ICDS T R I P U R AT R I P U R A APIP 2012-2013. T R I P U R AT R I P U R A.

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ICDS T R I P U R A APIP 2012-2013
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Transcript of ICDS T R I P U R AT R I P U R A APIP 2012-2013. T R I P U R AT R I P U R A.

  • ICDS APIP2012-2013

  • Total Population as per Census -2011 = 3671032 Percentage of decadal growth rate = 14.75 Population density per Sq. Km. = 350 Sex Ratio ( M/F ) = 1000/961 Literacy rates = 87.75% Child ( 0-6) population as per Census 2011 = i) Total 444055 ii) Boys- 227354 iii) Girls 216701 Child ( 0-6) Sex Ratio (Boys/Girls) = 1000/953


  • State is committed to the development of Human Resources. Vibrant Panchayets & involvement of the PRI bodies. Hot Cooked Meals are supplied . Co-ordination with the Health Department Convergence of ICDS & NRHM .

    In 2006, State Government has decided Universalisation of ICDS by covering all Villages. 100% enrollment of the Children in the AWCs.

    CDPOs are ensuring enrollment of 6+ Children into the nearby School.

  • Indicators Unit IndiaTripuraSourceIMR Per thousand 4727(SRS-2010)MMR Per Lakh 254NA(SRS-2010)Birth Rate Percentage 22.114.9(SRS- 2010)Death Rate Percentage 7.15.0(SRS-2010)Natural Growth rate Percentage 14.99.9(SRS-2010)Total Fertility Rate (TFR) Per productive couple 2.72.2(NFHS-3)Sex Ratio Per thousand 940961(Census 2011)Sex Ratio (0-6 Yrs) Per thousand 914953(Census 2011)Children under 3 years who are underweight % of underweight 45.939(NFHS-III)Children age 6-35 months who are anemicPercentage79.267.9(NFHS-III)Anemia among ever married women (15-49 yrs )Percentage 56.267.4(NFHS-III)Institutional deliveries Percentage 40.747.267(NFHS-III)(HMIS-2010-11)Fully Immunized ChildrenPercentage4450(NFHS-III)

  • Status of Infrastructure facilities

    No. of Anganwadi Centre functioning9906100% No. of AWC Having own building (Completed)870687.89% No. of AWC building under construction9559.6% No. of AWC not having Pacca Building & sanction not yet accorded due to land not available2452.47% No. of AWC functioning in Rented houses2262.28% No. of AWC functioning in other public/private houses ( with out rent ) 9749.83% No. of AWCs having own Toilets590659.62% No. of AWCs having own Drinking Water Facilities705471.21% No. of AWCs having Kitchen Shed453545.78% No. of AWCs having Electrification100.1% No. of AWCs having Kitchen Garden 2553% No. of AWCs having out door play equipments 9906100% No. of ICDS Projects having own office building 4580.36% No. of ICDS Projects functioning other buildings1119.64%

  • Coverage Status of Beneficiaries as on 31.07.2012

    No. of ICDS Projects functioning56100% No. of Anganwadi Centre functioning9906100% Total No. of Children in the Project Area.36775382.82% Total No. of Children Enrolled in the AWCs36744399.92% SNP Beneficiaries of Children30144982% Total No. of Mothers in the Project Area.99603 Total No. of Mothers Enrolled in the AWCs9945799.85% SNP Beneficiaries of Mothers8496685% No. of AWCs located in Minority Areas484 No. of Minority Children Enrolled in AWCs located in Minority Areas 21972 No. of Minority Children Enrolled in AWCs located in Minority Areas 4104 No. of Severely Under weight / Malnourished Child58001.58% No of Malnourished Child provided Double Ration5800100% No of Malnourished Child refer to nearest PHC4658.02% No of Malnourished Child completed full Immunization488284.17% Total No. of 3 6 Years Children in the Project Area193074 Total No. of 3 - 6 Years of Children Enrolled in the AWCs19249099.70% No. of Pre-School Education Beneficiaries Coverage16214384.23% Total No. of Children ( 0-1 year) in AWCs 99293 Total No. of Immunized Children (0-1 year) 4915449.50%

  • SNP is being implemented in all the 9906 Anganwadi Centers under ICDS. SNP is provided for 300 days a year i.e. 25 days a month.COVERAGE OF BENEFICIARIES FOR SUPPLEMENTARY NUTRITION PROGRAMME:-

    Financial YearS.N.P. BENEFICIARIESCHILDRENMOTHERSGRAND TOTAL6 M 3 YRS3 YRS 6 YRSTOTALP.M.N.M.TOTAL123456782007-081289771438882717892348733399568863286752008-091240051309142549192100742907639143188332009-101188911290302479212324445089683333162542010-111353171447542800712664352502791453592162011-121444301531932976232796951756797253773482012-13 as on July,12150198151099301297284965398682482383779

  • Non-Formal Pre-School Education: Providing non-formal Pre-School Education for the children (3-6 years) in overall development of the children. Different study materials/ play materials are being provided in each AWC every year. Several training programmes are being organized for Anganwadi workers from time to time. COVERAGE OF BENEFICIARIES FOR NON FORMAL PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION :-

    Financial YearPSE BeneficiariesCHILDREN 3 YRS - 6 YRS122007-081289772008-091240052009-101188912010-111353172011-121444302012-13 as on July,2012162143

  • Percentage of Fully Immunized Children has increased from 32.6% (DLHS II) to 38.5 % (DLHS III)Percentage of Fully Immunized Children in Tripura State = 50 (NFHS-III) where as all India average 44 (NFHS-III ). The coverage of Immunization of Children up to 1 Year & 2-6 Years. :-

    Financial Year0-1 Year Child% of Coverage2- 6 Years Child% of Coverage123452007-20083253749%2583646%2008-20094530346%3764948%2009-20104351244%5742649%2010-20114797148%7859345%2011-20124676947%9016552%

  • New WHO Growth Charts are being followed at all the AWCs.69% AWCs using new Mother and Child Health Cards for counseling. Growth Monitoring/Promotion and Childrens Nutrition Status:

    Age GroupNo. ofchildren asenrolled atAWCs (as on April,2012 ) 2012-13No. ofchildrenweighed (as on April,2012) 2012-13Nutrition Status (as per WHO New Growth Standards)Normal (in %)Modera-- tely underweight (in %)Severely underweight (in %)123456 Below 3 Years Boys965677296351486 = 70.56%21110 = 28.93%180 = 0.25%Girls783867011749623 = 70.77%20429 = 29.14%252 = 0.36% Total174953143080101109 = 70.67%41539 = 29.03%432 = 0.30% 3- 5 Yrs.Boys588803091214392 = 46.55%16402 = 53.06%105 = 0.34%Girls550122970713912 = 46.83%15676 = 52.77%132 = 0.44%Total 1138926061928304 = 46.69%32078 = 52.92%237 = 0.39%

  • ICDS Training Programme.5(five) Anganwadi Workers Training Centres are available in the State . TRAINING PERFORMANCE OF ANGANWADI TRAINING CENTRES

    Sl.NoTraineeRefresher CourseJob courseOrientation Course2010-112011-122010-112011-122010-112011-121.A.W.W.886934422348--2.A.W.H-599--985769

    Sl.NoAnganwadi Workers Training Centre.1.West District AWTC, Narsingarh, Agartala.2.Kakraban AWTC, Kakraban, Gomati Tripura District.3.Kolai AWTC, Ambassa, Dhalai Tripura District.4.Ramnagar AWTC, Dharmanagar, North Tripura District.5.A.D. Nagar AWTC, Arundhutinagar, Agartala run by NGO.

  • ICDS Training Programme - Action Plan & Target for 2012-13. PART I :

    DurationName of the CourseNo. of CourseNo. of trainees7 days (working days-5)Refresher-AWW24960

    Sl. No.TraineeJob courseOrientation CourseNo. of BatchesNo. of Trainees to be TrainedNo. of BatchesNo. of Trainees to be Trained1A.W.W.207002A.W.H16800

    DurationName of the courseNo. of courseNo. of trainees5 days (working days-4)Refresher-AWH201000

    DurationName of the CourseNo. of coursesNo. of Training32 days (26 working days).Job Course -Supervisor5125

  • ICDS Training Programme - Action Plan & Target for 2012-13. PART II OTHER TRAINING :-


    PART- I = Admissible Component - Rs.68,90,250/- PART- II = Other Training Component - Rs.31,57,000/- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Grand Total - Rs. 1,00,47,250/-

    DurationName of the CourseNo. of CourseNo. of trainees3 days (working days-3)Block Level Induction Training - AWW1354050

    DurationName of the CourseNo. of CourseNo. of trainees1 day (working day-1)one-day district level training programme / workshop on new WHO Growth Standard - CDPOs & Supervisors 4200

  • GOI may sanction 11 new ICDS Projects against newly created 3 Nagar Panchayat & 5 Blocks and bifurcation of existing 3 ICDS Projects and may sanction 540 Nos additional AWCs for better & smooth implementation of ICDS Programmes .GOI may sanction 2 District ICDS Cells (Unakoti & Sepahijala) along with necessary posts. Creation of 18 posts of Driver for newly sanctioned & procured 18 vehicles for the State. GOI may consider to provide Dress for all the Pre-School Children (3 6 Yrs) It is proposed to provide Gas Oven & 2 Gas Cylinder for 1100 AWCs . GOI may approve this. GOI may sanction to provide Mobile Hand Sets for all 9906 AWCs for tracking of Mother & Child. English Medium Pre-School Education has started at AWCs . GOI may sanction to provide Color TV Sets, Sound Boxes & DVD Players for at least 100 Nos AWCs . Provision of one data entry operator at Project level is very essential for compilation & input data at MPR format in the Departmental website & uploading MPR and also for MCTS & GIS based Nutrition Surveillance system.For ensuring regular visit entry & other data entry like MCTS,GIS etc. in the Departmental Website and making correspondences through e-mail , provision of individual Laptop for Sector Supervisor is utmost essential.Provision of two wheeler to the sector supervisors will improve the monitoring, supervision & evaluation of AWCs & 100% coverage of centre inspection.It is proposed to sanction 1% of GOI assistance for spending in SNP as administrative cost .

  • Requirements during the FY (2012-13):18 Nos vehicles (12 Nos Vehicles for ICDS Projects, 3 Nos Vehicles for TTAADC & 2 no vehicles for newly created District ICDS Cells & 1 no. for State ICDS Cell) for better & smooth implementation of ICDS Programmes.Uniform for all the Pre-School Children (3 - 6 Years).Gas Oven & 2 Gas Cylinder for 1100 AWCs.Mobile Hand Sets for all 9906 AWCs.Pre-School Kits for all 9906 AWCS.Medicine Kits for all 9906 AWCs.Uniforms & Name Badges for all 9906 AWWs & all 9906 AWHs.5600 Baby Salter weighing Machines for 5600 AWCs.Color TV Sets, Sound Boxes & DVD Players for 100 Nos AWCs where English Medium courses will be introduced.9906 nos showcase cum steel Almirah for 9906 AWCs for display & storage of pre-school Materials as well as storage of Record & Registers.

  • Name of SchemeFund released by Government of India Fund released by Finance Deptt (including State ShareFund Utilized (up to March,2012) U.C SentBalance unspent amountPhysical Achievement123467 8ICDS (General)6458.266458.266475.655940.65-17.39Salary of Staffs , AWW & AWH, POL, Contingency, & Others ICDS (Training)31.0246.4140.4829.285.93Job-223 AWW, Ref.-800 AWW & 480 AWH, Ori - 457 AWHKSY15.4015.4015.4015.400.004200 AGs of North & South District.SNP(CSS)6746.086870.446866.766866.763.68Providing SNP to 298254 Children & 79725 PM & NMTotal13250.7613390.5113398.2912852.09-7.78SNP (State Share)0.00300.90300.900.000.00ICDS (General) (State Share)386.86250.050.00136.81

  • Construction cost of Kitchen & Store of the AWCs may be provided. Re-construction of the damaged AWCs & repair/ renovation of old AWCs. Provision for Administrative Cost under SNP. Fund for construction of CDPO Office Buildings. Fund for construction of State Training Centre for ICDS functionaries. Providing Color TV,DVD Player with Sound Box for Pre-School Education (PSE) in the AWCs. Providing Uniform to the Pre-School Children (3-6 Years). Providing Gas Oven & 2 Gas Cylinder in each AWCs under Urban & Semi Urban areas.

  • Sl.NoProgramme ComponentInterventions/ActivitiesFinancial Requirement1Human ResourcesSalary of ICDS StaffsRs.7666.86 Lakhs2Administrative CostsRentRs.20.00 LakhsHiringRs.27.12 LakhsP. OilRs.59.70 LakhsBlock Level Cont., Centre Cont., Telephone , LiveriesRs.214.76 LakhsElectricityRs.6.00 LakhsTA/DARs.60.00 Lakhs3ConstructionsConst. of 11 Nos CDPO OfficeRs.220.00 LakhsConst. & Recurring/Non-recurring Exp. of State Training CentreRs.530.00 LakhsConst. of Kitchen & Store of AWCs - 1000 Nos.Rs.750.00 LakhsMajor repair/maintenance of Old AWCs 150 Nos .Rs.30.00 LakhsConst. of damaged AWCs 50 Nos.Rs.225.00 Lakhs4S.N.P.Supply of SN to Children, P & L Women & AGsRs.6112.29 Lakhs5ProcurementSupply of Materials & Equipments ( PSE Kits, Medicine Kits,W. Scales)Rs.242.92 Lakhs18 Nos Maruti Gypsy VehiclesRs.94.05 LakhsComputers, Printers, Photocopiers, ScannersRs.87.19 LakhsUniform of PSE Children (3-6 Yrs)Rs.582.71 Lakhs

  • Sl.NoProgramme ComponentInterventions/ActivitiesFinancial RequirementProcurementShowcase cum steel AlmirahRs.346.71 LakhsGas Woven with Gas Cylinders 1100 AWCs under Urban & Semi Urban areasRs.308.00 LakhsColor TV, DVD Players with Sound Boxes 100 AWCs Rs.20.00 LakhsMobile Hand Set & recurring Exp. Rs.366.52 Lakhs6Training & Capacity buildingRegular Training( Induction/ Job/ Refresher ) & Other TrainingRs.100.48 Lakhs7IECIEC Activities (MCHD/ VHND)Rs.148.59 Lakhs8KSYKSYRs.30.80 Lakhs7Monitoring & EvaluationRegisters , Monitoring & Supervision & EvaluationRs.148.59 Lakhs9OthersUniforms/Badges/Flexi Funds/ Convergent Workshop/MCTS/GIS based Nutrition Surveillance System in ICDSRs.244.71 LakhsGRAND TOTAL =Rs.18643.00 Lakhs