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2. Ideate means Form an idea of, imagine or conceive. Invention is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. - Thomas A. Edison 3. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 1) Persistence Innovation involves more than just great ideas. We need faith, hard work and a laser sharp focus for the end result to keep persisting for our vision in the face of roadblocks. We tend to see the end result of a creative idea in awe, but what we dont see are the actions, hard work and persistence behind the scene to make the vision a reality. 4. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 2) Remove Self-Limiting Inhibitions Under the spell of inhibition, we feel limited and stuck. We need to free ourselves from these mind- created constraints by removing assumptions and restrictions. This is what we refer to when we say think outside the box. Encourage ourselves to be open to new ideas and solutions without setting limiting beliefs. Remember, innovation is more about psychology than intellect. 5. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 3) Writing Things Down Many innovators and creative people keep a journal to jot down ideas and thoughts. Some keep a sketch book, scrap book, post-it notes, loose paper. They all have a method to capture their thoughts, to think on paper, to drop their inhibitions and start the creative process. 6. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 3. I get into the creative zone from sitting at my desk during free time, with a warm cup of coffee, and my noise-cancelling headphones. 4. Long walks helps to solve problems 5. Experiment and find what works for you. 6. Each of us have different triggers to access our creative energy. 7. Take Risks, make mistakes 8. The more receptive we are to tap into our flowing creativity. This is why ideas sometimes come to us in the shower or while were alone. 7. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 9. Free ourselves from these mind-created constraints by removing assumptions and restrictions. 10. You can increase your exposure to new ideas, look for patterns and see how you can combine ideas to improve upon existing solutions. 11. Many innovators are just curious people who are inquisitive, and like to solve problems. 12. Practice seeing things differently. 13. Open mindset and being able to accept change 14. Discover the various issues at hand, and understand the connections better. 15. Hold brain storming sessions 8. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 16. A stressed and tired employee is not able to think with clarity. It is therefore very hard for him/her to come up with innovative ways of improving the workplace. Find ways to reduce your stress levels by managing your time better, listening to relaxing music, going for a family holiday, or anything else that works for you. 17. There is no better way to get inspiration than reading. 18. Broadening your horizons and reading about topics as diverse as gardening, science and anthropology can definitely give you a wide range of ideas on how to incorporate principles or norms from various contexts and environments to your workplace. 19. Spend time on long-term thoughts 20. Come up with ingenious ways of improving the processes and products. 9. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 21. Problem solving Diagram. 22. Think New, Think Different. 23. Go for quantity and multiply your options. 24. Defer Judgment ! Entertain openness. 25. Incubation and then Inspiration. 26. Replace Fear with curiosity. 27. To be innovative you need to be willing to give it one more go. When some things don't work out and may be seen as a "failure", you need to rise above this and not let it dampen your spirits. 28. Innovators are not satisfied with the status quo; they're ready to shake it up and be outrageous. 29. Sstrong compelling vision allows innovations to come to life. 30. Think about the purpose of being innovative. 10. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 31. If you feel you cannot think of anything new, try turning things upside-down. Instead of focusing on how you could solve a problem/improve operations/enhance a product, consider how could you create the problem/worsen operations/downgrade the product. 32. Mind Map possible ideas. 33. Get someone else perspective. 34. Your mind needs the rest, and will often come up with connections precisely when it isn't trying to make them. 35. Take a problem and ask yourself questions "What attributes of this item could help us solve our problem? 36. Positive reinforcement helps you perform better. 37. Change of environment. 38. Shut off the Phone, close the door, divert your phone calls and then think. 39. Be easygoing. 40. Bring on people who love what they do. 11. IDEA GENERATION AT WORKPLACE 41. Out of the box ideas and problem-solving approaches helps push your product forward. 42. Encourage different perspectives 43. Reimagining what work should look like, and youll be surprised at the impact it will have on your teams energy and creativity. 44. Surround yourself with creative thinkers. 45. Immerse yourself in a real problem 46. Keep an idea journal. 47. Be Experimental. 48. Create a Greenhouse for your ideas. 49. Unleash Intrapreneurship 50. Create a supportive environment. 12. THANK YOU Thank You