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  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


    Study Reading DIYHow to use thi:This book will give you a thorough understanding of what is involved and howto perform well in the reading section of the IELTS exam.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)A comprehensive list of A!s has been compiled by IELTS teachers andIELTS students that answer a lot of "uestions which many students have foundhard to get a response for. The goal of this book is to ensure that none of your"ueries go unanswered so that you can go into the test with full understandingand confidence.This section was compiled to help students with their study plan and IELTS

    preparation. A good student knows that you can never do enough practice. Thetips in this section will ensure that you can practise as much as possible in avariety of ways in order to suit every learning style. The benefits of extensivereading are far reaching. #rolific readers will generally do better in the writingsection also.

    Short Cut to SuccessThis section guides the students who are short of preparation time throughthe book in a way that addresses their ma$or weaknesses first. This can

    provide more focus to students who only have a few days before they takethe official IELTS test. or


    those who are not short of time) studying the entire book is highlyrecommended.

    Diagnostic TestT*+oThis is a test that incorporates all the reading skills needed and all the "uestiontypes encountered in the reading section of the IELTS. It will highlight yourweaknesses so you can have a better idea on what you need to focus on when

    preparing for the test.

    E!lanatory Ans"er #eyThey are provided to highlight the correct answers and also explain why otherchoices are wrong or clarify certain parts of a passage that may have beenconfusing for students. The explanatory answer key for the diagnostic test alsoincludes Short &ut to Success Advice ,oxes.


    $%er%ie" o& Reading Skills and Question Ty!eslti)

  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


    hslThis section explains which skills are needed and what "uestion types are usedto test these skills. It will also provide some background information on the"uestion types such as fre"uency of testing and number of "uestions used inthe test.

    Question Ty!es' Reading Skills StrategiesThis part will give students the opportunity to practise all the reading skillsneeded and "uestion types encountered in the reading section of the IELTS. Itwill also provide step/by/step strategies on how to approach the "uestion types.

    Achie%eent Tests * +These tests provide unassisted practice for students. They should only beattempted once all the previous sections of the book have been completed)time for consolidation on what you have learnt has taken place and confidenceis up high enough to take this final test. The first test is for those taking the

    Academic 0odule of the exam. The second test is for those taking the 1eneralTraining 0odule of the

    A glossary of 2ey -ocabulary has been compiled with page number)phonemics) part of speech) translation and example sentence as vocabulary isa key factor for success in the reading section of IELTS. 3henever you havespare time) go through the words to ensure you can still remember them. Theeasiest way to remember them is to try to use them in speaking or writing.


    0aster IELTS 5

    IELTS#%E&ISE %EA6I71

    Acknowledgements 8ow to use thisbook About IELTS


    IELTS %eading Introduction 9re"uently Asked !uestions :A!s; > ?@verview of %eading Skills !uestion Types B9Short &ut to Success CiiDfliftCifi B?

    6iagnostic Test iFrG;*li 9HExplanatory Answer 2ey i3Sl3iS

  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


    TrueGalseG7ot 1iven SG'G+fcSt.S.fI 5?0ultiple &hoice :0ain Idea;SiJlS:K,; 9Article 2,riefing +0ultiple &hoice :Specific Information;iSI+: EMtN ; MSentence &ompletion "fftESO* MArticle 3,riefing

  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


    Article iesR

    HHH ,& saw it as having greater value than gold and diamonds. The 0ayans)A`tecs and @lmecs of &entral America in the pre/&olombian period alsoshared the same view.

    Cade has been most widely used in &hinese culture. Apart from weapons andcult figures) it has also been used to furnish the graves of the imperial family.

    7owadays it finds itself more often in the form of a pendant) necklace orbracelet or collected as an anti"ue. @ne of the main reasons $ade has becomepopular in the East is the powers its said to possess. In present times) itsymbolises the good) the beautiful and the precious while in the past itembodied the &onfucian virtues of wisdom) $ustice) compassion) modesty and

    courage. It has also been symbolic of female eroticism throughout history. TheEgyptians saw $ade as the stone of love) inner peace and harmony and balancewhile other cultures honoured it for bringing luck or giving protection. 1emtherapists use the stone to create $oy and vivacity.

    The story of Tur"uoise is somewhat more consistent across cultures and time.It was known as a holy stone that had the power to shield its wearers from evil.Egyptians would wear tur"uoise around their neck to ward off an unnaturaldeath. In fact) it was said that tur"uoise could even predict if a moment of perilwas forthcoming) and would change its colour to warn its wearer of it. Thesedays) advances in science tell us that this is not actually true. Actually) thecolour change is due to a number of scientific factors including the influence oflight) cosmetic products) dust or even the p8 level of the wearers skin. Turbanswould also be decorated with tur"uoise encircled by a border of pearls tosafeguard the wearer from the Vevil eye. Talismans) ob$ects such as daggers)

    scimitars and horse bridles used for similar protective purposes) were alsodecorated accordingly. The A`tecs of 0exico believed the stone was holy) astheir ceremonial masks were lined with this $ewel and the Indians of 7orthAmerica believed that) because of its colour) it provided a direct link betweenthe sky and the lakes.

    These days it is more popular to refer to tur"uoise as a good luck charm. In the

    past) it may have been used to prevent horse riders from accidentally fallingoffX it is now popular with industries such as aviation to ensure a safe $ourney.

    1em therapists look at tur"uoise as having the power to solve problems forthose with a negative outlook on life) lending self confidence to those with asubdued personality) and bringing faithfulness and reliability to friendships.

    Pwww.T Vpsage.cVniR

  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


    .ultiple )hoice !Speci(ic In(ormation"

    ,-.dr(r" 9999999999999999999999999

    +hoose the a!!ro!riate etters &/ and (rite them in "oes %2 on yourans(er sheet.

    8ow long is the fashion history of gemsN

    A @ne millennium

    ,Afew thousand years & ? million years 6

    95HH million years:I&

    3hich holy book wrote about emeraldN

    A Islam

    , &atholic & The -edas 6 The

    0ogul 3hich royalty kept their emeralds in a boxN

    A The mahara$as and maharanis

    , The pharaohs and &leopatra & The emperors

    and empresses 6 The sultans from Turkey

    3ho did 7@T believe that $ade was more precious than gold and

    diamondsN A The 0aoris

    , The &hinese & The 0ayans 6

    The A`tecsR ^-w-.ToRsX*g.*.coRRRR

  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


    3ho believes $ade brings great happiness) pleasure and

    energyN A The modern &hinese

    , &onfucius & Egyptians 6

    1em therapists

    3ho would decorate their ritual accessories with tur"uoiseN

    A Egyptians

    9H 3hich stone would be best to ensure a person stays true to hisGher

    partnerN A Any gem , An emerald & Cade 6 Tur"uoiseTest?taking StrategiesJ

    B. %ead the instructions so you know how many answers to chooseif youare short of an answer) even if the other answers are correct) you will notscore any points. There are no half marks in the IELTS exam.

    ///in$u'$stmm, 1a'ftieltsii$a')Mm1mmimCi&o

    9. irstly read the stem :the "uestion or statement) not the possibleanswers; and identify key words. %emember that key words are those whichare easy to locate in the passage and not too common. 7umbers and names areoften the most useful key words as they stand out in the text. If a passage isabout rainforests) then the word rainforest in a stem will not be useful infinding an answer) as it will appear too many times in the text. =ou do notneed to read the answers yet) as distractors are included to confuse you.

    I. !uickly scan the text for the key word:s;) but keep in mind that oftenyou will not find exactly the same word) rather a parallel expression which isa word or phrase that has a similar meaning.wismbmss(4)tbi)

  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


    9H. 6 The answer is located in the final paragraph.?:em thera!ists oo at turFuoise as ha

  • 8/9/2019 IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)


    3V;M Neaamg Sis 1 Strategies G0

    Sentence )ompletion

    +om!ete the senten)es "eo( (ith (ords taen from rti)e #.

    8se - M-*E TH TH*EE W-*/S for ea)h ans(er.

    Write your ans(ers in "oes #% on your ans(er sheet.

    9B........................ In modern society a variety of are on show

    at fashion parades.

    99... were written on the surface of an emerald that