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iCMR at CHOP. Yoav Dori, MD PhD The Children ’ s Hospital of Philadelphia. Personnel. CHOP cathlab: Yoav Dori MD PhD – Interventional cardiology CHOP MRI: Mark A. Fogel MD – Cardiac MRI Kevin Whitehead MD – Cardiac MRI. Setup. ♥ Siemens XFM suite – Avanto and Artis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of iCMR at CHOP

X-ray Magnetic Resonance Fusion to Internal Markers and Utility in Congenital Heart Disease Catheterization Yoav Dori, MD PhD Cardiac XMR The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia


Yoav Dori, MD PhDThe Childrens Hospital of PhiladelphiaPersonnel

CHOP cathlab:Yoav Dori MD PhD Interventional cardiology

CHOP MRI:Mark A. Fogel MD Cardiac MRIKevin Whitehead MD Cardiac MRI


Siemens XFM suite Avanto and Artis

Currently in the process of setting up the MRI for iCMR proceduresProcedures Performed at CHOP

Congenital heart disease procedures

Diagnostic catheterization and hemodynamic assessment

Interventional procedures: PDA, VSD, ASD closure Coarctation angioplasty and stenting Balloon pulmonary and aortic valvuloplasty Pulmonary artery angioplasty and stenting Melody valve implantation XFM guided procedures Many other structural heart disease interventionsResearch and Procedures Interested in Performing Under iCMR Guidance

iCMR guided EP

iCMR guided intramyocardial injections

PV loop analysis of myocardial mechanics in single ventricle physiology

Combined MRI and cath based hemodynamics assessment of complex circuitsNext Milestones

Complete set up of the MRI room for iCMR procedures

Setup system for hemodynamic monitoring in the MRI scanner

Perform combined MRI and cath based hemodynamics assessment of complex circuitsLimiting Factors

Device tracking

Lack of MRI compatible wires and catheters

Difficult to perform procedures in the scanner

Room setup