ICLEI Council - Decision Making Session - 18 June 2009

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Transcript of ICLEI Council - Decision Making Session - 18 June 2009



  • Stephen Kabuye, Mayor of Entebbe, Uganda, Ex Officio
  • Marian Nieuwoudt, Councillor, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor, Kyoto, Japan
  • Kim, Yong-Seo, Mayor, Suwon City, Republic of Korea
  • Ra, Jin-Goo, Vice Mayor, City of Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Eduardo Jorge Alves Sobrinho Martins, Secretary of Environment, Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Cathy Oke, Councillor, City of Melbourne, Australia
  • Peter Matic, Councillor, City of Brisbane, Australia
  • Aniruddhe Mukerjee, Municipal Corp. of Gwalior, India
  • Hansa Patel, All India Institute, India
  • Per Bdker Andersen, Mayor, City of Kolding, Denmark
  • Jyrki Myllyvirta, Mayor, City of Lahti, Finland
  • Dieter Salomon, Mayor, City of Freiburg, Germany
  • Margaret Pageler, Seattle, U.S.A.
  • Martin J. Chvez, Mayor, Alburquerque, U.S.A.
  • Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade County, U.S.A.
  • Stephen Mandel, Mayor, Edmonton, Canada
  • Pam O`Connor, Mayor Pro Tempore, Santa Monica, U.S.A.

3. STRATEGIC OUTCOMESFROM THISWORLD CONGRESS - YOUR INPUT 4. Radical change / Radical Leadership Understand it, Localize it, Customize it, and Humanize it Integrated Action peak everything Make the business case Behaviour changes / Production patterns 5. ICLEIwill LEADthe CHANGE 6. LOCAL SOLUTIONS 7. ENGAGEMENT OF CHOICE INTEGRATED APPROACHES 8. Turn resource efficient Become climate neutral Turn the economy green Become resilient To come together 9. CONTINUE TO OFFER COMPREHENSIVE ACTION 10. SustainabilityManagement 11. SustainableProcurement 12. ResilientCities 13. Cities forClimate Protection 14. Water 15. Local Actionfor Biodiversity (Including Urban Agriculture / Food Security) 16. LocalRenewables 17. EcoMobility 18. OFFERSUPPORTSERVICES 19. PARTNERSHIPADVOCACY 20. MEMBERDISTINCTION 21. CORNERSTONES OF ICLEIs STRATEGY ENDORSEMENT 22. ICLEI willLEAD the CHANGE further ideas 23. Local Actionfor Biodiversity 24.

  • It is recommended:
  • That the ICLEI Council adopts Local Action for Biodiversity as a global ICLEI Programme, as outlined in the graphic.
  • That the ICLEI Africa Secretariat be appointed to lead the Initiative and facilitate ICLEI internal coordination.
  • That ICLEI shall work in close cooperation with IUCN in further planning, developing and implementing the biodiversity program.
  • ICLEI and IUCN shall continue to partner with the UN-CBD Secretariat and cooperate with the Global Partnership Cities and Biodiversity.
  • The ICLEI Biodiversity Programme shall establish an Advisory Committee, including representatives of committed Members, as well as policy and scientific partners.

25. Global South 26.

  • Endorsement Proposal from theFull Members:Durban, Entebbe, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Shimla, Bogor, Science City Muoz
  • ICLEIs Strategic Plan clearly reflects ICLEIs recognition that the local authorities and cities of the developed world as ecological debtors have a responsibility to act immediately in addressing their accountability towards the cities and local authorities from the Global South, i.e. ecological creditors.
  • The ICLEI World Secretariat actively pursues partnerships and opportunities to assist ICLEI regions from the Global South to grow their ICLEI membership and activities.
  • The ICLEI World Secretariat actively pursues opportunities for annual regional meetings of its Global South members, especially for the regions of Africa, South East Asia, South Asia, and LACS (including Mexico).
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  • The ICLEI Executive Committee appoints a Task Force, lead by the Vice President and the Deputy Secretary General of ICLEI, and including the regional and national heads of the Global South offices of ICLEI, to investigate further the specific needs of its Global South members and to develop a Programme and Plan of Action for the Global South to be mainstreamed in the ICLEI Strategic Plan. The Task Force should present the Programme and Plan of Action to the Executive Committee at its next meeting for approval and immediate implementation.
  • The Programme and Plan of Action for the Global South should be based on the three pillars of sustainable development, namely environmental, social and economic sustainability and include the following thematic areas:
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    • energy security and equitable access to energy
    • climate change adaptation and resilience at the local level, including disaster risk management
    • food security
    • integrated water resource management and sanitation
    • sustainable urban planning and equitable land use
    • capacity building, skills development and education
    • promotion of the Green Economy, job creation and poverty alleviation
    • biodiversity and the sustainable supply of ecosystem services.
  • The Task Force annually reports back to the ICLEI Executive Committee (as well as to the ICLEI Council at its next World Congress) on implementation of the Programme and Plan of Action for the Global South

29. YoungMunicipal Leaders 30.

  • Therefore we urge ICLEI to:
  • Create a Young Municipal Leaders Working Group, with full support of the
  • Secretariat, to develop and implement an action plan in that may include, and is not limited to:
  • Developing a network of young leaders at the regional and global levels;
  • Developing a program for exchange opportunities, where young leaders could learn from other municipalities and link with other young leaders;
  • Make recommendations for increasing the voice of young leaders within ICLEI;
  • Developing a program for encouraging international involvement of Young Leaders at major sustainability events;
  • Consultation of Young Leaders on the development of ICLEI strategy and major projects.
  • Improving access to, and the presentation of ICLEI information about innovative projects and research, for the benefit of the broadest possible audience of young leaders.
  • Edmonton is the proud host of the 2009 ICLEI World Congress - a conference on advancing local environment initiatives.


  • Dieter Salomon, Mayor, City of Freiburg, Germany
  • Stephen Mandel, Mayor, Edmonton, Canada
  • Peter Matic, Councillor, City of Brisbane, Australia
  • Stephen Kabuye, Mayor of Entebbe, Uganda, Ex Officio
  • Ra, Jin-Goo, Vice Mayor, City of Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Aniruddhe Mukerjee, Municipal Corp. of Gwalior, India
  • Martha Delgado-Peralta, Secretary of Environment, Mexico City, Mexico

For information 35. ICLEIINTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 2010, ASIA For information 36. CALL FORHost City for the NEXT WORLD CONGRESS For information 37. Dessau, Germany Athens, Greece Cape Town, South Africa Edmonton, Canada ICLEI WORLD CONGRESSES 38.

  • Copenhagen COP 15
  • Copenhagen Call
  • Local-National action plans

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