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    I Belong! You Belong! We Belong!

    Enrolments Now Open for 2017

    Dear Lord Catholic Schools Week is a special time in the year when we celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our Catholic schools. It is a time to give thanks for the wonderful teaching and

    learning that takes place each day in every classroom. We

    acknowledge and thank all who work in the service of

    Catholic education to create the opportunities for students

    that allow them to grow and thrive.

    We thank you for the wisdom and understanding of teachers the enthusiasm and energy of students the leadership of school Principals and executive staff the skill, care and commitment of administrative and support staff the guidance of our pastors and religious leaders the support and partnership of parents, carers and local communities. We pray that each students learning journey be inspired by a search for your wisdom and truth. We pray that we never take for granted the learning opportunities that we have all been given, and that we use the gifts of learning wisely and responsibly. We ask that we use what we have learnt to create a better world for all people, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen

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    Catholic Schools Week: I belong. You Belong! We Belong! Our aim this year at St Patricks is to raise further public awareness of the wonderful opportunities that not only Catholic schools

    provide in the Griffith region but to celebrate our history, our distinctiveness and our many achievements. At St Patricks we

    believe it is an ideal opportunity to showcase our spirituality, our school achievements in the arenas of academic excellence such

    as our 2015 NAPLAN scores, student representation at the highest sporting levels in the State and the engagement of

    opportunities through our creative Arts and Science programs. The theme this year I belong, You Belong and We Belong aligns

    itself as we continue to strengthen our relationships among all who have a stake in our school students, staff, families, priests,

    parishioners, and members of the wider community. Finally and most importantly, Catholic Schools Week is about creating a

    stance on supporting refugees and asylum seekers and the need to be a compassionate local and global community.

    On behalf of the Chair of our school council and P&F President, I

    would like to thank you all for making St Patricks Primary

    School more than a place of learning but a place that focuses

    on helping our students and community to be more

    outreaching and compassionate to those less fortunate than

    us . Next week, we are opening our doors to the

    community to come in and visit us and witness the

    wonderful achievements and sense of belonging that exists

    at St Patricks Griffith on our name sake day of St Patricks

    Day on March 17th. Please save the date and come along and

    celebrate St Patricks Day with us.

    Display at Central Plaza In Central Plaza this week, I invite community members to see our Catholic Schools Week display at Griffith Central throughout

    the week. The display will have students art work up and display posters of our school. To conclude our celebration the staff

    along with other members from Catholic schools in the region will celebrate together at the South Side Leagues Club. This will

    be a wonderful opportunity for all staff in Catholic Schools to be acknowledged in making a difference for the students in their

    care. After all, we believe that teaching in a Catholic school is not just a job but a vocation! Happy Catholic Schools week to

    everyone and thank you!

    Enrolments Now Open 2017

    St Patricks school is now seeking expressions of interest for Kindergarten children for 2017. I realise this may seem early, but

    due to the increased numbers of siblings on our enrolment system, we are beginning the process early. If your intention is to be

    part of our community here at St Patricks then please telephone the office on 69642888 and provide details to our office staff. I

    encourage all friends and parents to look at our website for information about our school at http://web.spgww.catholic.edu.au


    Congratulations to the students who received an award at our weekly school assembly. Mrs Roche has provided a full list of

    students who received an award this week at assembly further in this newsletter. All parents and friends are invited to come

    along to our weekly assembly held in the Fr ODea Hall. The assembly starts at 2:40pm every Friday. If your child is receiving an

    award do not be shy, come up and take a photo or two! If you miss the assembly dont worry, just check out our Facebook page.

    Pupil Free Days Term 2

    Parents Term Two begins for all students on Thursday April 28th

    . ANZAC Day is on Monday 25th

    which is a public holiday and

    Tuesday 26th

    and Wednesday 27th are nominated pupil free days. All staff will be in Wagga attending the Diocese Conference

    entitled Nourish 2 Thrive. Please note these dates in your diary as there will be no staff at school on April 26 and 27th


    Thanks for reading and have a great week!

    PS Go the Broncos!!

    David Adams-Jones


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    Tuesday, 8th March 2016

    Term One, Week 7


    Tuesday 8th


    Diocesan Cricket Trials

    Diocesan Netball Trials

    Thursday 10th


    Diocesan Soccer Trials

    Diocesan Rugby League Trials

    School Council Meeting 7.30pm

    Tuesday 15th


    Final Diocesan Soccer Trials

    Thursday 17th


    St Patricks Day

    9.30am Mass

    Tabloid Sports following picnic lunch in

    the school grounds all welcome

    Open Classrooms

    Friday 18th


    Launch of Vision & Mission Statement

    10.00am Liturgy in Fr ODea Hall

    followed by picnic lunch in the school

    grounds all welcome

    Open Classrooms

    Diocesan AFL Trials

    School Disco: Infants 5.30pm 7.00pm

    Primary: 7.30pm 9.00pm

    Monday 21st


    School Cross Country

    Collina Oval

    Please be aware that Term 2

    begins for the students on

    Thursday 28th April.

    Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th

    April are Pupil Free Days.

    Principal Visit to Year Four

    My visit this week enabled me to see our fabulous Year Four students playing an old

    time favourite game called Golden Child. Golden Child is a drill where the players

    split into 2 teams. One team lines up in a line behind each other facing the post, the

    other team lines up in a line behind each other off the court. As soon as the teacher

    blows the whistle/says go, the first person shoots then the next person shoots and so

    on. Whilst the shooters are shooting, the other team has to run around a third of the

    court and reach the other side before

    someone shoots. If someone shoots,

    the runner has to stop where they

    are. The shooters carry on shooting

    and the runners carry on running,

    however the runners who have

    stopped stay where they are. When

    only one runner is left they have to

    run and collect all the runners who

    had to stop. The aim of the game is

    for the runners to reach the end

    before everyone has scored. It was

    obvious from the loud directions and cheering that is one of the favourite games the

    Year Fours love to play. But amongst all this cheering one could see how the game

    builds on sportsmanships, team work and individual skills such as shooting, dribbling

    and passing skills all of which were being refined in the game. Now that is the spirit of

    sport on Friday afternoons!

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    Merit Awards at Assembly Assembly Congratulations to the students who received an award at our weekly school assembly. On behalf of the school community, we are very proud of your achievements and congratulate you all in Making Jesus Real in everything you do. Please visit our Face Book page for more photos! https://www.facebook.com/St-Patricks-Primary-School-Griffith-359977407452954/

    Kindergarten Ajitinder Singh

    Ava Graham Isaiah Valele

    Lillah Thomas Ravdeep Sandhey

    Isabella Kelsey

    Year One Riley Andriolo Taylor Serafin Leo Halliday

    Mackenzie Trotter Maree Montagner Oliver Salvestrin

    Rocco Catanzariti Ellina Sergi

    Om Chaudhary Chloe Dickie

    Year Two Nicholas Sergi Alyx Mustica Finn Piccoli

    Alex Nascimben Soham Ghosh

    Laila Afridi Isaiah Dal Broi Cooper Savage

    Mia Sergi Bhavya Chaudhari

    Emily Ferris William Lancaster

    Year Three Lachlan Emery Summer Carlon

    Johan Martinello Sienna Sergi Uday Toor

    Shirine Nehme Juliet De Marco Jack Beltrame

    Sienna Armanini

    Year Four Ella Savage

    Rebecca Ikenasio Mason Salvestro

    Pearson Kasawaya Gabriella Cirillo

    Antonia Panarello

    Year Five Sam Trimboli Prince Patel

    Cooper Bradley Molly Laurent Kayla Curran

    Antonio Barbaro Pepper Malijan Molly Laurent Dean Armanini Jess Moraschi

    Charlie OSullivan Hayden Forner

    Elizabeth Andre