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i18n = g11n + L10n. Adam Long & Sam Soubra QSR International March 2009. i18n = g11n + L10n. What does the abbreviation stand for Internationalization = Globalization + Localization Or According to Microsoft. About QSR International. About QSR International Products. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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i18n = g11n + L10n

i18n = g11n + L10nAdam Long & Sam SoubraQSR InternationalMarch 20091i18n = g11n + L10nWhat does the abbreviation stand forInternationalization = Globalization + LocalizationOrAccording to Microsoft

2About QSR International3About QSR International Products

4Why develop software for the global marketplace?5World Population(Source: Wikipedia)0.3%6World Language Speakers (millions)(Source: KryssTal 2006)7World Nominal GDP (billions USD)(Source: World Bank 2007)8Globalization (g11n)9Localization (L10n)10L10n of NVivo in Spanish

11L10n of NVivo in Chinese

12g11n CodeRecommendations13g11n CodeRecommendations14g11n DatabaseRecommendations15.Net Framework Namespace16CultureInfo Class17CultureInfo Class-

en-AU, en-US, es-MX, zh-CN18Comparing and Sorting Data19g11n Code Demo20L10n CodeRecommendations21Resource Files22Resource Generation23Satellite AssembliesSatellite AssembliesCulture-Specific SubdirectoriesLocalizedApp.Resources.dllLocalizedApp.Resources.dllLocalizedApp.Resources.dllLocalizedApp.exeResources\en-US\es\es-MX

Main AssemblyApplication Directory



Form1Form2Form1Form1Form1Control1Form2Form2Form2Control1Control1Control124Localizable Property25Locating Resourcesen-AUen-USen(default)26L10n Code Demo27L10n Quality AssuranceRecommendations28L10n GeneralRecommendations29Why good translations are importantPepsi used "Come alive with the Pepsi Generation" campaign successfully in the Western WorldIn Taiwan, however, it came out as "Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead"

30Why good translations are importantIn the late '70s, the American computer company Wang was puzzled why its British branch refused to use its latest motto "Wang Cares". To British ears the motto sounded too close to "wankers".

31ResourcesThis Presentationhttp://chieftechnologyofficer.wordpress.comGlobalization Step-by-Stephttp://msdn.microsoft.com/en-au/goglobal/bb688110.aspxInternationalize Your ASP.NET Applicationshttp://www.devx.com/dotnet/Article/6997MultiLingual Guideshttps://www.multilingual.com/guides.php