Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom

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Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom Designed By: au/
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Transcript of Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom

  1. 1. Ideas For Decorat ii nngg YYoouurr BBeeddrroooommDesigned By:hhttttpp::////wwwwww..eemmmmaassddeessiiggnn..ccoomm..aauu//
  2. 2. Make Si tt tt ii nngg AArrrraannggeemmeenntt ssTr y t o place a small sof a or somechair s so t hat your guest s cansit comf or t ably.But avoid placing chair s near t hecloset ar ea.
  3. 3. Appl yy CCll aassssii cc CCooll oorrssFor bedr oom, whit e and blue ar et he per f ect color combinat ion.Exper iment wit h var ious color s ofblue while choosing pillow cover ,bed cover and ot her s.
  4. 4. HHaanngg aa PPaaii nntt ii nnggPaint ings ar e not only f or dr awing r ooms.You may hang a lar ge paint ing on yourbedr oom wall and make sur e t hat t het heme of paint ing mat ches wit h yourbedr oom f ur nit ur e sydney.
  5. 5. UUssee LLii gghhtt CCuurrtt aaii nnssI f you do not want t oo much sunlightt hen you may decor at e your windowwit h light weight cur t ains.I n t his way, your r oom will look br ightand welcoming as well.
  6. 6. CCoonntt aacctt UUssFor mor e ideas you may cont act her e:Addr ess :156-158 Par r amat t a Rd (ent r yvia Cor unna Lane)St anmor e NSW 2048Websit e:ht t p:/ /