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Transcript of iCal @ MLC

  • 1. iCal
    • What is iCal?

2. Its more than just a calendar

  • Supports multiple calendars
  • Ability to subscribe to other calendars
  • Manage your work and personal life more efficiently
  • Notification of upcoming events/meetings
  • Syncs with PDAs, iPods, iPhones or other mobile phones
  • Notify student/staff of upcoming events and work
  • Create To Do lists

3. The way the girls currently manage time

  • Using their chronicles
  • Using iCal
  • Using School House
  • Not managing their time

4. Student Views 5. Student Views 6. Why do you need to understand iCal?

  • Whole school will be adopting this software. Junior school already has
  • To assist students in the management of their own time or your own
  • Add to your own toolbox
  • Is another Macintosh product

7. Mail, iCal, Address Book 8. Working with other Mac tools The Address Book The Mac OS X Address Book is a neat little application that is often under-appreciated. As a seemingly boring application it has loads of features that are overlooked by most users. While useful on its own for organising your contacts, Address Book's real power is that it works with so many other applications. You will need to have contact details added to Address Book before sending them invites in iCal 9. Task Its Your Birthday !

  • Add your birthday to ical
  • Add attendees to the birthday event
  • When you receive a birthday event notification
    • Accept it and add it to you iCal
    • Edit the alarm so that you can be reminded early

10. iCal Project Work

  • Work in teams
  • Create the following features in iCal
    • Add a new calendar
    • Add an Event
    • Add a to do note
    • Set an alarm
    • Add attendees to an event
  • Can you find other ways that you might use this in a practical application and add it to the relevant discussion area