IITA Bulletin 2206

IITA Bulletin 2206
IITA Bulletin 2206
IITA Bulletin 2206
IITA Bulletin 2206
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  • 8/13/2019 IITA Bulletin 2206



    Issue No. 2206 13-17 January 2014


    Got a story to share? Please email it with photos and captions to Andrea Gros (a.gros@cgiar.org), Katherine Lopez (k.lopez@

    cgiar.org), Jeffrey T. Oliver (j.oliver@cgiar.org), Godwin Atser (g.atser@cgiar.org), or Catherine Njuguna (c.njuguna@cgiar.org).

    Governor of South Kivu, DRC, thanks IITA for its development

    efforts in the country



    His Excellency, Governor MarcelinChishambo Ruhoya of South Kivuin DR Congo, has praised IITAs effortsto support development in his region andcountry and assured the Institute of hisgovernments support of its activities.He said he was especially happy with thedecision to set up a new science buildingin the province which is scheduled to belaunched in June 2014.

    IITA is a friend, he said, and the repairingof the road to the Station was a cleardemonstration of his governments desire to

    collaborate with the Institute.The Governor was speaking at a dinner he

    hosted at his residence on 10 January 2014for the IITA DG who was in the countryon an ofcial visit. It was attended by theProvincial Ministers of Agriculture, Health,and Budget, other aides to the Governor, andothers.

    On his part, the IITA DG thanked theGovernor for granting him an audienceearlier in the day and for his continuedassistance and generous support to the IITAStation. He recalled how the two of them hadnurtured the idea of establishing a science

    laboratory in Kalambo (to be known asScience for Peace building) in 2004 whilethe DG was the Director of InternationalCenter for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) andthe Governor was a State Advisor.

    The DG further commended the Governorfor facilitating the execution of the projectand for supporting the expansion of thestation and construction of a ScienceBuilding. The DG also seized the opportunityto inform the aides of the governor of the

    plans to commission the IITA KalamboScience Building on 5 June 2014.

    He said that the launch would attract Headsof States and top government functionariesand representatives of donor agencies andinternational organizations in the region andthat the IITA Ambassador for Africa, ChiefOlusegun Obasanjo would attend.

    He added that the Station will have cassavaprocessing facilities so that farmers willhave the opportunity to learn how to derivemore benets from cassava production.

    Apart from ugali, a popular cassava foodin the region, there are more than 27 food

    products from cassava, well known for theirnutritional value and marketability, he said.

    DG Sanginga was accompanied to thedinner by Chris Okafor the Ofcer inCharge of IITA Kalambo and MusendeeqOyedeji, one of the IITA engineers workingat the site.

    Tanzania takes first steps towards initiating a Youth Agriprenuers program

    IITA Tanzania will soon start own itsyouth agribusiness program that aims atequipping young, unemployed men andwomen with agriculture and business skillsto encourage them to set us up their ownagribusiness or increase their employment

    opportunities in agriculture and research.This is part of the Institutes effort to tacklethe high unemployment rate, one of themain development challenges in Africa, anda general lack of interest in agriculture byyoung people.

    Currently, several students from theUniversity of Sokoine in Tanzania whonished their internship at the Institute butasked to stay on as volunteers have expressedtheir interest in such a program. The youthalso met the IITA DG in December, whilehe was on an ofcial visit in the country,and he briefed them on the Agriprenuers

    program in Nigeria. He also assured themthat IITA was very keen on establishingsuch programs across all its hubs in Africa

    to create employment opportunities forAfricas youth.Its a good start. We are exploring how to

    establish a youth agriprenuers program inTanzania under the SARD-SC project andaround the cassava value chain modeledalong the one in Ibadan, said AbassAdebayo, IITA value chain specialist underwhom the students interned and are nowvolunteering. They were involved in effortsto develop the cassava value chain in thecountry.

    Adebayo said the Institute was alsocurrently working with a group of youth inKigoma region, named Big Power Group,who have 30 ha of land and were engaged ingrowing and processing cassava.

    The Governor of South Kivu during the dinner

    he hosted in honor of IITA DG at his residence

    DG Sanginga (centre) poses for a group photo with the staff and youth volunteers at IITA

    Tanzania in Dar es Salaam. Continued on page 3...

  • 8/13/2019 IITA Bulletin 2206


    page 2IITA Bulletin 2206

    DG meets staff of IITA Kalambo, Bukavu, DR Congo

    During his ofcial tour in DR Congo,the IITA Director General, NteranyaSanginga, met with all the staff and studentsof the Kalambo Station on 9 January 2014.

    He was accompanied by Bernard Vanlauwe,the Director for the Central African Hub;Jacqueline Musiimenta, the Finance Ofcer;

    IITA DG and the Director for Central Africa addressing the staff at IITA Kalambo station

    IITA-Kalambo Station Celebrates Christmas and Year-End 2013

    and Linda Wangila, the Hub AdministrationAssistant based in Nairobi, and QuadrerWaheed and Oyedeji Musendeeq fromIbadan.

    Giving a brief history of the station, the DGsaid the idea for the station was conceived10 years ago while he was a Director at the

    International Center for Tropical Agriculture(CIAT). He was happy and excited thatthe Station would be now ofciallycommissioned under his leadership in 2014.

    He said the event would attract Headsof State in the region including the IITAGoodwill Ambassador for Africa, ChiefOlusegun Obasanjo, top governmentfunctionaries, and the donor community. He

    therefore urged all staff to give their best andensure the success of the event.

    He further encouraged both staff andstudents to take advantage of opportunitiesavailable at the IITA Capacity DevelopmentUnit to advance their professional careersand academic interests.

    Also addressing the staff and students,Vanlauwe added that the event would be agolden opportunity to explain to the hostcountry, DR Congo and Africa in general onhow IITA could contribute to efforts towardsreducing poverty and food and nutritionalinsecurity in the region. He said during the

    event, both scientists and students would begiven the opportunity to present their workand future plans.

    On 23 December 2013, IITA-Kalamboheld a Christmas and year-end partyto celebrate Christmas and reect on itsachievements over the year. The eventwhich was held in collaboration with CIATand Biodiversity International was attended

    by staff and their families.The event was geared towards improving

    relationships among the staff for effectiveteam work and collaboration and for theirfamilies to get to know each other andexchange Christmas and new-year wishes.

    The CIAT Coordinator and CountryManager of HarvestPlus, Antoine Lubobo,gave the opening remarks and welcomedall the families to the event while theOfcer-in-Charge of IITA-Kalambo,Chris Okafor, made the closing remarks.Okafor, accompanied by his wife, thankedall staff for their diligence, dedication,and contributions to the success of theStation.

    This is the rst time that CIAT, Bioversity,and IITA staff are celebrating together. Thisgoes to strengthen the fact that we are afamily and I am convinced that the next yearwill be more even more successful, Okafornoted.

    Also during the event, the Most ValuableColleague (MVC) of the Year amongthe nationally recruited staff at IITA andCIAT, as voted by their colleagues, wererecognized and given appreciation plaquesand gifts. The winners were GhislainKakule, IITA Station Accountant, and EliseMundwanga, CIAT Research Assistant.

    Two children of staff membersKaambiraHense and Mugaruka Regiewho weresuccessful in the IITA Womens Group2013 Scholarship scheme also received theiraward certicates at the event.

    Okafor (in a hat) poses for a group photo with the winners of IITA Women Group scholarships

    for 2013 and their families

    Okafor (in a hat) poses for a photo with the winners of the Most Valuable Colleague (MVC) of

    the Year (to his immediate right) IITAs Ghislain Kakule and CIATs Elise Mundwanga.

  • 8/13/2019 IITA Bulletin 2206


    page 3IITA Bulletin 2206

    IITA hosts party for staff and their families in Tanzania

    IITA ended its rather eventful year inTanzania on a high note with an end-of-year party for all its staff and their familiesin Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The annualevent was held at the Kunduchi Beach Hoteland was packed with lots of fun activitiesand games allowing the staff and familymembers to interact and get to know eachother better in an informal setting.

    While addressing the staff and their familymembers, Victor Manyong, the Directorfor Eastern Africa thanked them for alltheir support and hard work that saw a verysuccessful year for the hub.

    He highlighted one of the key events inthe year as the very successful launch of theScience Building in May that was attended

    by high-level policy makers in the region

    including presidents and ministers, donors,and the private sector. He said the successof the event had led to the selection of IITATanzania as the venue for the CGIAR Boardmeeting in March 2014. He also noted thehub had increased in staff and in the numberof new projects.

    He called upon everyone to work together

    Manyong (second left) presents a gift toSophia Swai (extreme right) in recognitionof her 12 years of service to IITA

    Children of staff prepare to compete in a sack race

    towards supporting the Institute to achieveits goal