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  • 1. Hermosillo El Mariachi Wine Serie / Packaging Design Case story

2. El Mariachi is a new red wine brand that has beenproduced in the Sonora province of Mexico by HermosilloCasa Madero.What are the OBJECTIVES?To reach a new Target Audiance at the age of 25-35 y.o.El Mariachi needs to be distinctive and to play in adifferent space.El Mariachi needs to stay away from attributes owned byother brands.El Mariachi needs to refresh the positioning.It needs a strong & unique label design. 3. ACTIVATIONWhen IKON BC was given the task of designing thelabels for El Mariachi red wine series, we recognizedthe importance of creating something that really stoodout from the existing Mexican wine labels exported tothe Californian and New England regions of the UnitedStates. The team consciously chose to avoid traditionalimagery used in wine label design such as vineyardsvistas, regional landscapes, florid fonts etc. 4. ACTIVATIONThe El Mariachi collection is primarily targeted towardsyoung adults, this demographic is becoming of greaterimportance in the red wine market. Our team wanted togo beyond the conventional labels and create somethingthat has a visual aesthetic of the brands emotion andpersonality. Thus, we decided to use an accompanyingneck-hanger element in the form of 3 Mariachi heads,one for each label. 5. MERLOTakaChuchoMALBECakaPepeCABERNET SAUVIGNONakaRoberto Heartbreaker 6. www.ikonbcworld.com