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Transcript of IC Market-Forecast Curtain Wall Spandrel Wall Skylights Applications Closed-Cavity Facades...

  • IC Market-Forecast® Glass in Windows and Facades

    for Commercial Construction 2020


  • © Interconnection Consulting


    • Historical market data from 2016 – 2019 for the total market development as well as

    • Application Segments • Type of Glass • Glazing Types • Lamination • Glass Color • Glass Thickness

    • Forecasts from 2020 – 2023 for the total market as well as each analyzed product group and segment

    • Annually updates of the data


    • Analysis of the most relevant market drivers such as GDP, disposable incomes, public spending, labor market, demographics, etc.

    • Continuous updates of the data

    What Do You Get - Your Benefits at a Glance Content of the Report

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    Market Data, Insights and Expertise…

    Market & Competition Analysis

    Market Volume

    Market Growth


    Market Shares

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    • Online Dashboard-Tool including all data of the report enabling your individual and specific analysis

    • User-friendly and intuitive operation of the dashboards

    • Online access to the dashboards with all devices (PC, Laptops, Smartphone, Tablet, ...) everywhere, every time

    • Download and extract of the data from the dashboards


    • Infographics summarizing the market and providing regional comparisons and contrasts

    • Executive Summary dashboards can easily be exported to individual executive reports as PDF.

    Market Intelligence Tool Access and Deliverables

    What Do You Get - Your Benefits at a Glance Presentation of the Data and Deliverables

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    Market Intelligence Tool and Reports

    Online Dashboards

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    Market Structure

    For each segment the market will be analyzed for the last two years as well as forecasted for the upcoming three years.

    Glass in Windows and Facades

    Curtain Wall Skylights Spandrel Wall


    Closed-Cavity Facades

    Rainscreen Cladding

    Type of Glass Sun Protection

    Sun-Protection Glass

    Heat-Insulation Glass

    Regular Clear Glass



    France Germany UK Italy Nordics Poland Spain

    Glass Color

    Float Glass






    Glass Thickness

    Windows Window Ribbons

    Glazing Type




    p. 4

    < 6 mm

    6 – 10 mm

    > 10 mm

  • © Interconnection Consulting


    Definition and Demarcation Definitions

    Nonbearing outside wall separating interior- from outside climate. Facade is not back-ventilated – Warm Facade Curtain Walls

    Rainscreen Cladding Double-Skin Façade - Facade with a ventilation gap between cladding and structural wall to enable a continuous airstream (back-ventilated).

    Double-Skin Façade - Interspace between cladding and structural wall completely closed to avoid condensation and to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. Closed-Cavity Facades

    Skylights Light transmitting fenestration forming all, or a portion of the roof of a building.

    p. 5

    Turnover is stated in EUR 1.000. Values are always net turnovers (no list-prices), discounts included. Quantity in m² x 1.000

    Spandrel Walls Glass used for the area of a curtain wall between the sill of one window and the top of a window one storey below

    Window Ribbons A series of windows set side by side to form a continuous band horizontally across a facade

    Windows Windows in non-residential buildings (offices, hotels, shops, etc.)

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cupula_do_ccbb.jpg https://www.google.at/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CAcQjRxqFQoTCOf524HzrcgCFck5FAod7X8MRA&url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lever_House&bvm=bv.104317490,d.bGg&psig=AFQjCNGTPzdfkVco8V3XCC3ZqiOyk3vs6A&ust=1444222675807901

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    Type of Glass

    Definition and Demarcation Definitions

    Absorption- and reflection glass Sun-Protection

    Heat-Insulation Double glazing reaching a U-Value of at least 1,1

    Sun Protection

    Stationary Sun Protection

    Mobile Sun Protection Position of sun breaker slats can be controlled and operated.

    Sun breakers are fixed to the façade and can not be moved.

    Combination includes: sun protection and heat insulation glass (exterior layer sun protection; interior layer heat insulation glass) and one layer of glass coated with solar control and thermal insulation properties


    Regular Clear Glass Regular non-coated clear glass

    p. 6

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    Definition and Demarcation Definitions

    Flat polished transparent glass

    Glass Color

    Float Glass

    Extra-White Glass Low-iron glass allowing a higher clarity of the glass

    Colored Glass Colored Glass


    Laminated Glass Interlayer prevents the glass from shattering in case of breaking

    Glazing Type

    Triple Glazing

    Double Glazing Glazing consisting of two layers of glass with a dead air space between.

    Glazing consisting of three layers of glass with a dead air space between.

    p. 7

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    The Unique Mix of Methods and Approaches for Reliable Market Analysis

    © Interconnection Consulting p.8

    SELL-IN Survey with Manufacturer & Experts

    Market Calculation Model

    Basis of the analysis are surveys - electronic questionnaires and telephone interviews - with the most important manufacturer as well as interviews with industry experts.

    The analysis measures Sell-In data. Sales from the manufacturer to the first distribution partner. OEMs are not taken into account.

    Industry relevant market drivers are taken into account in a market calculation model to determine the total market volume and forecasts.

    The strong focus on interviews within the industry is clearly our USP

    “Only who talks with the industry knows what’s going on!”

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    The Market Intelligence Tool Dashboards - The Best Way to Work with Data

    IC Cockpit

    • Complex correlations are visualized in the form of geo-, tree maps, bars etc.

    A picture says more than 1000 words

    • Use interactive dashboards for quick implementation of the data, for potential estimations, for sales control, for success measurement etc.

    Interactive Dashboards

    • Market data are available wherever you have internet access

    • You can also export the data as .jpg, .csv or .pdf file

    Easy online accessability

    In case of purchase exceeding € 5.000,- (net), the price of Tableau cockpit is waived as well as for any subscription order exceeding 2 countries or regions. For all other options, price for Tableau cockpit costs € 500,-.

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    Sample Cockpits for Market Analysis Data IC Cockpit

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    This chart contains fictive data

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    Additional Deliverables - Executive Summary Sample Charts

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    This chart contains fictive data

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    Content of the Report Overview of the Included Dashboards

    IC Cockpit

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    • Total Market Overview EUROPE TOP 7

    • Regional Market Overview

    • Market by Application Segments

    • Market by Glass Types


    • Total Market – Regional Comparison

    • Total Market Development Map

    • Applications – Overview

    • Applications – Detailed

    • Average Prices by Glass Types

    • Glass Types – Overview

    • Glass Types – Detailed

    • Glazing Types – Overview

    • Glazing Types – Detailed

    • Glass Color – Overview

    • Glass Color – Detailed

    • Lamination – Overview

    • Lamination – Detailed

    • Sun Protection – Overview

    • Sun Protection – Detailed

    • Glass Thickness – Overview

    • Glass Thickness – Detailed


    • Download of Raw Data


    • Non-Residential Construction – Overview

    • Non-Residential Construction – Detailed by Building Types

    • General Economy

  • © Interconnection Consulting

    IC Market-Forecast® Glass in Windows and Facades Prices & Conditions

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