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Predicting Strategy

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2. The Objective of Learning: After accomplishing this session, everystudents is expected to be able to usepredicting strategy to assist them incomprehending authentic material (theJakarta Post) deeply, systematically, andcomprehensively. 3. Some Reading Comprehension Strategies are as follows:ReadingComprehensionStrategiesConnectinActivatingBackgroundKnowledgegQuestioningSettingPurposePredictingDeterminingImportanceDrawingInferenceVisualizingHarvey and Goudvis (2007:8) 4. What is Prediction?According to Duke and Pearson (2002:10) prediction can be defined as an educatedguess, idea, calculation or estimate of what might happen in the future.Why readers should predict? Predicting allows readers to think ahead before reading. Predicting gets readers to think about the main idea ormajor events that may occur throughout the text andmonitor their comprehension. Predicting also makes readers become more engagedand fun. 5. When is making prediction done?MakingPredictionBefore ReadingSurvey: Look at the title, image, clues, graph, key vocabulariesConnect to your prior knowledge and previous experiencesPropose some questions, set your purpose of reading, andmake your own predictionsDuring ReadingThink about what you have already readIdentifying key ideas, characters, tone, and majors events orplot that have already occurredMonitor your understanding of textAfter ReadingLook back and recheck to make sure your prediction wasaccurateSummarize and visualize (create a picture in your mind) whatyou have readKeene and Zimmermann (2007:88) Discuss and share with your partners 6. LetsPracticePredicting! 7. Who am I?I fly in the sky.I am not an animal.I am usually white.Many people can ride in me.I am big and noisy.Who am I?I am an airplane 8. Who am I? I have two legs,two spurs, and red comb.I have wings but I cannot fly.Sometimes I eat rice andworm.I always wake up earlymorning and shout cock adoodle doo loudlyWho am I?I am a rooster. 9. Who am I?I am very cold.You can see me at winterI am made from snow.I have a carrot for a noseI have no legsbut my hands are made from twigsI am white.Who am I?I am a Snowman 10. How do you predict text? As explained previously,when you makepredictions you are like aDetective. Becauseyou must gather dataabout text throughforeshadowing (clues),vocabularies, picture,character of figures,events, and plot. In addition, you can useFix-Up Chart in predictingtext.Preview(Get a sense of a text before reading)Set a Purpose(Decide why you are reading)Connect(Think of what you already know about the topic)Predict(Guess what will happen)Clues(Identifying main ideas, events, tone, and characterfrom text)Monitor(Check your comprehension as you read)Visualize(Create a mental picture)Make Inferences(Develop logical guess based on the text and yourown experiences) 11. Name : Tri Ilma Title :Malaysia says Cadbury Free from PorkDate : August 12, 2014Preview(Get a sense of a text before reading)After surveying the article at a glance, I think this article discusses on theissue of Cadbury chocolate which contains of pork gelatin.Set a Purpose(Decide why you are reading)I read this article because I seek for information or clarification aboutthe contents of Cadbury chocolate.Connect(Think of what you already know about the topic)This case reminds me on some products such as Ajinomoto, Magnum, andYupi which were suspected contain of pork.Predict(Guess what will happen)Responding the Issue of Cadbury, In my point of view some Muslimcountries will boycott products and fill protest to Cadbury factory.Clues(Identifying main ideas, events, tone, and character from text)Under Islamic Shari'ah law, Halal products should not contain pork oralcohol.Monitor(Check your comprehension as you read)According to The Malaysian Islamic Development Department said newtests on 11 samples of Cadburys products showed no traces of pork.Visualize(Create a mental picture)Make Inferences(Develop logical guess based on the text and your own experiences)In some Muslim countries every product must be tested scientifically inlaboratory and certified Halal by Islamic authorities (MUI) 12. References: Duke, N. K., and Pearson, P.D. (2002). Effective practice for developingreading comprehension. In A.E. Farstrup & S.J. Samuels (Eds), Whatresearch has to say about reading instruction (3rd ed., pp. 205 242).Newark, DE: International Reading Association. Harvey, S., and Goudvis, A. (2007). Strategies that work: Teachingcomprehension for understanding and engagement (2nd ed.). Portland, ME:Stenhouse. Keene, E.O., and Zimmermann, S. (2007). Mosaic of thought: The powerof comprehension strategy instruction strategy (2nd ed.) Portsmouth, NH:Heinemann. McKnight, K.S., (2010). The teachers big book of graphic organizers. SanFrancisco: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Tompkins, G.E. (2011). Literacy in the early grades (3rd ed.) Boston:Pearson Education, Inc.