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  • 2 pacific business news | July 27, 2007M a s t e r s d e g r e e s i n b u s i n e s s & M a n a g e M e n ts p e c i a l a d V e r t i s i n g s e c t i O n


    New Name. New Look. New Programs.Since 1949, the UH Manoa College of Business Administration has educated and grown with our local business

    community. In 2006, the College was proudly named the Shidler College of Business after our alumnus Jay H. Shidler. We may have a new name, but we still offer the same level of commitment to providing excellence in higher education

    while serving Hawaiis community.

    For more information, please visit our website at, email, or call (808) 956-8266.

    Full-Time MBA Part-Time MBA Executive MBA

    Executive MBA-Vietnam Neighbor Island MBA

    Joint JD/MBA Joint MS in Nursing/MBA

    China International MBA Japan-focused MBA

    The only AACSB accredited graduate program in Hawaii

  • July 27, 2007 | pacific business news 3M a s t e r s d e g r e e s i n b u s i n e s s & M a n a g e M e n ts p e c i a l a d V e r t i s i n g s e c t i O n

    AleaderamongU.S.businessschoolsin its focus on the Asia-Pacific region, the Shidler College of Business at theUniversityofHawaiiatManoa(UHM)providesstudentswithanin-depthunder-standing of the best business practices, an awareness of languages and cultures, and asolidcomprehensionofemergingtech-nologieswithin todays complex globaleconomic environment. Founded in 1949, theCollegeoffersstudentsawideselec-tion of degree, certificate and high-impact executiveprogramsinauniquemulticul-tural learningenvironmentenhancedbycollaborative learning, research projects, international speakers, internships, and study abroad, career opportunities. In the past several years, U.S. News & World ReporthasrankedtheCollegeamongthetop25U.S.graduatebusinessschoolsforinternationalbusiness.

    Cutting Edge MBA Curriculum & New Day MBA Track Starting in the fall of 2007, the new UHMBAcurriculumwill offer a com-plete range of Full-Time MBA (day), Part-Time MBA (evening), Executive MBA (weekend) programs and otherspecialized MBA programs. All MBAprograms offer the same degree, and are taughtbythesamefacultywiththehigheststandardofquality.Studentscanchooseone that meets their interests, goals, ex-

    perience and schedule.The restructuredcurriculum will feature a preparatoryprogram which includes tutorials, online course supplements and help sessions, anoptional full-timesummer internshipprogramandcontemporarycorecoursessuch as communication/leadership, busi-ness ethics, operations and supply chain management, and business, government andinternationalenvironment.

    Executive MBA The UHM Executive MBA program is the best choice for truly high potential, experienced professionals seeking ad-vance knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities to revitalize their careers.Working managers and professionals can earn an MBA degree in just 22 months withclassesheldeveryTuesdayeveningandalternatingSaturdays.Thisscheduleprovides flexibility on participants work responsibilitiesandprovidesmore timebetween classes to prepare and absorbthe class material. The integrated, mod-ern curriculum incorporates core busi-ness practices while also focusing oninformation technologies, entrepreneur-ship, e-business, and Asia-Pacific and global strategies. The UHM Executive MBA program will prepare executivesand professionals for a high-profile lead-ership position in todays fiercely com-petitiveworkenvironment.

    Custom Designed Executive Programs Since 1954, the College has been creating custom-designed executiveeducation programs formanyU.S. andinternationalorganizations.Custompro-gramsaretailoredtosuitorganizationalneedsandrangefromhalf-dayseminarstomulti-yearintegratedcourses.Longerprograms combine business and cross-cultural topics, cultural visitations and intensivelanguagetraining.UHMscus-tom-designedprogramsaddressachang-ing business environment that often re-quiresnewapproaches.Introducing the China International MBA Set to begin Fall 2007, students inter-estedindoingbusinessinorwithChinahave the opportunity to live, work, and studyinChinaduringtheirsecondyearof MBA studies. In partnership with SunYat-SenUniversitySchoolofBusi-ness in Guangzhou, China, the Shidler College of Business offers a 21-monthprogram designed to prepare businessprofessionals and entrepreneurs for anexcitingcareerininternationalbusiness.

    The Only AACSB Accredited MBA Program in the State of Hawaii AlldegreesofferedbytheShidlerCollege of Business are accredited byAACSB International The Association toAdvanceCollegiateSchoolsofBusi-ness, the premier national accrediting agency for schools of business and ac-counting. The AACSB International accreditation is the highest standard ofachievementforbusinessschoolsworld-wide, and is a hallmark of excellence in managementeducation.

    Internationally Renowned Faculty TheShidlerCollegeofBusinessfac-ultyisadiversegroupofinternationallyaccomplished researchers and highlyrecognized teachers, holding doctoral degrees from Columbia, Carnegie-Mel-

    lon, MIT, Stanford, Purdue, Harvard, and other major universities. Our facultys internationalexperienceandbusinessre-search in the Asia-Pacific region provide an exceptional learning experience forstudents.

    Best Place to Study International Business The Shidler College of Business ishome to approximately 1,800 students one-third graduate and two-thirds un-dergraduate students. Our significant for-eignandU.S.mainlandstudentpopulationcombinedwithournationally recognizedresource centers and top-ranked interna-tional business programmake theUHMShidler College of Business simply thebestplacetostudyinternationalbusiness.

    University of Hawaii at Manoa Shidler College of Business: Creating Global Business Leaders


    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Full-Time MBA (Day)Part-Time MBA (Evening)Joint JD/MBAJoint MS in Nursing MBANeighbor Island MBAExecutive MBAExecutive MBA in VietnamChina International MBAJapan-focused MBAMaster of AccountingMaster of Human Resource ManagementPhD in International Management


    Custom Executive Education ProgramsExecutive Accounting ProgramPAMI Certificate in International EntrepreneurshipPAMI Certificate in International ManagementUH CFP Certificate Professional Program

    For more information on our graduate and executive programs, please call 956-8266, email or visit

  • 4 pacific business news | July 27, 2007M a s t e r s d e g r e e s i n b u s i n e s s & M a n a g e M e n ts p e c i a l a d V e r t i s i n g s e c t i O n

    It is no secret that a graduate degrees value can be reflected in the bearers higher income or the likelihood that she or he is better positioned for ad-vancement opportunities. Yet experts in Hawaiis graduate programs agree there is much more value to a masters degree than increased earnings and upward mo-bility. Michael Fassiotto, assistant to the pro-vost for graduate studies at Chaminade University sees four primary reasons for pursuing a masters degree: marketabil-ity, earning potential, widening ones per-spective and personal fulfillment. Research by the Graduate Manage-ment Admission Council, indicates that well over half of part-time (57 percent), full-time (69 percent) and executive (66 percent) MBA alumni reported being extremely or very satisfied with their in-creased earning power. According to GMAC, satisfaction with greater career options afforded by an advanced degree is high, ranging from 75 percent, 80 percent and 87 percent for part-time, full-time and executive MBA alumni respectively. GMAC reports that not only students, but organizations that support them also benefit from advanced degrees with com-panies gaining return on their initial MBA

    sponsorship investment in 17 months on average. With a four-year degree now consid-ered a standard norm, a masters degree makes you more competitive, says Lisa Parker, interim graduate program chair-woman at Argosy University. A graduate level degree has both eco-nomic and social value and thats some-thing no one can take away from you, Parker says. Along with a higher skill set and greater self-esteem, a masters degree can help position students and professionals for future work as a consultant or faculty member, Parker notes, quipping, The worst thing that can happen is that you get an education. Chaminades Fassiotto observes that many pursue a masters degree to im-prove their lives or change careers, but

    confesses another consideration is simply because its fun. You say to yourself, Gosh, Im really doing something, Fassiotto says. For older students (the average age of a graduate student at Chaminade is 32), taking on a masters program is seen as the gateway to career advancement, but Fassiotto says one should not lose sight of how a masters degree allows a person to think and look at things differently. The value of a masters degree can be judged, in part, by how much it allows one to become a better thinker, Fassiotto says, adding, an MBA, or any masters program, is going to broaden your scope and teach you to deal with problems in a multi-dimensional way. Increased technical knowledge, a bet-ter grasp of ones field and an expanded perspective all make a masters so much

    more than just a degree, Fassiotto says. It is this exposure to new concepts and the chance to break out of traditional functional boundaries that accompany a masters degree that Charles Steilen, dean of Hawaii Pacific Universitys Col-lege of Business Administration, sees as an asset. In our executive MBA program, a student ma