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Transcript of iHOLD Tablet Kiosks: Digital Solutions for Universities

  • iHOLD: Digital Solutions for Universities

    Empower students and bring your recruitment strategy into the 21st century with iHOLD Tablet Enclosures & iPad Kiosks

  • About iHOLD

    With the rise of university tuition fees, student recruitment has never been fiercer. Universities need to implement new marketing strategies and develop better communication facilities for prospective students and enrolled students alike. The key to a successful marketing strategy is deciphering what you communicate, to whom, and how. Thanks to imageHOLDERS, the digital solution to your marketing strategy is here.

    iHOLD is a brand of iPad Kiosks, Tablet Enclosures, AV Displays and Slim Clients that have been specifically designed for use within the educational sector. Security, functionality and style were paramount throughout the design process of iHOLD - making these products ideal for use within hightraffic areas including university campuses, student recruitment fairs and libraries.

    Our iHOLD enclosures and kiosks include a standard, off the shelf range; along with a custom range which is tailor made to suit specific requirements and security compliance. imageHOLDERS patent pending design concept also means we are the only tablet kiosk manufacturer able to display ANY iPad or tablet device. This gives you the freedom to choose a tablet that fits specific requirements put in place by within your infrastructure.

    The UEL Project

    imageHOLDERS have worked alongside a number of universities and public sector corporations to develop customised tablet enclosures, AV displays and slim clients to help engage students and drive recruitment.

    Our most recent project was commissioned by the University of East London (UEL) to design and manufacture a range of secure AV Displays and ruggedized iPad & touch screen Kiosks for use within the campus library. Here students could access online resources and data from a cloud based CMS. Security compliance was tailored around UELs specific requirements to ensure the kiosks were tamper proof and durable to withstand their high traffic environment with 24-hour access.

    Website: www.imageholders.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)207 354 6250 Email: sales@imageholders.com

  • There are a variety of ways in which iHOLD Tablet Kiosks can be used as a practical and interactive tool that can save time and money whilst driving user engagement and promoting brand awareness.

    Data Collection

    One of the most popular uses for iHOLD Tablet Kiosks are as an interactive POS display at recruitment fairs and UCAS open days. Teamed with a data capture app, your university is able to gather far more information than ever before through student surveys. Interactive kiosks also portray a modern image and brand reinforcement, which can sway a prospective students choice towards your university rather than a competitor.

    Data capture apps can be easily configured and branded to collect the required information. The data can then be instantly converted into any required format for use within internal databases and follow up marketing. A great example of this is Akkroo a fast, accurate and smart data capture app that has been used in conjunction with iHOLD Tablet Kiosks at a number of universities, some of which include, UEL, City University London, Lancaster University and The University of Law.

    Digital Prospectus

    Many universities now include a full prospectus online or in digital format. This allows prospective students to view course details at the touch of a button. Users can even email themselves useful informa


    tion or links to courses they could be interested in. This paves the way for a paperless and seamless marketing strategy, which is efficient and cost effective why spend thousands of pounds printing bulky and expensive prospectus catalogues when they can be viewed online? Universities can also use tablets to play promotional videos or display slideshows / photo galleries to entice students

    Brand Recognition & University Reputation

    Deploying a smart, branded iHOLD Kiosk is an opportunity to give potential students a great first impression of the university. These modern, interactive products utilise the latest in tablet and touch screen technology, which is both impressive and engaging. This alone can have a dramatic effect on the users choice as it reflects extremely well in terms of university reputation and reinforces the notion that technology and interaction is high on the list. Furthermore, a stunning, branded iHOLD kiosk can grab the attention of passing trade and engage them before your recruitment team has even spoken to them. Branding options range from logos, vinyl overlays, pop up banners and more.

    Digital Solutions for Recruitment & Events

    Website: www.imageholders.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)207 354 6250 Email: sales@imageholders.com

    Call Akkroo +44 (0)203 056 7702www.akkroo.com

  • imageHOLDERS Standard iHOLD Tablet Kiosk Range has a number of features which are well equipped to deavl with any educational environment. These features include:

    Floor standing, wall mounted, counter top and counter mountedRotating Bezel in black or white (portrait or landscape orientation)Bezel Shape: Square, Rectangular, Circular, Speech Bubble, CloudSecure & lockable bezelCables and wires concealed down vertical standConcealed or revealed home buttonLightweight ABS and aluminium materialsErgonomic, stylish and versatileCompatible with iPad 2,3 & 4 as standard, any other tablet device on request

    We also have the ability to integrate any peripheral device with our iHOLD range in order to create a Bespoke iHOLD Solution for a specific campus location, or facility requirement including:

    Swipe Card Reader Student ID Reader RFID Reader Chip and Pin Pay-Point Credit Card / Swipe Card Reader OCR Reader Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Keyboard shelf Literature dispensers

    Website: www.imageholders.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)207 354 6250 Email: sales@imageholders.com

  • The integration of these devices further highlights the versatility of iHOLD solutions. Universities can deploy tablet kiosks and enclosures for almost any use:

    Surveys and data capture Digital prospectus catalogues Cloud based CMS Online library resources University course information Promotional recruitment videos Campus \ department directions Local community information - cinema, shops Opening times for facilities and departments Sport facilities and bookings Campus and external accommodation Health - Drugs, Alcohol and sexual health advice Work placements and volunteering Relationships and living away from home Be safe - crime reporting and advice on keeping safe Contact your students union representative Maps and guide to the university Finance and budgeting

    iHOLD tablet kiosks and Interactive POS displays can be deployed in any university area or event:

    Recruitment fairs and UCAS open days University Library Shops, Restaurants Students Union Campus bars and pubs University accommodation / Halls of residence Outside and inside lecture halls Department reception areas

    Integrated Solutions for Facilities and Campus Locations

    Website: www.imageholders.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)207 354 6250 Email: sales@imageholders.com