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If you are seeking immigration for any objective to a foreign country you can get in touch with one of the renowned Immigration Consultant In Pune. It is always convenient to hire services of migration specialist as visa obtaining formalities have numerous steps.

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  • Contact Us Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. 246 Sohrab Hall Tadiwale RoadPune - 411 001Ph No: +91-20-4126-6662 / 4126-6664 Email:

  • Immigration visa from PuneAbout Us

    Historical city of Pune or Queen of Deccan has never been out of limelight in Indian context from the days of being seat of power under peshwas. It is said to have existed in 9th century A.D. Pune is located 1942 ft above sea level on Deccan plateau on Mula and Mutah rivers. It is the seventh largest metropolitan in India and second largest in maharasthra after Mumbai. The climate here remains pleasant throughout the year with an average temperatures remaining within range of 30-31 degrees Celsius. Read More

  • Immigration visa from PuneSkilled Migrant visa

    There have been substantial changes in the skilled migration laws across all major immigration locations. Under present conditions a great variation is being experienced in migration programs across the globe owing to some countries experiencing a slow down while others staying stable and some actually bouncing back in business.

    Australia has been one of the highlights this year as it opened up doors to trained personnel with skills in critical shortage. Whole Aussie skilled migration concept revolves around SOL and CSOL..

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  • Immigration visa from PuneBusiness and Investors Visa

    Countries across the globe have positively appreciated the importance of foreign funds and business expertise in the local economies. Several countries are offering several incentives and inducements for immigrants entering country on basis of investment and business establishment.

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  • Immigration visa from PunePermanent Residence Visa

    A permanent residency status in a country offers a lot of facilities and benefits to a migrant that can only be otherwise enjoyed by citizens. It also offers an unrestricted access to right to travel in and of country and reside anywhere. Certain countries also permit permanent residents access to social security and health care net. Permanent residency status process and procedures differ greatly in different destinations. In some countries PRs are issued by virtue of acceptance of entry application whereas in some countries like Lithuania and Latvia there is a system of issuing extendable TRPs. Read More

  • Immigration visa from PuneVisit visa

    As the globe becomes a global village and number of migrants shifting to other countries there has been a spurt in the immigrants travel to other countries with objective of tourism, leisure, family visits, informal studies and business etc. every country has a relevant law catering to the need of travelers entering country for a short tenure and non economic objectives.

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