutionSoil pollutionNatural deserter 23. Deforestation Rainforests cut tomake way fordevelopment such as industries, agriculture,housing, forestry, cattleranches 24. Global warmingBrick field IndustrializationCFC 25. Commodity Imperialism:Coca ColaPEPSISamsungNokiaKFCDellAppleBata 26. Traditional Medicine Herbal medicine Side effect High Cost 27. Movie:Dijuce LanguageImmoral PictureBangle Culture AbsentLack of National Spirit 28. Advertising: Product nothing but women main.Such as- Cream Body spray TV/ Freeze Mobile Car 29. Culture: Language- the most popular language is English.About 35% of the worldsmail, telexes, and cables arein English.Approximately 40% of theworlds radio programs are inEnglish.About 50% of all Internettraffic uses English. Music 30. Technology:MobileInternetCDDVDBluetoothComputer 31. Agriculture:HybridizationFormalinUse Comical fertilizerUrbanizationUse PesticideTechnology 32. Education:Brain DrawnCommercializationCorruptionUnethical Presser group(Development country,Geo-politics, International& National NGO) 33. Transport:PollutionLocal transportGlobal aggression 34. Drag addiction: Smuggling Trafficking 35. Global Terrorism: 36. Virus:HIVSwine flueBird FlueAnthrax 37. Media Imperialism:NewsEntertainmentMovieSportsGameGeographic 38. Pornography:TechnologicalElectric & PrintedVersionjournal & Magazine 56 Billion dollar globaltrade 39. ?THANKS