Iduna Park of Youth

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My "major project" from seciond grade studies at Billy Blue Sydney Aus

Transcript of Iduna Park of Youth

  • photo: emil filipsson

  • Welcome to Iduna Park.Step inside the of doors of Iduna and give yourself eternal youth. We hope to satisfy your creativity and give you something to carry with you in your future life. We at Iduna Park are more than happy to listen to your suggestions and questions and hopefully help you fulfill your dreams, if you dont yet have any, come her and take a bite of Idunas apples and you will hopefully find something that suits you.


  • 8We owe the name Photography to Sir John Herschel, who first used

    the term in 1839, the year the photographic process became public. The

    word is derived from the Greek words for light and writing. The innovations

    which would lead to the development of photography existed long before

    the first photograph. The camera obscura (Latin,literally translating to

    dark room) had been in existence for at least four hundred years, but

    its use was limited to its purpose as an aid to drawing. It was discovered

    that if a room was completely darkened, with a single hole in one wall, an

    inverted image would be seen on the opposite wall. A person inside of the

    room could then trace this image, which was upside-down (simulating the

    way that images actually enter our eyes). The earliest record of the uses of

    a camera obscura can be found in the writings of Leonardo da Vinci, who

    may have used it as an aid to understanding perspective. In the 17th and

    18th centuries, a table-top model was developed. By adding a focused

    lens and a mirror, it was possible for a person outside of the box to trace

    the image which was reflected through it.


  • Almost everybody is in one way or another fascinat


    by photos and photography. To catch the fragment o

    f a

    second every once in a while and immortalize just th


    moment is a pretty cool thing.

    In the facility at Iduna we can offer you, that are interested in lea

    rning more

    about photography and how to use different kinds of cameras,

    flashes and

    how to plan and set up an advanced studio shot. Also outdoor ph


    nature action and portrait skills. A course in advanced photo

    graphy. We

    have our very own photo studio with cameras, flashes, dark

    room and a

    couple of computers just for photo retouch.

    photo: emil filipsson

  • 10

  • 11


    This photo is taken with a

    digital SLR camera, ISO is set

    to 800 therefore the grain in

    the photo. Its manipulated in

    Photoshop to black & white

    plus the levels are change to

    get the high contrast.

    photo: emil filipsson


    This photo is taken with an

    Hasselblad medium format

    which means that the film in

    the camera is 6 times 6 cm.

    photo: emil filipsson

  • 12


    This photo is taken with a

    digital SLR camera with

    an wide angle lens and an

    external flash.

    photo: emil filipsson


    This photo is also taken with

    the digital SLR camera and a

    tripod. Its taken in sweden a

    cold winter night about an our

    after sunset. The shutter time

    is set to about 30 seconds,

    therefor the strong colors.

    photo: emil filipsson

  • The word street dance is commonly used for the many hip hop dances and funk dance styles that began appearing in the USA in the 1970s, and are still alive and evolving within the hip hop culture of today, such as break dance, popping, Locking (dance), hip hop new style and house dance. These dances are popular on all levels, as a form of exercise, an art form, or for competition, and are today practiced both at dance studios and more freely arranged spaces. Some schools use street dance as a form of physical education.

    Unlike many other dance forms, most street dances encourage individuality and originality, and that dancers interpret the existing moves freely and even invent new ones to create a personal style of their own. Improvisation is the heart of most street dances, though choreography is also seen, mostly mixed with improvisation or used for prepared shows.

    Generally, a street dance is based on a unique style or feel that are expressed through the dance, usually tied to a certain genre of music. As new moves evolve based on this feel, the dance is under constant development, and if the feel starts to change it might give birth to a completely new dance form.



  • 15

    Iduna has an awesome dance studio with a massive sound system which is available for you to use everyday of the facilities open times. We arrange free street dance and hip hop classes once a week and you are very welcome to join, its just to sign up.The schedule for this year is all ready filled with entertainment like dance competitions, demos, MC and DJ battles combined with a lot of concerts with both infamous and big famous bands from around the world.

  • 16



    er, world tra

    veler and u

    nique artist


    Ed started s


    in 1985 in hi

    s hometown

    of Huntingto

    n Beach,

    California, wi

    th his friend J

    ason Lee. He

    turned pro for

    New Deal Sk


    in 1990. He

    left New Dea

    l in 1992 to st

    art the short

    lived compan

    y TV with

    Mike Vallely.

    In 1993, Ed

    founded Toy

    Machine ska

    teboards wh

    ich is one of

    the biggest s

    kateboard co

    mpanies in t

    he world.

    Outside of sk


    Ed is a famo

    us artist and


    . He began by

    painting the

    graphics for


    own skateb

    oard compa


    and still do

    es most of


    graphic for T

    oymachine. It


    be pretty eas

    y to recognis

    e his

    art by the o

    riginal and u



    Hes a co

    ol guy, che


    him out.

  • 19

    House of Music

    This is the possibility for those who want to make their own music. We have about

    a dozen rooms designed just for music practise. So if you have a band or plan

    to start one, we will help you with the space and we are also arranging meetings

    with a local record studio to make it possible for you to record your own CDs.

    There is also a midi studio available for you to use if you take the midi course and

    get the certificate of how to use it.No charge, let the beat go on.

  • 20

  • Digital graphicsThe skill to transfer your thoughts and ideas to a digital element and

    express them with the tools of a digital toolbox, called the computer.

    If you like computers and are interested in learning more on how to handle the

    graphic software as the professionals do, sign up for our free workshop in computer

    skills. We arrange three different classes. If you want to learn how to make cool 2d

    graphics and how to get the most out of your digital photos sign up for the Adobe

    Photoshop and Illustrator class. There is also an Autodesk maya class were you can

    learn the basics on 3d modeling and how to animate characters in a virtual world.

    Once started, hard to quit. Real fun!

  • Artists C


    The Wond

    erlost ser

    ies is my

    artistic int


    and dark

    twist on




    from Lew

    is Carrolls

    Alice in W


    and Thr


    the Lookin

    g Glass s

    tories. The

    theme is t

    o give the


    the look

    of a

    porcelain d

    oll, with ve

    ry pale ble

    ach white s

    kin and b

    leached w

    hite clothin


    The charac

    ter were firs

    t visualized

    and conce

    ptualized u

    sing Adobe



    then execu

    ted and pa

    inted usin

    g Adobe Ph

    otoshop. N

    o 3D tools

    are utilized


    the creatio

    n, only airb

    rushing te

    chniques in



    arist: raym


  • Artists C


    When I sta

    rted sketc

    hing on th

    is piece I

    couldnt g

    et Pinocci

    o the pup


    out of my

    head. I

    wanted to

    make an


    that shoul

    d have a

    meaning, c

    ombine a

    word with

    an illustra

    tion and g

    ive it a sp

    ecial feelin


    So I took a p

    hoto of this

    sketching d

    oll. Then I re

    touched it,

    removed a

    ll joints and

    replaced t

    hem with j

    oints made

    in photosh

    op to get a

    nother look

    of the pup


    then I swa

    pped one

    of the arme

    s to one of

    my very o

    wn. I applie

    d smoke a


    shadows to

    get the rig

    ht feeling a

    dded some

    strings an

    d the word


    artist: emil



  • Iduna have built one of finest concrete skateboard parks in Europe. The park is designed and built by professional park designers from Australia and America.

    The park is here to stay.

    Iduna skateboard park will offer a wide spectrum of activities and pleasures. There will be a meeting place providing a marriage of historical environment and modern urban design which will entice visitors from all over Europe.

    The fabulous 2000 square meter concrete skateboard park, developed by skateboarders from all over the world in cooperation with Stefan Hauser, one of the worlds best skatepark designers.

    The cool backyard pool is now an artwork itself made by Fernando Elvira, artist and skateboarder from Madrid Spain. Were going to repaint the pool twice a year and the next time we hope for some locals that are interested to take on the job and just go nuts with color and brushes.


  • The skateboard park is open 24 hours a day. Its off course free off charge and everybody is welcome.

    We are already preparing for a couple of big international competitions and demos at Iduna skate park this year. Keep your eyes open for information about these happenings. Because, big or small, young or old, you do NOT want to miss seeing the professionals bust some huge airs at the deep end of the backyard pool or se them flipping our massive 15 double set stair.

    Just dont miss it!



  • The Nordic mythology called the Edda, was built on stories

    told mouth to mouth by the Nordic people in prehistoric time,

    before the Vikings sailed the seas. The stories describes the life

    of famous Goods and Goddesses, which ruled the world. There

    was one Goddess that was far more beautiful then the others.

    She was the custodian of a tree, which apples gave eternal youth.

    Her name was Iduna, recognized as the Goddess of eternal youth.

    Welcome to Iduna Park of Youth

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