If you have a passion for helping others, are compassionate, If you have a passion for helping...

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Transcript of If you have a passion for helping others, are compassionate, If you have a passion for helping...

  • Sprott Shaw College 6-140 Terminal Ave, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5C5

    www.sprottshaw.com facebook.com/groups/sprottshawnanaimo Phone (250) 754-9600

    If you have a passion for helping others, are compassionate,

    understanding and a good listener, this may be the career for

    you! Graduates have enjoyed considerable success with job

    placement and the opportunities are growing. Within our 50-

    week Community Support Worker Diploma are two employer

    supervised practicums, each is four weeks in duration. We

    benefit from strong ties to

    social service agencies in

    the Mid Island region and

    have recently placed stu-

    dents in settings that sup-

    port pregnant teenagers,

    homeless persons, children

    with special needs, and

    those with substance abuse

    problems. We have also

    placed graduates in the ar-

    ea of First Nations outreach

    and community develop-

    ment, especially for youth

    and those in rehabilitation. Sprott Shaw CSW graduates can

    be found working at Ladysmith Resource Center, J. Garnons

    Williams (adult residential housing), Samaritan House, Nanai-

    mo Men's Resource Center, The Cedars in Cobble Hill,

    Clements Society (Adult residential & adult day programs for

    mentally and physically challenged individuals as well as af-

    ter school programs for challenged children), Child Develop-

    ment Centre, Pregnancy Crisis Center, Forward House in

    Parksville (adult day programs for adults with mental illness

    and addiction), Tansor Elementary School Daycare Center,

    VITALS in Cowichan (residential facilities for physically and

    mentally challenged

    adults, Bill's Place in

    Nanaimo (adult brain

    injury clients), Warm-

    land Shelter in Duncan

    (transitional housing),

    Island Crisis Care So-

    ciety, Nanaimo Asso-

    ciation for Community

    Living, and One Stop

    (youth drop-in center).

    As part of the enrolment

    process, students meet

    with our Community Sup-

    port Worker instructor, Jan

    Hull. Jan brings into the

    classroom a wealth of ex-

    perience in this helping pro-

    fession. Her background

    includes teaching at the

    elementary school level

    and is a certified Mediator

    through the Justice Insti-

    tute. Jan specialized in

    family mediation, and oper-

    ates her own practice

    around the hours she

    teaches in the classroom

    at Sprott Shaw. During the

    50-week program, students learn a variety of counselling

    techniques and theories, discuss child and adolescent

    growth and development, understand addictions and mental

    health issues

    and review

    social service

    supports avail-

    able in the

    local commu-

    nity. Upon


    CSW students

    have the skills


    knowledge to

    make a posi-

    tive impact in

    the lives of the

    clients they


    Community Support Worker student Kaitlyn Niddrie

    volunteers as a greeter at our Fall 2012 Graduation

    Community Support Worker Instructor, Jan Hull

    Community Support Worker graduates celebrate the completion

    of their program and pose for a picture with CSW Instructor, Jan

    Hull (2nd from right)

    http://www.sprott-shaw.com/ http://www.bceqa.ca/designated-schools/eqa-registry/name/Sprott-Shaw/filter/all/limit/25 http://www.bbb.org/mbc/business-reviews/schools-business-and-vocational/sprott-shaw-community-college-in-vancouver-bc-110556

  • Sprott Shaw College 6-140 Terminal Ave, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5C5

    www.sprottshaw.com facebook.com/groups/sprottshawnanaimo Phone (250) 754-9600

    Over a year ago I entered a

    new phase in my life, and that

    phase was my decision to go

    back to school! I have been

    procrastinating about this huge

    step for the last ten years. I

    thought, my kids are older, I'm

    in a dead end job with no room

    for advancement, I wasn't get-

    ting any younger, so really

    what was I waiting for? I bit

    the bullet and signed up for the

    Community Support Worker/

    Social Services Program. I am

    so glad I did! My journey be-

    gan last November and a year

    later I'm in a job that I love, with more prospects on the hori-

    zon. I feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride within

    myself today and for that I am very grateful. It was a long

    hard road of self discovery and acceptance for who I am. I

    truly feel that this was my time to discover that, and I don't

    think I would have found out who “Patty really was" had I not

    made the decision to go back to school. So I decided to take

    my “leap of faith”! I haven’t regretted my decision for one

    minute. Today I am a confident woman who is becoming

    comfortable in her own skin and for that I will be forever

    thankful. My teacher helped me see that, and aided me to

    recognize that I have a lot to contribute and just to go out

    there and grab it! Thanks to everyone at Sprott-Shaw for

    believing in me and for helping me to see that with hard work

    and dedication you can have everything that you want in your

    life...I am so proud of who I am today, and that I could be a

    positive role model for my kids! It was all worth it!

    For me, the thought of

    going back to school was

    terrifying. I dropped out of

    high school in grade 12

    with less than average

    grades and never

    dreamed of getting a high-

    er education. I honestly

    didn’t believe I could do

    it. But I took the leap of

    faith and decided to go

    back to school and get my CSW/SS diploma. It was far from

    easy. But with the support of amazing instructors, my class-

    mates (many of whom are close friends now) and my own

    drive and determination, I came out a straight A student and

    hired out of both practicum placements. Now, I spend my

    days helping others in a way I have always dreamed.

    Anyone can accomplish what I have in the last year. It all

    comes down to how much of your self you are willing to put

    into it. I gave it my all and now my options are limitless. I say,

    take the leap of faith, give it everything you’ve got and you

    won’t be disappointed.

    With 2 offers of employment, Patty

    enthusiastically rings the job bell

    Kate is enjoying her new position at The Ce-

    dars Rehabilitation Centre