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  • 1. Fabulous Friday 24 August 2012 IB learner profile PYP attitudes

2. Communicators I am a communicator. I talk about and sharemy ideas and thoughts. I can express myselfin many ways. I am learning more than onelanguage. I work well with others. 3. Risk-takers I am a risk-taker. I am brave enough to trynew things. I try to solve problems in lots ofways. I say what I believe. 4. Thinkers I am thoughtful. I think of different things. Ican solve problems and make good decisions.I use my brain while I am learning and try tothink carefully. I think about others feelings. 5. Caring I have a caring attitude to people and theenvironment. I respect others and I amsensitive to their needs. I try to do things tohelp. I share and look after the people andthings around me. 6. Knowledgeable I am knowledgeable. I learn somethinginteresting and can share it with others. I canremember what I have found out and I canuse this information in my life. I like to learnabout many different things. 7. Open-minded I am open-minded. I know that people aredifferent and may do different things. I listento others ideas. I try to understand differentpoints of view and learn from them. 8. Reflective I am reflective. I know what I am good at andat what I am not. I think back about myactions. I think about what I have done andtry to make better changes. 9. Principled I am principled. I am fair, honest and take careof others. I follow the rules. I take turns whenplaying and I tell the truth. I am responsiblefor my actions. 10. Balanced I am balanced. I understand the importanceof both a healthy mind and a healthy body. Ienjoy doing different things. 11. Inquirers I am an inquirer. I enjoy learning and amcurious about the world. I ask lots ofquestions and I like discovering new things. Ican conduct research by myself.