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Transcript of IHS MARITIME PORTAL · PDF fileMAY 2015 Kat Johnson, Product Manager ... Fleet Capacity...

  • Information | Analytics | Expertise


    New integrated solution connecting Sea-webs comprehensive ship and

    ownership data with AISLives satellite and terrestrial ship movement


    MAY 2015

    Kat Johnson, Product Manager

    +44 (0) 203 253 2426


    2015 IHS

    Information | Analytics | Expertise


  • 2015 IHS 2

    IHS Maritime & Trade - New Portal / May 2015

    Dear Valued Customer,

    IHS Maritime & Trade are pleased to launch a new maritime portal that integrates market

    leading solutions, AISLive and Sea-web providing comprehensive ship characteristic data

    and accurate live and historical ship movement information.

    The new portal has been developed to combine our ship data, movements data, ports data

    and maritime news and insight. Your valued and continued feedback has helped drive

    developments. We are committed to continue investing into developing integrated services

    to deliver greater value to you, our customers.

    For best performance please use latest versions of: Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

    We hope you find this document informative and enjoy using the new portal.

    IHS Maritime & Trade,

    Product Management Team

  • 2015 IHS



    Welcome to the Maritime Portal 05

    Content available 06

    Ship and ownership intelligence

    Vessel monitoring & fleet analysis

    Accurate, reliable maritime data sources

    Subscription Plan options 10

    Account information 11

    Subscription evaluation requests 12

    FAQ 13

    Getting Started

    How to access 16

    Log in, username/password help 17

    Help centre, feedback, 18

    Ask the expert (Q&A)


    My Home 20

    Navigating the main menu 21

    Sea-web Area

    Accessing 23

    Quick search (all content) 24

    Content specific search 25

    Menu / Navigation options 26

    Secondary Menu Links 27

    Sea-web AISLive workflow 28

    AISLive Area

    Accessing 30

    Search 31

    Menu options 32

    Map navigation panel 33

    Filtering Options 34

    Accessing port information 35

    New port content 36

    AISLive Sea-web workflow 37

    Contact us

    Training 39

    Contact information 40


    IHS Maritime & Trade - New Portal / May 2015

  • 2015 IHS

    Introducing the new

    IHS Maritime Portal


    IHS Maritime & Trade - New Portal / May 2015

  • 2015 IHS


    maritime content

    now accessible in

    one solution

    Welcome to the new online solution which

    connects data from our two flagship

    products, Sea-web and AISLive

    Providing our customers with:

    Integrated products and business

    intelligence tools

    Actionable maritime data: access ship

    positions with comprehensive ship,

    ownership and port information

    Improved customer workflows

    A single customer log-in

    A consistent user experience and site


    Easy access to ihsmaritime360.com


    IHS Maritime & Trade - New Portal / May 2015

    http://www.ihsmaritime360.com/?utm_campaign=[PMP]_xxx_IHS Maritime Integrated Product _KJ_Preview&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&elq=f55985800aac4fe08fbc142d853ec341&elqCampaignId=&elqaid=12395&elqat=1&elqTrackId=67d8a961b42a4997b3cb29e1f2a60194

  • 2015 IHS

    What content is


    Market leading maritime intelligence tools

    for identifying sales leads, undertaking

    market research and increasing

    operational efficiency


    IHS Maritime & Trade - New Portal / May 2015

    IHS Maritime & Trade's connected service provides subscription levels to suit every individual and organisation and provides customers with access to the most

    complete, reliable and accurate maritime information available anywhere.


    Search the worlds

    largest maritime

    databases 200,000+ ships with

    7 levels of ownership

    Accurate and timely ship

    characteristic data

    Insight into 15,500+ ports

    and terminals

    Latest port callings

    Security, port and country

    risk information

    Casualty incidents

    Ship Performance:

    benchmarking & analysis

    Vessel fixtures history

    Port disbursements

    Company credit reports


    Visually track live

    satellite & terrestrial

    AIS ship movements AISLives multiple layered

    online mapping tool with

    unrivalled filtering options and

    real time intelligence:

    169 ship type filters

    190+ data filters

    10 year track history

    2,500+ key ports covered

    Verified ship/port data

    Alerting services for

    ships of interest

    Zone/area monitoring

    5 day weather forecast

    Distance tables

    Fleet Capacity Forecast:

    Understand the future

    supply and demand

    of the global fleet Quantitative forecast of world

    fleet to 2025 with in depth

    analytical reports by ship type.

    Visualize, download and

    integrate IHS information via

    user friendly interactive charts.

    Designed to support market

    investment decisions and

    deliver competitive intelligence

    Sea-web Insight

    Latest insight on

    Shipping markets


    Technological solutions

    Safety and regulations

    Operational excellence

    Supply chain security


    Latest news on


    Maritime technology

    Safety & security

    Ports & offshore



  • 2015 IHS

    Ship & Ownership


    Access comprehensive ship

    characteristic data and understand

    who owns, operates and manages the

    commercial and technical operations


    IHS Maritime & Trade - New Portal / May 2015

    Ship Intelligence Ownership Intelligence

    Search 200,000+ ships of 100GT and above



    Ship types

    Tonnages, dimensions & surveys

    Cargo & capacities

    Construction: ship type, hull type, design,

    builder, order and delivery information

    Machinery & special features:

    Main and auxiliary engine design


    Port State Control


    Search 240,000+ company records

    Seven levels of group and operational


    Shipbuilder and owners addresses and

    contact details

    Group owner / Registered owner


    Ship / Commercial manager

    DOC holder

    Technical manager

    Country of domicile, control &


  • 2015 IHS

    Vessel Monitoring

    & Operational


    Access live verified AIS positional data

    combined with accurate ship and port

    information for tracking global fleet

    movements and ship identification


    IHS Maritime & Trade - New Portal / May 2015

    Vessel Monitoring Operational Planning

    View a ships current or last reported


    120,000+ ships covered daily

    10year archive of movement history

    Port/zone callings

    Identify ships expected, currently in and

    recently departed port

    Filter by destination port, ETA, speed,

    DWT, GT operator & technical manager

    Create WatchLists to monitor ships of


    Create Zones to know when ships arrive

    Be alerted when ships arrive in port

    Monitor voyage weather conditions

    Real time intelligence reports

    View fleet positions of a particular owner,

    manager or operator to identify fleet

    trading patterns

    View full company information to make

    contact re delivery of products and


    Benchmark performance against your

    competition through trading area and ship

    sector analysis data

    Assess port congestion for effective

    operational planning

    Identify vessels bound for port entry for

    organising day to day port activities

    Maritime domain awareness for

    coordinating operational activity

  • 2015 IHS

    Timely, accurate &

    reliable source of

    maritime data

    IHS provides current, complete,

    consistent and correct data your

    business can rely on


    IHS Maritime & Trade - New Portal / May 2015


    IHS has the worlds

    largest maritime

    databases, an information

    gathering heritage

    spanning over 250+ years

    including comprehensive

    information on vessels of

    100 GT and above

    Ship Data

    AIS Movements Data

    Casualty Data

    Ownership Data

    Ports & terminals Data

    Maritime Companies Data

    IMO Numbering

    IHS is the sole originating

    source for assigning IMO

    ship and company


    This guarantees an

    unmatched accuracy and

    depth of coverage for ship

    characteristics and the

    global newbuilding



    Our dedicated in-house

    data analysts maintain

    current ship registration,

    technical an