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IT’S ALL ABOUT HEALTH, WELL-BEING, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & MUCH MORE Helping you to achieve your potential This month’s features HEALTHY MIND HEALTHY BODY IDENTITIES CHANGED MY LIFE CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY WOMEN MEAN BUSINESS SUCCESS IN THE MAKING supporting your financial, physical and emotional health today MAKING THE MOST OF SUMMER Ideas to get you and your family out and about this summer Supporting this magazine, supports your community. * Identities is a not-for-profit organisation, more details see back cover. ISSUE 1 / AUGUST 2011 FUTURE ADDITIONS WILL BE BY SUBSCRIPTION, PLEASE SEE PAGE 8 FOR MORE DETAILS OR £2.95 PER ISSUE MAGAZINE FREE LAUNCH EDITION


The launch of the positive publication brought to you by Identities for Women Doncaster.

Transcript of Id magazine launch

Page 1: Id magazine launch

It’s all about

HealtH, well-being, personal development & mucH moreHelping you to achieve your potential

This month’s featuresHealtHy Mind HealtHy Body

identities cHanged My life

cHoose to Be Happy

woMen Mean Business

success in tHe Making

supporting your financial, physical and emotional health today

making tHe most of summer Ideas to get you and your family out and about this summer

Supporting this magazine, supports your community.

* Identities is a not-for-profit organisation, more details see back cover.

ISSue 1 / auguSt 2011

Future addItIonS wIll be by SubScrIptIon, pleaSe See

page 8 For more detaIlS or £2.95 per ISSue

m a g a z i n e

free launcH edition

Page 2: Id magazine launch

Content3 Welcome

4 Creating Menstrual Health/Doing it Our Way!

5 Finding Your Feet

6 Identities for Men

7 Platform 51

8 Take a look at Identities

9 Subscription Form

10 Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

11 Identities changed my life...

To value and support individuals with their wellbeing, personal growth, achievement and leadership.


id magazine

downloadable reportSFive Steps to Reclaim Your Identity And Unlock 5 Secrets to Clever Advertising.

Available until end September.

It’s All About ConfIdenCeIt’s All About Confidence is a new confidence building and drama project, which works toward an annual performance each year at Doncaster Little Theatre.

We have some amazing support from the Little Theatre and Chris Holt, an actor and fully qualified drama practitioner.

Joining us will give a boost to your confidence and self-worth; you will learn new talents and skills and have fun with a great bunch of people.



712 Success in the Making

13 Women Mean Busines

14 Family Fun in the Sun

15 Choose to be Happy

16 Network Members Benefits and Discounts

WIN A £10.00 GIFT




Contact Lisa Butterworth for more information Email: [email protected]

See page 4 for information on next performance. our mission


Page 3: Id magazine launch

WelcomeIdentities was developed in 2007, based on the core belief that everyone has a right to their own individuality. It was always our intention to create a

resource of varied support and not a ‘one size fits all’ package.

t he core service of Identities is our dedicated life progression programmes. This supports individuals to build confidence and achieve their life goals.

However, true to our intention we also offer online resources, which support women. It’s All About Confidence is a drama and confidence building project, which gives participants the chance to star in their own annual performance at Doncaster Little Theatre. Oh, and of course there’s the Id magazine, produced to support your financial, physical, mental and spiritual health.

Our promise to you is that our activities and resources will always be affordable, relevant and developed from your needs!

We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation, which means that all the profits we make go back into services for members. So by using our services you are helping Identities to grow into an interconnected hub of support.

We are so proud of our caring, sharing network, which people of all backgrounds and abilities want to be a part of. You can be a part of this network in any way you wish, whether it’s to utilise our services, be part of our delivery team, volunteer or support the work that we do. Whoever you are and however you want to be involved, we welcome you.

Our service has developed through the needs of others and I would like to say a big thank you to them all. They have made Identities the organisation that it is today.This first hard copy of id magazine will help us reach a wider audience. We hope you enjoy its contents and your feedback is most welcome, so please get in touch, [email protected]

Enjoy the read.

subscribe to tHe identities network today!Subscribe today and receive 6 id magazines to your door and a host of other benefits. page 10 for more details.

calling all women in business!Do you want afforDable aDvertiSing opportunitieS in iD magazine anD our online memberS Directory?see page 8 for more details

women mean business worksHopsIdentities will be delivering a 3 session programme of workshops to support women new to business or those who have been in business 6 months or more. these informative workshops will help participants:

deal with rejection and build commercial resilience.

communicate their vision effectively and fit the business around the many other roles they have.

create a ‘can do’ attitude in this current unstable climate.

see page 13 for more details and booking information


“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.”

Belva Davis

News update


Editor michelle Swann [email protected]

Page 4: Id magazine launch

n the 7th September you can meet the staff and customers of Brandaways, as they embark on a chaotic charity

game show. It promises to be an evening of laughter, fun and games, (with a few prizes thrown in too) following the antics of hilarious, interesting and totally whacky characters.

This is the second performance produced by Identities, shown at Doncaster Little Theatre. Last October, ‘For One Night Only, It’s All About Me’ played to a sell-out crowd. The delivery team and some beneficiaries of Identities’ services made up the cast of eleven, who were all totally new to the experience of acting. Claire Howe (Nee Hodgson) who came to Identities to attend a confidence building programme took the lead role and led the show in her portrayal of Eve, a fictional character, who found herself lost, low in confidence and self-belief, until she eventually turned her life around. You can read about Claire’s journey in this edition of Id Magazine and

by watching our promotional film on the website,

The team are developing their skills and unleashing their talents with the support of Chris Holt, actor/tutor and Doncaster Little Theatre.

‘We really couldn’t have done this without them, they have been an amazing support to us’ said Michelle Swann, founder of Identities. ‘Because of their support we have been able to take our skills and talents one step further this time. Four of the team have actually written a full script, based on the creative ideas of the group! Last year, a lot of people were disappointed, as tickets sold out in the first few weeks, so please make sure you book your seats!’

If anyone would like to join the team as an extra or to support backstage on show night, please contact Lisa Butterworth for more information, email: [email protected]

Identities presents …

Doing It Our Way!

identities welcoMes alexandra pope to yorksHire for a tHird year!

identities presents:creating menstrual HealtHa transformative new approach to healing and wellbeing based on the power of your menstrual cycle.

Yes it’s back, identities’ annual performance to make You laugh, crY and think

it’s an absolute joy to have Alexandra back with us again this year, to deliver

her amazing menstrual health work. Whether you are having problems in your menstrual cycle or moving through the menopause, this workshop is for you.

Getting to know your own unique cycle and learning how to cope with the ups and downs it brings each month really does bring a new sense of empowerment and lease of life. Alexandra is a passionate and soulful facilitator who has transformed the way the menstrual cycle is perceived.

Alexandra explains the applications of her work:

“Menstrual cycle awareness is central to many aspects of a girl’s and a woman’s life and how she ‘does business’ in the world.”

For example:

women’s health – a woman in touch with her cycle, co–operating with its natural rhythm of activity and rest, is practicing preventative medicine, and can use it as a guide to her overall well-being and as a basis for understanding the transition of menopause.

coaching and leadership – the cycle gives a woman direct access to and a deeply embodied understanding of the creative process, it is a natural inner guide and motivating force and provides a means to deepen her inner authority. It is the woman’s way for creating a successful, sustainable life.

id magazine4

Places will be taken quickly so please book early. For more information about Alexandra’s work, visit her website

DONCASTER9.45am-5.00pmSaturday 19th November 2011

COST:£45 per person

You will receive a 10% discount when you purchase a Gold or Platinum Membership Package from Identities.

CONTACT:Michelle Swann

07905 939066


Do you suffer from menstrual problems? Would you like to learn a new approach to healing and discover a personal development journey custom made for you?

Understanding the power of your menstrual cycle – physically, psychologically and spiritually – is your key as a woman to experiencing wellbeing, fertility and empowerment. In this experiential and highly informative workshop you will learn how to restore your connection to the intelligence and creative resources of the cycle and use this knowledge to heal symptoms and experience a new feeling of power and possibility.

ALEXANDRA POPEWith over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, Alexandra has pioneered a new approach to women’s psychological and spiritual development based on the power of the menstrual cycle, and the journey from menarche to menopause.

Author of The Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation (Sally Milner Publishing, 2001), The Woman’s Quest (a 13-session self-guiding course unfolding the power of the cycle) and co-author of The Pill: are you sure it’s for you (Allen and Unwin, 2008), she now works as a facilitator, coach and healer across the UK and Europe offering programmes for women based on her work.

To read what women are saying about the power of this work go to:

Email: [email protected] or visit our website:

a one day worksHopfor women

Page 5: Id magazine launch

but whether it’s self-belief or a belief in something higher, your ability to hold onto your vision is paramount when it comes to achieving your desires. A great way of keeping the end goal in mind is to keep bringing yourself back to basics. I liken this to the

difference between walking and running. The slower we walk the more focused, grounded and stable we feel. Whereas when running, our body is in the air most of the time and can easily be knocked off balance. So, whether it’s your first step on the ladder of success or your millionth, always try to remember where you came from and, perhaps even more important, where you are going.

An equal balance of air and earth is perhaps the greatest combination you could employ in order to remain productive. Often we have too much hot air demanding things to be different or desiring things we cannot have. But not always do we have the ability to get what we want. In spiritual terms, the root chakra (energy centre) represents the earth, it is our foundation: friends, family, manual labour, food and water. It is the premise for planting seeds of growth, without which we would become unstable. When we live in our heads too much, striving to achieve the impossible, we are effectively moving away from our root of happiness and contentment. With this in mind, could it be that the ultimate goal is for us to learn how to balance both the tangible (earth) and intangible (air) parts of life? By doing this perhaps we can learn to run, whilst maintaining the stability and mindfulness of walking.

Walking or standing with mindfulness is a great way of bringing yourself back to your earth chakra and reclaiming your headspace. You can do this at any point in the day and it doesn’t involve anything complicated. It is a simple way of reminding yourself that you are protected and supported by mother earth; whatever the situation, you can count on her stability. To do this, simply let go of your airy thoughts and relax into the comfort of the earth by giving the weight of your body to the anchor of your feet. Pretty soon you will notice your breath, mind and body falling into harmony.

finding your feetIt is the beginning of a new chapter for Identities: The scene has been set, the cast are in place and the story is beginning to unfold. What was once an idea has now become reality - and a successful one at that! The Id Magazine is tangible evidence that a network of truly remarkable and successful people exists in our Borough. However, I am sure they and you will agree, when I say that success doesn’t come overnight. It takes lots of patience, hard work and, perhaps above all, faith to become truly successful.

next issuein the next edition, i will include an article on walking meditation and it’s many benefits. glen monks is a qualified yoga teacher and a regular contributor to the id magazine. 5

Email: [email protected] or visit our website:

Page 6: Id magazine launch

Build your Future with identities – a liFe coaching programme For mencontact michelle for further details m: 07905 939066 e: [email protected]

id magazine6

Page 7: Id magazine launch

doncaster woMen’s centre 21 Cleveland STreeT, donCaSTer, dn1 3eH

To Book, ConTaCT lIlIan BeCkIngHaM

tel:01302 309 800

tuesdays 10aM-12noon


26tH July2nd august6tH august16tH august23rd august30tH august

MeeT Make


Rug Making





Page 8: Id magazine launch

You told us you wanted regular meetings to support your health, wellbeing and personal development.

You insisted they had to be affordable. And finally you wanted the content to be relevant

and accessible to all.Identities is YOUR caring, sharing network, so we listened to your requests...

We are proud to be launching fortnightly meetings at various locations from October 2011. The meetings will be facilitated by Identities presenters and will last for 1½ - 2 hours, providing health, wellbeing and life coaching support for women.

BENEFITS INCLuDE: Improved confidence and self-worth, transformational and personal growth opportunities, health awareness, a social space to meet new friends, support to achieve goals and aspirations, speakers on topical and relevant issues and a host of discounts and offers, from businesses connected to the network.

The meetings are for anyone who: Needs time and space away from the family to focus on themselves. Would like to build their confidence and self-worth. Would like to connect with like-minded people. Would like encouragement to pursue life dreams and goals. Wants to have FUN doing all of the above.

We are looking for presenters to set up meetings in all areas of South Yorkshire so please contact Michelle if you would like to join the leadership programme starting in August.Email Michelle at: [email protected] our website or local press for details of meetings starting in your area or contact the team at: [email protected]

and let us surprise you with... New Membership Packages for individuals and businesses.

Membership Benefits and Discounts.

Id Magazine, our new Health and Wellbeing Publication.

Regular health, wellbeing and personal development meetings – starting soon!

Step into Identities today and improve your financial, physical and emotional health and open yourself up to a network of opportunities!

our memberships support your wellbeing and success...

GOld mEmbERSHip fOR iNdividuAlS, juSt £12.00 pER yEAR

Six Id Magazines delivered to your door.

Receive a loyalty card to start receiving discounts and benefits from Identities and Platinum Member Services.

Earn money with Identities with our Associate Package.

Access the online services directory and support buying local and women in business.

plAtiNum mEmbERSHip fOR buSiNESSES, juSt £25.00 pER yEAR fOR SmAll buSiNESSES ANd NOt fOR pROfitS*

One year entry in the Online Services Directory.

50% discount off your first advert in Id Magazine and editorial opportunities too!

Purchase Id Magazines at trade prices for your customers.

Earn money with Identities with our Associate Package.

Discounts and benefits from Identities and fellow Platinum member services .

Sm r tadver t i s i ng

OUT?YourMessage2500 full colour flyers designed and

printed for just £120.00 YourMessage







Take a look aT IdenTITIeSIf you Have Seen uS Before, THen Take a freSH look …

for more information visit:

Step into Identities and become the person you deserve to be!

visit: *If you are a business with more than 12 employees contact us for prices and benefits

regular HealtH, wellbeing and personal development


id magazine8

Page 9: Id magazine launch

We value your opinions so let us know what you think about the launch edition of id magazine!tell us what you liked, didn’t like or if we could have done anything better by emailing the team at:[email protected] with fEEdbACK in the subject line.

Subscribe nowMEMBERSHIP SuBSCRIPTION FORMfor more information visit:

What do you think?

plEASE CHOOSE yOuR SubSCRiptiON by tiCKiNG tHE AppROpRiAtE bOx

Gold membership for individuals – If you want support from our services and are not a business owner, this package is for you.Cost: £12.00 per year

platinum membership for business owners – If you are a woman in business and want to create some leverage on your products or service then this one is for you.Cost: £25.00 per year

GOld ANd plAtiNum SubSCRibERS plEASE Add yOuR pERSONAl dEtAilS HERE fOR OuR RECORdSFull Name:

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Telephone: Fax:



Business area: (i.e. education and training, holistic therapist, life coach)

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Signature: Date:

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please email your logo for your directory page to: [email protected]

please make cheques payable to identities cic and post to: identities, the base, marshgate, Doncaster, South yorkshire, Dn5 8af

if you have any problems completing this form. contact michelle Swann on: 07905 939066 or email: [email protected]

If you are a business owner and would like to provide promotional offers to other members of the network please give full details of your offer below: Example: I would like to offer Identities members 10% off my services, or a free gift if they purchase services worth over £30.

I would not like to include a promotional offer:

Write your offer details here: .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


At d

o you thInkId


Page 10: Id magazine launch

Many scientists and psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud believed so. They suggested that our body and

psyche are linked; that most illnesses are is a result of some kind of imbalance in the physical body resulting in disease.

Although it is important to understand that illness and disease are a natural part of life, it is always worth exploring the emotional and physical connections, when faced with health challenges.

In each edition we will choose an everyday illness and highlight some of the connections associated with it. The information we present is the result of many years of research by metaphysical (the study of the nature of human beings) scientists and further reading on each subject is highly recommended. By taking a gradual approach towards change you can begin to chip away at some of the old issues, which might have been causing your health to suffer.

possible Imbalances:Your symptoms may be due to unresolved issues around rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal or injustice. Some of these issues may have arisen during childhood, where they can become embedded internally in the subconscious; before these issues can be worked through, a person needs to accept this notion consciously. Then, he or she needs to be open to the fact that they govern their own future, based on the actions they employ today.

Keeping a journal can help you to address some of your unresolved issues. Simply begin by noting any downturns in your mood, and then pin point any triggers that you think may have contributed to this. You do not have to try and change anything at this stage; simply making a mental note

will begin to address the problem. Remain optimistic throughout your journaling period and your innate nature will soon restore harmony having been presented with the facts in black and white. This can help immensely in getting your life back on track and you will be able to enjoy a more fulfilling life – happy journaling!

You can read more about metaphysical causes of illness and disease in the book: ‘Your body is telling you – love yourself’ by Lise Bourbeau. You can purchase this book from Amazon through the Identities website, whilst helping to support our work. index.php/resources/identities-recommended-books

Click on the Amazon logo or a recommended book.

Steph Birkinshaw always wanted to work for herself and have a thriving business. So, after leaving college, a short period working at Doncaster Women’s Centre, and despite the country’s recession, she set up her business, Beauty by Steph, providing mobile beauty treatments around the Doncaster area.

What’s really important to Steph is that she offers value for money, so all her prices are competitive. Beauty by Steph offers manicures, pedicures, massage, facials and eye treatments to name but a few. Steph offers a professional service in the privacy of your home at a time convenient to you. She will also come to the workplace. She has a special treat for Identities members, 10% discount on all treatments.

If you like to relax in the comfort of your own home or if time is precious then book Beauty by Steph, a mobile beauty therapist providing affordable, high quality treatments.

For appointments or more info please telephone or text Stephanie Birkinshaw on 07597 968177 or 01302 858633

A qualified NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapist offering a professional service in comfort and privacy of your own home at a time convenient to you.

10% Discount for group booking of 3 or more. Why not have a girls night in?



on all t


for iD


s mem


Healthy Mind, Healthy BodyCan spiritual, emotional or mental issues have an impact on our health?

THIS MONTH’S TOPIC IS DEPRESSIONcommon symptoms: • Lossofinterestorlackofpleasure.• Hopelessnessordespondency.• Exhaustion,lackofenergy.• Lackofconcentrationorwithdrawal.

id magazine10

Page 11: Id magazine launch

why did you start an Identities programme?

After my children started school I started thinking about what I wanted to do now that I had time for myself again. Thinking of trying something new I enrolled on a few courses at my local Children’s Centre.

When a course called Health and Wellbeing came up I thought it sounded interesting, and it really was. I began to learn things about myself, and how I could make my life better. This lead on to an Identities programme. This was when I really began to realise that I needed to work on certain areas of my life, things that I thought I had dealt with, but really I had just buried in the back of my mind.

At this time I had low confidence and felt like I had lost myself; I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted from life and how to get it.

HowhasIdentitiesmadeadifference to your life?

When I was 14, my Dad died. It wasn’t until talking about this on the Identities course that I realised I had been trying to hang on to him, and hadn’t properly dealt with the loss. This had affected every area of my life and it was the reason I had lost myself; a part of me was still living as a 14 year old.

Through many weeks of sadness, laughter and tears I learned that letting my Dad go didn’t mean letting the memories go too. I wasn’t losing him, just releasing him – and myself.

I also started to let go of the anger and bitterness that I still felt about this time in my life. When I had done this I was finally able to think about what I wanted from my life now.

Alongside this, and maybe because of this, I wanted to work on my confidence. For a long time I was too worried about how other people viewed me. Now I know that what’s important is how I view myself, and I’m happier and more confident in myself than I have ever been.

Identitieschanged my life...

By Claire Howe

what has been your best Identities moment?

As the course came to an end, the opportunity came up through Identities to complete a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector course at Northern College.

A few months before I wouldn’t have felt able to do this, but I felt that I was ready to move on and learn new things. I also knew this would help me to use my journey to help others, and this was what I really wanted to do.

At the same time Identities decided to put on a performance, a perfect chance for me to

test my new found confidence and push me out of my comfort zone.

The whole journey from start to finish was amazing. I felt every emotion during the rehearsals and performance, scared, excited and at times even wondering if I could actually do it. Well I did, and as soon as it finished I wished I could do it again.

From the success of the performance, and achieving so much personal gain from it, I am delighted that I now have the chance to bring this experience to other women through delivering workshops about confidence building and acting skills.

In the last 2 years, I have learned so much about myself and although I feel that I have come so far, I know that this is just the beginning of my journey, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 11

Page 12: Id magazine launch


Success in the making

id magazine12

note from the owner of THE EATING WHOLE: a place to enjoy wholesome, healthy and beneficial food. Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or are on a medically

restricted diet, our cafe/restaurant on Copley Road, Doncaster is the place to visit!

All of my dishes are lovingly and skilfully prepared to suit your taste buds, and most diets. Strictly cooking with no meat, I source fresh daily produce from local farmers to ensure the ultimate in quality, taste and freshness. This all helps you to sustain a well balanced diet!

Eating Whole provides a relaxed, quiet and tranquil surrounding. From light lunches, eat in or take away, to exciting evening dishes in our upstairs restaurant. Our 50 seat establishment provides ample room: from an intimate couple dining together, to a large celebration occasion. We also offer outside catering, providing dishes of your choice, for business lunches, office parties or grand occasions. Better still why not bring your function to us!

I have been a wholesome eater and vegetarian for 22 years and have realised that more often than not, people who dedicate their eating habits to healthy options feel far more energetic and less tired. This is why I take a holistic approach to my cooking.

From Light Lunches & Dainty Desserts to Heart Warming Dishes.Serving delicious stir fries, curries and risotto etc. each served with basmati rice or buckwheat, fresh vegetables or salad.

whether you’re on the go or have time to sit down and relax, we cater for your needs.

Licensed vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe

25 copley road, doncaSter. For evenIng bookIngS and SpecIal occaSIonS call 0750 2293703

he Flower House on Balby Rd is the brain child of 30 year old Lindsey, who, after completing an A level in arts and textiles, decided she wanted to work with nature’s colourful palette.

She says, “I am at my happiest when arranging the beautiful colours and to share this gift with others is a real blessing.”

With the help of her family the shop has now been running for 6 months and business is growing from strength to strength. She is particularly inspired by wedding flowers and arrangements which seem to best suit her artistic flair. She is available to visit and discuss your wedding flower ideas in the convenience of your own home. Perhaps her artistic flair could help you to choose the right flowers for your special day.

New to business, Lindsey also welcomes the help of the Id Magazine to help her gain new ideas and inspiration to ensure her business venture will last for many years to come. She is open to discussing flower packages for special events and promotions.

With a kind offer of 10% discount on all orders placed by Identities membership card holders, why not give Lindsey a call and make a saving today.

Page 13: Id magazine launch

Mean BusinessWomen

vENuE: Doncaster CvS, 5/6 Trafford Court, Doncaster, DN1 1PN

COSt: £5 per session– To get the most benefit out of these sessions, you ideally would need to attend all three.

TIME: 10.00am—12.00pm

SESSiON 1 – 9th AugustDealing with Rejection and Building Commercial Resilience.

SESSiON 2 – 16th AugustCommunicating Your vision Effectively and Maintaining Work Life Balance.

SESSiON 3 – 23rd AugustCreating a ‘Can Do’ attitude and finding business networking that works for you.

Would you like to expand your vision and create a ‘can do’ attitude that will push your business forward?

For more information visit: or

3 Sessions for Women who are new to self employment or have been in business for 6 months onwards.

WE CAN HELP YOU BY: Helpingyoutodealwithrejectioninawaythatdoesn’t

affectyouemotionally,tobuildyourcommercialresilience! Helpingyoutofityourbusinessaroundyourmanyrolesasa

womanwhilsthavingagreatworklifebalance. Helpingyoutocommunicateyourbusinessmessagebetter

toensurethatyouaretakenseriously. Helpingyoutofindtherightnetworkinggroupforyouand

yourbusiness,whereyouwilllearntolovenetworking. Intheseinformativeworkshopsyouwillbegiventhetools


TO BOOk YOUr PLACE:PleasecontacttheSocialEnterpriseTeamatDoncasterCVSon:01302 343300oremail:[email protected]


Nomination deadline: September 21st, 2011 Awards dinner: November 16th, 2011

More information:

cHris Holt drama worksHops/ facilitationAre you An estAblished drAmA group And wAnt to enhAnce your skills? or Are you A group wAnting to put on A show?

I can cater for your drama needs; I lead group workshops from beginners to advanced levels as well as specific workshops based on theatre practitioners. I can facilitate your theatre project, raising the standard to professional level.For more information and for testimonials from existing clients please email me at: [email protected]

Women in Enterprise

Doncaster CVS is offering a new

service - providing specialist support

to help enterprising women develop in Doncaster

Do you have the seed of an enterprising idea? Or do you

want to develop and grow your existing business?

Then why not contact Doncaster CVS?

We can offer:

Business Advice Business planning, help with feasibility studies, marketing,

financial planning, training and development, monitoring and

evaluating, quality assurance, human resource management,

tendering and contracts, information and good practice, local,

regional and national networks, research, and much more…..

Signposting to Other sources of help and advice

Women in Business Networks, or to find new business


Other services offered by Doncaster CVS e.g. payroll and

pension, HR Advice, delivering quality, training and networks

To find out more about how Doncaster CVS can help your

business, contact the team at:

Doncaster CVS,

Units 5-6 Trafford Court,


DN1 1PN Tel: 01302 343300



Page 14: Id magazine launch

The summer holidays can be an expensive time to keep children entertained so here are some ideas to get you and your family out and about:

Check out your local council website, many have free or low cost activities, e.g. Doncaster MBC What’s on guide.

visit your local museum. They often run activities for children during the holidays.

Check out local community centres, there might be something for adults too!

Pack a picnic and some outdoor toys and head towards your local park.

A day trip to a nearby seaside with a local coach company shouldn’t cost no more than £12 and what about taking a bucket and spade for the beach and having fish and chips whilst looking out to sea!

visit your local Tourist Information and pick up a Town Trail Map. Children will love hunting for the clues and you may find something out about your town that you never knew.

Taking into account British weather, be prepared to throw down a rug and eat your picnic in your house.

Empty your airing cupboard and build a den.

Make a treasure trail for the children to follow around the house. A small treat at the end is sure to keep them guessing!

Check out the website:

relax, Have fun and set goals for september

summertime is a wonderful time of year and hopefully we have the warmth, the special mix of flora that seems to get more stunning each year and the light nights. for some it’s a time of

relaxation and recharging and for others it’s 6 weeks of uninterrupted time with the children.

for us here at identities, summer is a quiet time. our training ceases due to holidays, so it gives us the perfect opportunity to evaluate our services, do some tweaks if needed and set goals for September, in readiness for training services resuming again.

September and January are our busiest times and excellent months for anyone who wants to make a new start and achieve a dream or aspiration. So whatever your summer is going to be, make sure you find time to re-charge your energies, have fun and set goals for September!

Family Fun in the Sun

Wow, Summer is on us already!

Whatever you decide to do this summer, remember it’s the simple things that will create the greatest memories for you and your children.

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n these difficult and changing times, there is a lot of time and energy being put into “being happy”. Happiness Projects are run by the Government,

Charities, Spiritual Organisations; even online you can tap into the happiness trend and become part of the happiness tribe.

As a Life Coach and emotional health consultant, I am always listening for the message behind the message when a client visits me for the first time, and it always seems they are unhappy for a reason, but it is never the reason they think.

Mostly we live our lives backwards i.e. I will be happy when I get that

promotion. I will be happy if I get that car. I will be happy when I move house. I will be happy if I had a partner.

The trouble with this type of thinking is that something outside of you has to happen for you to be happy. WRONG! Here’s the secret… and I’m sharing it with you because I want you to be happy… Happiness is an inside job! Now I have let the cat out of the bag what are you going to do about it? Here are some questions you could ask yourself.

Firstly, sit in a chair; get comfortable with pen and paper. Take a few minutes to be silent and just breathe gently in and out. As you breathe in imagine you are breathing in “inspiration”, on the out breath let go of all tension and rambling thoughts. NOW, take a look at the questions and then let the answers come from deep inside.

How do you cHoose to be Happy?

What things do you do on a daily basis to keep you happy?

What is one thing you HAvE tO dO that makes you happy?

What makes you feel good?

What do you find fun, energising, challenging, satisfying?

What makes you feel bad? What are the sources of anger, anxiety and frustrations in your life?

do you have resources that help stimulate your growth & development?

does your environment nurture your spirit?

What boundaries have you put in place to ensure your happiness?

does your life reflect your values?

Are you living up to your expectations for yourself?

in what areas of your life do you find progress, challenge, and mastery?

When you have identified what brings you joy and fulfilment, you can then make new resolutions to give your happiness a boost. Then it is about keeping to those resolutions.

Be Happy☺margaret Abraham Life Coach/Emotional Health Consultant

MikeY’s MoneY sAving

Where possible, use vouchers and discount codes for all sorts of goods and services. A good place to start would be to sign up for a free weekly newsletter from the Money Saving Expert at:, where you can follow links to a huge variety of savings, from restaurant to clothing to drinks vouchers.

When buying things such as DvDs, Games and Music online, compare prices between a number of trusted websites to find the best price. These websites include; Play, Amazon, HMv, Tesco and zavvi (all of these sites include free delivery of items).

If you have any unwanted gold or silver, try your local jewellery shops in town, but make sure you go to a few and don’t take the first price that’s given to you.

Family Fun in the Sun

just find the sunshine, ice cream and shell in id magazine. Send us the page numbers by postcard to:

The Base, Marshgate, Doncaster, DN5 8AF or email: [email protected] with ‘Competition’ in the subject line.

Don’t forget to include your name, address and contact telephone or email.

How do you choose to be Happy?

WIN a £10.00

gift voucher!

find me...find me...


sunshine ice cream shell

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