Illiberalism Those who are willing to give up their ... Books: Huck Finn, Mockingbird, Anarchist...

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Transcript of Illiberalism Those who are willing to give up their ... Books: Huck Finn, Mockingbird, Anarchist...

  • Illiberalism How do we protect ourselves, and our liberal

    principles without becoming illiberal?

    Those who are willing to give up their liberty for security deserve neither

  • How do you balance individual rights and protecting society

    ↗ Reasonable Accommodation: bike helmet laws, kirpan, hijab, minarets, banning burqas

    ↗ Racial profiling

    ↗ Hate crimes (punishing people for thoughts, not actions)

    ↗ Dealing with terrorism – watch lists, restrictions at airports, wiretapping

    ↗ Curfews

  • Canada’s war measures Act

  • The FLQ Crisis • FLQ – separatist groups during the Quiet Revolution

    • Used terrorism to gain attention • Trudeau “Just watch me”

    • House of Commons agreed to the application of the War Measures Act to allow the government to: • Control the media • Implement martial law in some Quebec cities • Search homes and arrest people without a warrant

    Were these actions necessary? Are they illberal?

  • Emergency Legislation Today

    • WMA has been replaced with the Emergencies Act and the Anti-terrorism Act • The goal is to have limited suspension of rights

    specific to the situation

    • Some applications: • No-fly list (Maher Arar) • Level of security / arrests at G20

    Issue: Guilty until proven innocent

  • Usa Patriot Act (9/11) • Post-9/11: emotionally

    charged atmosphere • Uniting and Strengthening America by

    Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001

    Includes actions such as spying on domestic communication without a warrant and tracking purchases

  • Other issues • Guantanamo Bay – detainees, not prisoners

    • Omar Khadr • Obama’s attempts to close – military tribunals

    • Renditions, secret prisons • Effectiveness of torture (create terrorists)

    • Abu Grhaib, Canadian treatment of prisoners

    • Issues: international law (Geneva Conventions); reputation of “liberal” nations around the world (helps to support the rejection of liberalism by dictators)

  • Other Crisis Situations ↗ Control of individuals during a pandemic – SARS

    ↗ Censorship ↗ South Park/Mohammed (other cartoons) ↗ Banning Christian displays at public buildings ↗ Books: Huck Finn, Mockingbird, Anarchist Cookbook, Mein Kampf ↗ TV/Video Games – where do we draw the line? (FCC)

    ↗ Immigration ↗ Arizona law targeting Hispanics ↗ Quebec law targeting Muslims ↗ Dutch immigration test

  • Canada’s illiberal past (immigration)

    • Chinese Head Tax – needed cheap workers for the railways • “they’re stealing our jobs”; creation of Chinatowns

    = changing society • $200 tax to keep families separated (= husbands

    will go home)

    • Komogata Maru • Blocked the landing of a ship from India –

    undesirables • Only wanted immigrants from “favorable” nations

    • NINA

  • How do we create a liberal society that extols individual freedoms without imposing

    our values on others?

    Illiberalism: to be narrow-minded, to act in a way that goes against

    democratic values

  • “The only thing I will not tolerate is intolerance”