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Transcript of I C s I , t h s J 2018 12. · PDF file Istanbul International Community School (IICS), a...

  • Istanbul InternatIonal CommunIty sChool Istanbul, turkey head of sChool

    July 2018 www.IICs-k12.net

  • the PosItIon

    Istanbul International Community School (IICS), a non-profit school for students ages 3-18 and the first international school in Istanbul, seeks a Head of School starting July 2018. The school is a warm, vibrant and forward-looking community supported by an active and engaged Board, a fine faculty and staff, a strong sense of community, and a shared sense of academic purpose and direction. IICS promises its next Head a stable foundation from which to lead it forward.

    The school community has a shared pride in the school for its diversity, warm and nurturing community, small class sizes, student-centered approach, and encouragement of individual growth. The overall IICS academic program is strong and is increasingly becoming a model for other schools in its region. Teachers reflect pride in what they are doing and appreciate the support and freedom they are given to grow professionally and teach according to their best strengths. There is a shared understanding of the school’s mission and values, and the parents, teachers, and staff clearly believe in the school and its direction. IICS offers a very good opportunity for an experienced candidate seeking to build on a long history and a strong foundation and to lead a fine school.

    sChool hIstory

    Istanbul International Community School was founded in 1911 as a sister school to Robert College, the oldest continuously operating American sponsored school abroad. Originally serving the children of Robert College teachers, IICS has transformed over the years into a vibrant international school open to all of Istanbul’s expatriate students. It holds the distinction of being one of the world’s first schools authorized to offer all three International Baccalaureate programs. The school’s accreditations

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    Through its challenging curriculum and strong staff-student relationships, IICS provides a caring environment that inspires each student to excel and to be inquisitive, creative, compassionate, balanced, and internationally-minded.

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    were renewed after a successful review in 2011-2012, continuing a tradition of excellence that goes back to the closing days of the Ottoman Empire.

    To celebrate IICS’s 100th birthday, students at the Hisar campus created a video of some of the important historical aspects of the school.

    the sChool

    IICS is a not-for-profit school of 540 students ages 3-18. A globally accredited, fully authorized International Baccalaureate school, IICS offers a child-centered education that fosters independent learning and a truly international mindset. As a mission-driven institution, IICS is defined by its aim to provide a challenging curriculum in a caring, compassionate environment—a goal that is supported by a passionate, international faculty; a parent-led Board of Directors; and an active Parent-Teacher Association and Booster Club.

    Students come to IICS from 60 countries and five continents, with many having lived in multiple countries before arriving in Istanbul. The result is a heterogeneous community of learners and a focus on world citizenship. At IICS, students learn to seek out commonalities and appreciate differences between cultures, with the goal of bridging divides to create a more peaceful world.

    Due to the mobile nature of the expat community in Istanbul, IICS experiences an annual student turnover of 25%, and an established transition program puts new parents in touch with other families of their nationality, native language, and grade level class. Student ambassadors make connections with newcomers, and the academic program is designed to allow for smooth transitions: through

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    differentiated instruction, support for English as an Additional Language, and the internationally standardized IB curriculum, new students are able to comfortably adjust to the IICS environment.


    The IICS academic program is guided by the standards of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization, which advances a vision of learning as a coherent journey of self-development through which students become not only effective learners, but also effective people in the world. From the Early Years program onward, the IICS curriculum works to instill the ten attributes of the IB Learner Profile, which asks students to be inquirers, communicators, thinkers, and risk-takers, as well as knowledgeable, open-minded, balanced, principled, caring, and reflective. Academics at IICS are centered on the ideal that students learn best when they are actively involved in their own learning and that learning should be personalized. As a result, teachers work to create an atmosphere in which students are free to embrace their unique interests and aptitudes, challenged to stretch and grow, and encouraged to apply their learning by taking action in their community and the larger world. In addition to providing a solid foundation in subject areas such as languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, and the arts, the IB curriculum emphasizes thinking across disciplines. A robust technological infrastructure supports students’ learning. Younger students regularly use iPads; since 2013, students in grades 6-12 have benefited from a one-to-one Macbook program.

    At all grade levels, English is the language of inclusion, but in keeping with the IB’s emphasis on internationalism, students study at least one additional language: French in the Primary School, and French, Spanish, or German during their Secondary years. Small group and one-on-one instruction is offered to students mastering English as an Additional Language in grades 1-10, and a student-to- teacher ratio of seven to one provides opportunities for differentiation within the mainstream classroom.

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    IICS teachers are recruited internationally. Forty-five percent of the school’s 99 teachers hold U.S. passports, while others come to Istanbul from the U.K., Australia, and more than 11 other countries. The average IICS teacher has 14 years of classroom experience, and 59% of the faculty hold a Master’s degree or higher. The school supports professional development and recently launched its own academic journal, Spark, to document IICS teachers’ work and provide encouragement and inspiration to fellow educators. The school prides itself on a rich and collegial environment; the average teacher tenure at IICS is four years.

    Regular reviews of teaching, learning, and assessment help IICS gauge the effectiveness of the school’s program. In addition, NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test is used to measure the rigor of the curriculum, as well as tracking student achievement and growth. As students reach the end of their time at IICS, a highly-effective university counseling program helps each student gain entrance into their chosen post-secondary educational institutions.

    PrImary sChool

    The Primary Years Program, for students ages 3-12, focuses on the development of the whole child, cultivating positive attitudes towards learning through a holistic, interdisciplinary curriculum. In the Early Years, play-based learning is highly developed with the youngest students leading their own inquiries into the world around them. Students in the Primary School study six subject areas: languages; social studies; mathematics; science and technology; the arts; and personal, social, and physical education. Transdisciplinary themes including “who we are,” “where we are in place and time,” and “how we express ourselves” provide a framework for inquiry, with students exploring topics such as the natural world and peace and conflict resolution. All Primary Years students study French, and, in order to connect students to the school’s host culture, Turkish language and culture

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    lessons are a part of the curriculum. Throughout, teachers work to cultivate the attitudes of internationally-minded individuals, by demonstrating and nurturing confidence, creativity, enthusiasm, integrity, and tolerance.

    seCondary sChool

    IICS’s Secondary School curriculum consists of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP), for students in grades 7-10, and the IB Diploma Program (IBDP), for 11th and 12th grade students. In the Middle Years Program, students develop into robust, proactive, independent, and internationally-minded lifelong learners, gaining the academic and life skills necessary to thrive in a changing world. Holistic learning, intercultural awareness, and communication are the three major areas of focus, and though the day is structured around traditional subject areas—English, an additional language, humanities, sciences, mathematics, arts, technology, and physical education—faculty work to foster interdisciplinary thinking by developing units centered around six global contexts and 16 key concepts. In order to fulfill the IB language requirement, students elect to study French, German, or Spanish.

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