Imagine Cup 2012 Kuwait Roadshow

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What Are You Waiting For? The world's toughest problems will be addressed one solution at a time. But who will lead the change? Compete in the Imagine Cup student technology competition and you'll join thousands of students from around the world who are stepping up to the challenge of global change. It all starts with you. For Imagine Cup 2012, we ask you to imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems. Ready to get started?

Transcript of Imagine Cup 2012 Kuwait Roadshow

  • 1.IMAGINE CUP 2012Kuwait 2012 Roadshow

2. MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP The Imagine Cup is the worlds premier student technologycompetition. Students between 16 26 years old, university and highschools. Every year the Imagine Cup invites students to meet a challengearound a social cause. The current Imagine Cup competition theme isImagine a world where technology helps solve the toughestproblems. In 2011, more than 350,000 of the worlds most influential studentsfrom over 180 countries/regions registered for the Imagine Cup.I wish there had been an Imagine Cup when I was growing up.It gets people involved in seeing that software is changing the world.- Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation 3. HISTORYIt started as a local competition in Spain... And quickly became theglobal Imagine Cup we know today! 2003: Barcelona, Spain # of Student Registrants 2004: So Paulo, Brazil 400000 2005: Yokohama, Japan 350000300000 2006: Delhi, India250000 2007: Seoul, South Korea2000002008: Paris, France150000 100000 2009: Cairo, Egypt 50000 2010: Warsaw, Poland0 2011: New York City, United States 2012: Sydney, Australia 4. IMAGINE CUP IN GULF Students from around the Gulfput their minds, creativity, skillsand efforts together to solve theworlds toughest problems. Over 2,500 student registrationsin Imagine Cup Gulf 2011(Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, UAE) Local Mobile Competition Over 80 news stories inprint, online & TV 4 teams in Gulf advanced to theWorldwide finals in New York (1Kuwait, 2 Oman & 1 UAE)In the year 2012, Imagine Cuplaunches for the first time inKuwait! 5. 2012 GLOBAL THEMEImagine a world where technology helps solve the worlds toughest problemsStudents are encouraged to be inspired by the UnitedNations Millennium Development goals Eradicate hunger Achieve universal education Promote Gender equality Reduce child mortality Improve material health Combat HIV/Aids Ensure environmental sustainability Develop a global partnership for development 6. 2012 COMPETITIONSSoftware Design Game Design (Phone, Xbox/Windows)Plus additional technology challengesAzureIT ChallengeWindows Phone one theme Imagine a world where technology helps solve the worlds toughestproblems 7. IMAGINE CUP 2012 COMPETITIONS Software DesignThis is for the best programmers, thinkers and solution builders togo after the really tough problems. Students will create innovativesoftware and service solutions that unleash the power of technologyto benefit your area orthe entire planet. Game DesignGame Design is where art and science come together through twotrack options: Windows / Xbox and Phone. Through the ImagineCup, students can learn and advance toward a career as a gamedeveloper or entrepreneur. 8. PROCESS TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS FOR SOFTWARE DESIGN1. Download proposal template from our website www.imaginecupgulf.com2. Complete the 3-4 page proposal, outlining the problem identified, proposed solution, business viability and technical architecture3. Create a 15 minute video walking through the team project4. Submit both elements (proposal and video) in a single .zip file online at by the set deadline5. Top teams are invited to compete in Kuwait country finals6. First place winning team will represent Kuwait at the worldwide finals in Sydney, Australia 9. PROCESS TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS FOR GLOBAL GAME DESIGNThis category has 4 rounds:1. Storyboard/Summary Submission Complete Summary document or Game Storyboard documents, downloaded from the worldwide website ( Game Submission3. Worldwide Finals Qualifying4. Worldwide Finals 10. TIMELINE 11. IMAGINE CUP 2012 KUWAIT ACTIVITIES Activity Timeline Faculty Roundtable January at Microsoft offices in Kuwait Imagine Cup Roadshow at main 2th - 26th January 2012 University campuses Student DevCamps Feb - March Imagine Cup shortlisting event 5th - 7th March Imagine Cup local finals 12th April 2012 Imagine Cup Global finalsJuly 12. KUWAIT ROADSHOW 2012 University NameGulf University for Science and Technology Kuwait University College of Computer ScienceKuwait University College of EngineeringKuwait University College for Business AdministrationPAAETAmerican University in Kuwait Box Hill CollegeArab Open University Australian College in KuwaitAmerican University in Middle East 13. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Flickr: Links: 14. CONTACTFor any questions